How to bet ? Online Betting Guide For Beginners


how to bet beginner's guide 2019

How to bet ? A question that is asked to us often and that suggests another: is a guide necessary for rookies ? Maybe you’re thinking that it’s complicated – to make online bets – that if you have to register, give data, enter the web and do not know how many selections,  ” Ufff, remove, remove, I better make a betting and you’re … ”

Hey ! Return . Wait a second, please. And if we assure you that it is not so complicated? What if we tell you that making sports bets from the Internet will open a new world full of possibilities and more advantageous payments than any classic betting ticket? And also in we have created this definitive novice betting guide, so that everything is very simple for you.

Prepared ? In this guide “how to bet ” you will learn :

✅ Compare online gaming operators

✅ Register

✅ Deposit

✅ Bet

✅ Bet On The Best Football Tips For Today

✅ Win Big Profits

Whether you believe us or not, we recommend you stop in this little guide for novice gamblers on how to bet,  step by step you will discover how simple and comfortable it can be to bet from your mobile or your computer, not just because you can place bets from any place where you have Internet connection, but because you can do it in all kinds of leagues. Not only the national ones, and in sport modalities in which until now it had not occurred to you.

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So, go, give us an opportunity and keep reading.

  • And if you already know more or less of what is going to bet online, but you have not yet registered at any bookmaker, it will not hurt to review the following steps to make sports bets from the Internet or you can improve your skils by collecting all kind of stats for football matches.
    Compare, the first step in how to bet
  • All professional players know that the first key at the time of betting is to compare the best betting houses to see which ones interest us the most. To facilitate the process of choosing which is the best betting house, we have selected for you this list of best betting houses for beginners.
  • Each of these bookmakers has its advantages and strengths, and the ideal is to combine the registration in several to maximize their properties.
  • Great, you have already made a decision about which bookmaker to choose. Now is the time to register in it.

Let’s show you step by step

1. Click on the table on the option you have chosen on the button Try it now! It will take you directly to our offers and exclusive welcome bonuses with the bookmaker of your choice.

2. You are already on your website! It’s time to register. There you will see already announced our exclusive offer and welcome bonus and a button that sets REGISTRATION or similar: click on it.

3. One step less! Now you will arrive at a registration form. Each sports betting house and online casino have their own, but in general everyone will ask for the same personal information. Cover the forms with attention and real data and do not forget to also fill in the CODE box if you have one.

Deposit, an essential step

It’s time to make our first deposit! Keep in mind that many welcome bonuses require a minimum deposit, so do not fall short if you want to benefit from these unique offers.

In general, in the forms of deposit and withdrawal of funds you can either deposit money through credit cards or through alternative methods, such as prepaid cards and virtual wallets such as PayPal, PaySafe, Skrill .

These methods are usually the safest and fastest. And remember that usually the same system you use to enter the money will be the same through which they will return the money. For example, if you deposit money in betfair through PayPal, when you withdraw the money, it will be entered into your PayPal account automatically.

How to bet, step by step


  • In this guide we will focus mainly on the bets you can make when connecting to websites like Bet365 . Did we start then? Well, these are the basic steps that we are going to detail in how to bet once you have already registered and deposited your first money.
  • We will choose as an example the LaLiga match between Athletic Club de Villareal and Villareal. The first thing we must do is select the match, within the corresponding category and competition. In general matches of this importance will also have a prominent access
  • At first glance, if it is a game like this one, we will have seen the three main betting options: 1 (local victory), X (draw) and 2 (visitor victory), together with the associated fees. If we click on the game will access a dedicated section where we can see all the possibilities of betting:
  • As you can see, they are a lot: in addition to the simple ones (1X2), you can choose the exact results, the result depending on the moment of the match, scorers, choose two options to ensure the forecast, etc … Each of these options has an associated a fee: the greater the complication of the forecast, the greater the quota.
  • In this case we have opted to bet on the victory of the local Athletic Club to a share of 2.2.
  • When clicking on the desired option, a new window will be displayed where we can enter the amount to be wished (in this case € 10 multiplied by the quota will give us a benefit of € 22 in the case of correcting our forecast) and then click on the Confirmation or MAKE BET.
  • Once the bet is confirmed it will be available in the MY BETS section or equivalent.
  • You have already made your first bet! Now you just have to wait for the match to start and follow it with interest … Remember that in some cases if the result is favorable to your interests you can withdraw the bet with benefits using the cash-out option that some of the best bookmakers have available.


Reviewing the process of how to bet


1. Register at an online betting house: And choose well

After the regulation of online gambling in Europe, there are many houses that operate through a .com domain with the appropriate license and the proper “Secure Play” certification. In this same portal we have recommended several and all of them enjoy a great reputation on the Internet and are completely safe.

But if you have doubts about which one to sign up for… We recommend that you do it several times at the same time. The fees (what they pay) are usually similar between them, with occasional slight variations, so it will be the promotional aspect and the coverage of events and facilities in general that give you what will make you feel more comfortable in one or in other.

Whichever you have chosen, the registration process is very similar in all; Go directly to where you put “REGISTER” or something similar, and that will take you to the registration form, where you will be asked for some personal information (name and surname, address, contact telephone number, age ), and then email, name and user password for said betting portal.

