Premier League re-start betting tips: poor goal match day 30?

Premier League re-start betting tips: poor goal match day 30?

Premier League re-start betting tips: poor goal match day 30?

Kick on the island again!

The countdown for the restart of the Premier League is on! After an almost three-month break in the season, game operations on the island are resumed.

While Liverpool FC would like to mathematically seal the championship, the remaining teams in the top third of the table are still fighting for a right to start for the Champions League.

Premier League re-start betting tips: poor goal match day 30?

In addition, the relegation battle remains exciting. As expected, the games in the Premier League will be played on the remaining nine game days without spectators. How the teams come out of the season break is currently not foreseeable, especially since there will certainly be some deficits in terms of fitness.

The teams in the Premier League have been back in team training for just over two weeks. Since then, the number of positive tests among the teams has been manageable. Most recently, a football professional from Norwich City was affected. The match for the canaries will still take place according to the concept of the FA.

During the week, the catch-up games for Manchester City, Sheffield United, Arsenal and Aston Villa are increasing. Already at the weekend the teams mentioned continue with the planned 30th matchday. A free livestream is available to viewers for 33 of the remaining 92 games in the Premier League.

Interesting Premier League tips 17.06.-22.06. (Catch-up games & matchday 30)

June 17 Aston Villa vs Sheffield United
Betting Tips: Sheffield wins
Odds: 2.35
June 17 Manchester City vs Arsenal
Betting Tips: Under 3.5
Odds: 1.75
June 19 Norwich vs. Southampton
Betting Tips: Under 2.5
Odds: 1.73
June 19 Tottenham vs. Manchester United
Betting Tips: draw
Odds: 3.40
June 20, Watford vs. Leicester City
Betting Tips: Draw (1.HT)
Odds: 2.15
June 20 Brighton vs. Arsenal
Betting Tips: Under 2.5
Odds: 1.85
June 20 West Ham vs. Wolverhampton
Betting Tips: Wolverhampton wins
Odds: 2.18
June 20 Bournemouth vs. Crystal Palace
Betting Tips: Under 2.5
Odds: 1.73
June 21 Newcastle vs. Sheffield United
Betting Tips: Double Chance 1X
Betting Tips: 1.58
June 21 Aston Villa vs Chelsea
Betting Tips: Chelsea wins
Odds: 1.53
June 21, Everton vs. Liverpool
Betting Tips: Liverpool wins
Odds: 1.57
June 22, Manchester City vs. Burnley
Betting Tips: City (-1.5)
Odds: 1.41

Aston Villa vs Sheffield United

Aston Villa vs Sheffield United Free Betting Tips (June 17th)

The Premier League will kick off again in Villa Park on Wednesday evening. While the home side as table-19. stuck in the relegation battle, Sheffield United dreams of a great international coup. The “Blades” are seventh in the table, just two points behind Manchester United, which is the fifth and last place on the grid for international competition.

If the shape is before the season break, betting on guests at Aston Villa against Sheffield United is certainly the best choice. However, it is not clear how the blades will react after the long break. It will not be easy for Villa against the second best defensive in the Premier League anyway.

Will Sheffield stay on Europa League course?

After all, the last four games before the season break were lost. We consider it rather unlikely that the negative series against form-strong “blades” will be ended. Even if a recommendation from Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United is to be treated with caution on the outcome of the game, we at the Premier League re-start make a prediction to the guests obvious.

Betting Tips: Sheffield United wins
Odds: 2.35

Manchester City vs Arsenal

Manchester City vs Arsenal Free Betting Tips (June 17th)

Top game for the Premier League restart on June 17th! With the Citizens and the Gunners, two heavyweights of the Premier League meet on Wednesday evening. While the team around Pep Guardiola is likely to end the season as runner-up, Arsenal under Mikel Arteta is looking for damage limitation.

This calendar year, Arsenal remained unbeaten in all competitions at national level. Before the season break, the Gunners had three wins in a row, with Arsenal playing at home three times in a row. The Gunners had five consecutive draws abroad. It is quite possible that the points will be shared for the sixth time in a row.

Both teams will not really be in the rhythm of the game yet. Accordingly, we would rule out offensive fireworks at the Premier League re-start. We tend to see betting on a low-scoring match as the best betting option. For example, betting odds of 1.75 are offered for under 3.5 goals.

Betting Tips: Under 3.5 goals
Odds: 1.75

 Norwich vs. Southampton

Norwich vs Southampton Free Betting Tips (June 19th)

The canaries have not had the best preparation. Shortly before the Premier League restart, there was a positive case in the Norwich City squad. The player will have to enter self-quarantine. Norwich City’s home game against Southampton on Friday night will not be affected by the FA concept.

For the bottom of the Premier League table, every game will be a final in the next few weeks. With 21 points on the account, hope for relegation waned. Daniel Farke, coach of the Canaries, was optimistic before the Premier League restart. With nine game days remaining, “everything is still there”.

Norwich clings to the last straw

To set the course for a catch-up, a home win against Southampton is essential, especially since the “Saints” are a direct relegation competitor. In the current form of canaries, however, there are hardly any arguments that confirm a prediction or bet on a home win on matchday 30 of the Premier League.

So on Friday evening we go between Norwich City vs. Southampton from a duel-focused game in which goals will be a rarity.

