How to predict a football match correctly?

The championship phase is an important time for sports fans, but especially for bettors. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, a sports bet makes sense when it is done as it should. For that, predicting a match is meant to be meticulous. It is therefore necessary to take all the steps to predict a football match correctly.

How to predict a football match

The steps to follow to predict a football match

Analysing a match is an essential step to increase your chances of winning at sports bets. Betting on a football team requires an analysis not according to your emotions, but according to current events. It is for this reason that the selection of the encounter is essential in the analysis. In order to properly make the selection of a sporting event, be it a championship or a match, a certain number of points must be studied. Or you can choose the easy way by betting on the football bet of the day provided by expert tipsters and you will be able to make some good, easy profits !

Rankings and tables

The selection of a football team is very important. And here ranking is essential. In the stats we find the home ranking versus the away classification, and then the ranking of the best attack versus the ranking of the best defence. All these make it possible to make the right betting prediction on the potential of the two teams in order to know which team has opted for a better tactical approach. Is the home team’s attack better than the away team’s defence?

You need to ask yourself a number of questions and not especially underestimate the ranking . Study the previous rankings of the two coaches, what motivates them to opt for this or that classification, the different players on the field, the players on the bench and many other elements. All these points are taken into account in the study of the ranking of football teams and when you want to predict a football match result !

The shape of the team

It is well known that super fit players do a better job than physically or mentally injured players. In order to properly analyse this parameter, it is important to watch the last five games of both teams. If a team is on a good run, we can say that they have gained confidence not only in themselves and their way of playing, but also the public, who will be motivated to encourage even more. To bet on a team, it is necessary that this team should be confident and have the encouragement of its public.

h2h stats

If, on the other hand, the team has had bad results during their last five games, we will talk about disunity. In this way, the team will have zero morale and will not be encouraged at all by its audience. Group cohesion will be affected by all the latest results. It is important to always check to see if any players are injured or if one of the best players on the team has consistently played in matches. This could cause a very big fatigue and the player will not be in any shape at all.

In addition, the absence of some players can be the cause of a handicap in a team.  We have seen cases of this kind in several sporting events . To have all the information on the last matches and on the shape of the players means to be informed on the sports news.

You must be aware of all the changes to have a high success rate. Be it wounds or anything else, sports betting sites or even a sports betting forum can be very useful for you to have as much information as you want.

The context of the meeting

In order to know how to forecast a football match, the context of the meeting between the two teams is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, the conditions in which the players find themselves could affect their ability to produce a good match . First, it is a question of looking at the meeting place; whether the team is playing at home, away, or on neutral territory. This parameter is very important. A home team will be pushed by its audience, who will play its role as the twelfth player.

If on the other hand a team plays away or on neutral ground, it will not have a very large public to motivate it. This aspect can be a handicap and it is also for this reason that it is advisable to look more towards teams that play at home to have more chances on bets. Neutral sites may make it hard to choose a bet, but the best bet would be to know where the match will be, and to see which of the two teams will have more fans in that city. From there, you will have an idea about the course of the game.


In addition, a recent change of coach can change the context of a sports meeting. The context of a match may also be different in case of a Derby; a sequence of important games sometimes leads to physical fatigue and mental wear, which may cause poor results.

Weather conditions can also change the context of a sporting event. Indeed, the level deviations can increase or be reduced according to the state of the ground. If the field is slippery for example, it is obvious that it will be difficult to determine the outcome of the game because the players will face enormous difficulties.

The challenge and motivation of the football players

As with any other sport, football players are primarily motivated by the challenge of the sporting event in question. Some teams may decide to rotate their squad for upcoming important events such as European competitions, the Champions League, Europa League, NBA, Pro A or Euroleague. These are very important goals for a club. These very important goals can lead a team to abandon some championship games or friendlies.

motivation of the football players

Some competitions go before others. The coaches can therefore decide to keep their best players for more important competitions, and this must be taken into account when making your predictions.  Just not having the right information or if the favourite team tactics changes are enough to see your hopes of winning a bet fall into the water. It is therefore essential to always have all the necessary information on all sporting events that interest you.

Apart from the hierarchy of the different competitions that come into play, it is also necessary to take into consideration the different levels of a particular competition. Group phases for example versus a championship final. Some levels will have more value, will be more risky , and will require more attention. A championship final, for example, will bring together the two teams that stood out. Therefore, the issue will certainly be at the same level. You will therefore have to go back to look at the former achievements of these two teams.

Objectivity vs Subjectivity

When you bet on a sports match, the main goal is to win the bet to make more money. For this reason, you have to be able to tell the difference between betting for the team that has the best chance of winning the match and betting for the team you love. All matches have a different peculiarity, it is obvious that you like some teams more than others but that’s not the question. You have to know how to be objective when it comes to sports betting if you want to have your chances of making money.

football fans

Put the odds on your side by dropping all your emotions. Not appreciating a particular player, a coach, a decision made by a team, can affect your ability to predict a match well and therefore you will find yourself making false predictions. All these prejudices must be put aside, avoid at all costs being subjective and only this way you will be able to make winning bets in the long run.

The schedule of upcoming football matches

To live from day to day, to settle for the present without thinking about what could happen later are rules to forget immediately when you are a sports bettor. Every detail counts in sports betting; whether past, present, or even future. We must always take these criteria into account to predict a good football game. During a competition or several competitions that concern the same teams, it is important to always think about upcoming matches and not to be content with current games.

Indeed, some matches are more important than others. So if the match of the day is less important than the match that will follow in a few days and concerns the same team, it is obvious that the coach will want to keep his best players for the bigger game. This is an aspect that can completely change the outcome of a match because a team without its best players will not produce the same level of play it is used to produce. As a result, the opposing team will certainly have more chances to win the match.

Therefore the slightest modification can change everything. The modifications can come from both sides, each team can face certain difficulties or certain obligations. We met many players who were injured just before the kickoff. This is also why it is often better to bet a few minutes before the kickoff of the meeting.

Football matches to avoid

It is obvious that some games are not worth taking the risk.Some matches are way too risky and it can be very difficult to predict them. Therefore, it is good to avoid getting into bets. Start-of-season games are to be avoided because the preparation levels are generally different depending on the teams and it is difficult to get an idea of the shape and the tactical choices of these teams.

The games at the end of the season without stakes are also to be avoided because the shape of the players is also unknown. Moreover, it is difficult to know what motivates the players, which makes the prognosis even more difficult.

When you are a beginner in sports betting, it is best that you only bet on championships that you know. Betting in unknown territory is a very big risk because you do not control the players or their tactical choices. Start with competitions such as the Champions League, Europa League or Premier League. These championships are world famous, therefore you have more chances to get to know the teams that participate and have as much information as you want on these teams.


In order to predict a football match, it is important to find a reliable source of information. The site ExtraTips is complete, you can find all the necessary information on all your sports meetings. You can also visit the official teams’ websites as well as the sports press.