Betting Tips: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.73

Tottenham vs. Manchester United

Tottenham vs Manchester United Free Betting Tips (June 19)

For Tottenham Hotspur, the recent form crisis did not come at the best time. After three games without a win, the competition has passed. The Spurs are currently only eighth in the six-point game against Manchester United. As can be seen in the betting comparison, there is no clear favorite in the top game.
José Mourinho will meet his former club Manchester United for the second time this season. In the first half of the season there was a scarce away defeat (1: 2) when he returned to the old workplace. Whether the Portuguese trainer can retaliate for the defeat from the first half remains uncertain for the time being. After all, the Spurs remained six competitive games in a row without a win.

Therefore, we would not really recommend a tip on the Spurs at the opening of the Premier League on matchday 30. Rather, the bet between Tottenham and Manchester United appeals to us on the draw.

Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.40

Watford vs Leicester City

Watford vs Leicester City Free Betting Tips (June 20th)

Leicester City is playing a strong season and deserves to be among the top three teams in the Premier League. A right to start for the Champions League is not likely to be endangered for the Foxes. Leicester City will meet Watford for the Premier League restart. The Hornets are in Tables-17. in danger of relegation and are under pressure on Saturday.

To score against the third in the Premier League table, Watford will have to arm himself above all against the concentrated offensive power of the Foxes. We think that Nigel Pearson’s team can hold up with the right attitude and therefore expect a balanced encounter.

Betting base recommends the tip: Draw at half time
Odds: 2.15

Brighton vs. Arsenal

Brighton vs Arsenal Free Betting Tips (June 20th)

The Gunners have to play during the week and will therefore be disadvantaged on Saturday. Depending on how Arsenal presents itself in the top game against Manchester City and which players will be able to play at the weekend, it is difficult to predict the match between Brighton and Arsenal.

Due to the double burden of the catch-up game, we would tend to assume that the match would be low on Saturday afternoon. After all, Brighton only conceded 15 goals this season against a home backdrop.

Betting Tips: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.85

West Ham vs. Wolverhampton

West Ham vs Wolverhampton Free Betting Tips (June 20)

Fear of relegation meets Champions League ambitions – in the match between West Ham and Wolverhampton, the opposites cannot be greater. While the home side could not meet expectations this season, the guests from Wolverhampton are playing an extremely strong season and now sense the chance of the big coup.

If the Wolves pick up on the form before the season break, a point win will hardly be possible for West Ham. We therefore tend to assume an away win.

Betting Tips: Win Wolves
Odds: 2.18

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace Free Betting Tips (June 20)

The “Cherries” want to free themselves from the table cellar. According to the odds, the home side are slightly favored for the Premier League re-start. Crystal Palace won three games in a row before the season break, making a big leap in the Premier League table. With twelve points ahead of the red zone, Palace is now in the final sprint of the season.
Bournemouth has been unbeaten at home three times in a row. Despite the ghostly backdrop, we think that this series will now be increased to four games. It remains to be seen whether it will be enough for a home win in the end. We are assuming a competitive encounter in which both teams will not give themselves anything.

Betting Tips: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.73

Newcastle vs. Sheffield United

Newcastle vs Sheffield United Free Betting Tips (June 21)

On Sunday, Sheffield United will play the next competitive game with a very short regeneration time. At the weekend of the Premier League, odds of 2.00 for an away win are currently being offered at the weekend. Since the “blades” are already playing during the week, a forecast for the upcoming match on matchday 30 of the Premier League is pure speculation at this time.

Newcastle currently wants to stay away from the red zone. Before the forced break, the “Magpies” had an important away win at Southampton. It is quite possible that Newcastle will put the stricken guests in their place and book the next important points in the fight for relegation.

Betting Tips: Double chance 1X
Odds: 1.58

Aston Villa vs Chelsea

Aston Villa vs Chelsea Free Betting Tips (June 21st)

The Blues start league operations against Aston Villa on Sunday. On matchday 30 of the Premier League, bets on Chelsea FC will be reimbursed at odds of up to 1.53 with the best bookmakers. The Villans are already playing a catch-up game during the week. Accordingly, the weekend stress will certainly be felt for Aston Villa.

Does Villa feel the double burden?

As can be seen from the shape of Villa, there is hardly anything to suggest a home win on Sunday evening anyway. The Blues want to defend the fourth and therefore last place on the starting grid for the Champions League. Considering that Chelsea had already given Everton four goals before the season break, the away game against the Premier League’s weakest defensive shouldn’t be too much of a hurdle.

Betting Tips: Chelsea wins
Odds: 1.53

Everton vs. Liverpool

Everton vs Liverpool Free Betting Tips (June 21st)

The Merseyside derby for the restart of the Premier League! Everton and Liverpool meet two arch rivals in the city derby on Sunday evening. While the “Toffees” are messing around in the midfield of the Premier League table, the “Reds” also want to mathematically seal their championship.

Everton played much better football under Carlo Ancelotti than in the first half of the season, but is unlikely to have anything to oppose the city rival. Should Liverpool pick up on the almost perfect season performance before the mandatory break, the third Merseyside derby will also go to the Reds this season.

Betting Tips: Liverpool wins
Odds: 1.57

Manchester City vs Burnley

Manchester City vs Burnley Free Betting Tips (June 22nd)

Matchday 30 of the Premier League ends with the Monday match between Manchester City and Burnley. As expected, the Citizens are the big favorite at home against the tenth in the Premier League. Unlike league rivals like Aston Villa, Sheffield United and Arsenal, City got more regeneration time this week.

Accordingly, the Monday game should not be too exhausting. Even if Burnley remained unbeaten in the Premier League seven times in a row before the season break, we expect the Citizens to have a clear affair. In the Premier League 30th matchday, we tend to have handicap bets on the home team.

Betting Tips: City wins with min. two goals difference
Odds: 1.41