Once you have registered this way, the next time you enter the portal you will only have to login (log in) and you will have full access to your user panel, from where you can configure it, manage your funds, manage your promotions and of course place bets Sports

By filling out the form, you will eventually be able to find promotions to mark or unmark, as well as language selection, type of currency, etc.

Also read the terms and conditions of the portal. In any case, each betting house has a help and consultation section, and you can use it whenever you want. You will also be presented with the option of contacting the customer service, which is usually available in different modes (phone, chat, e-mail, virtual assistant, etc.) 24 hours a day.

2. Enter funds: The money that you will then bet

Do not take it like you’re paying to register. In the same way that when you make a betting pool you have to pay an amount according to the number of predictions made, when you register in a betting page you must enter funds that you will use to put the amount you want in each bet. In this guide, newbies, we will also explain how.

The registration process can be completed without making any deposit, usually, but as soon as you want to bet you must make your first payment. At that time the best betting websites usually reward their newly registered customers with a betting bonus, which consists of an amount of extra balance to spend on other bets under certain conditions that must always be read carefully.
PayPal Betting

To enter money, the houses put at your disposal a good assortment of payment methods, from card payments, bank transfers, prepaid cards and electronic purses type Paypal, with which it is truly comfortable to recharge the funds of the account when necessary.

Each payment method, however, has some deadlines and possibly management costs which should be reported first. One recommendation: make a good initial deposit and then manage the balance appropriately, and make other bets with the profits you get. In addition, the larger the amount initially deposited, the greater the proportion of the welcome gift.

3. Pre-match bets and live bets: One, another or both modalities at the same time

One of the advantages of placing bets online is that you can close your bets both before the games begin and while they take place, that is, live.

The pre-match bets are the ones that you make days before the match or event is held. They can refer to a match that will take place in two days or to the result of a championship that will be resolved several months later (long-term bets).

In contrast, live betting opens at the time the game starts and is much more exciting and explosive, with fees (payments) that can vary drastically from one moment to another. If you are a rookie in this of the bets maybe live betting will come great, but as you gain in experience it will be an option that you will undoubtedly consider. You are taking your first steps with this novice betting guide.

You will usually find a specific section to find out which live markets are open at the time you connect to the betting house. Pre-par bets, on the other hand, you will find both in the list of sports modalities and in the home section of the betting house website, where the most prominent ones are usually shown as quick access, so you do not have to either To make too many clicks and go straight to the most outstanding events.

Experienced bettors even cover their pre-match predictions with live betting, so that, whoever wins the game, there is a profit for the bettor.

4. Select the desired bet: know what types of bets there are

Familiarize yourself with the interface of each betting portal, how it is organized and in which little window or corner of the screen there is the summary of the betting ticket made. The interface of the different betting houses is usually very similar and quite intuitive.

Well, unless you already have in front of the match where you want to bet, the first thing you have to do is choose a sport, for example “Tennis” and choose the best free tennis betting tips !

By doing so, you will be presented with a list of the competitions and matches where you can bet, and within each of these you will usually have a variable number of markets (even more than 100 in some cases) to predict.

Thus, you can make typical selections such as the “player or team that will win the match”, to others of the type “The match will end 3-0”, “3 sets will be played”, “The home team will go on the break and will also win the game. match “, etc …
Combined sports bets

Each of these bets that you make will be considered a simple bet, and you will be able to make several bets in that same game or in any other event at the same time, although your ticket will usually have a limit in terms of simultaneous selections (16 selections is usually the maximum).

But you also have the possibility of making a combined bet, which consists of multiplying the price of each simple bet you make to increase your expected winnings, although at the cost of guessing all the odds, because if you miss one, you would lose the bet on your whole.

You can even complicate the matter even more and make a System Bet, which comes to be formed by different groups of single and combined bets (between 3 and 8 options), and that under certain conditions give you the possibility of earning some money even if you fail any of the forecasts that make up the bet.

5. Choose the amount: Close your bet

You already have it? Have you already selected the bets you want to make? You will have checked that a ticket is generated at one end of the screen or in a pop-up window. Sometimes you have to confirm the selections by clicking on a button of type “Create coupon”. Each house has its format, but the steps are usually very similar.

When you have made your selection or selections, go to the ticket and indicate in the box enabled for it the amount you wish to play in each bet. If you do not put it directly on the screen, with a simple calculation you can estimate your possible earnings.

You’ll see it better with an example: suppose that, in a tennis tournament, you play 10 euros Nadal wins against Djokovic, and that the house pays 1.80 said victory. That 1.80 is the fee, and is equivalent to that you will take 1.80 euros for each euro wagered in case of hitting. Therefore, if you correct the forecast and win the Spanish tennis player, your 10 euros invested will become 10 * 1.80 = 18 euros. In this case, your net profit will be 8 euros, but of course you will also recover the 10 euros invested.

Are you sure you want to close that bet? Check the summary of the coupon or ticket well, and if it seems right, click on the accept button. Your bet will have been made and you should receive some type of confirmation by e-mail, although you can also check the history of your transactions made in said betting house from your user panel.

Remember that in the case of combined and system bets the resulting quota is usually a multiple of all the odds of the bets that compose them, and that you must hit all or almost all of them to get some benefit.

Also, in live betting you will sometimes be given the option to close a bet before the outcome of the bet is known: they are bets with possibility of closing or cash out. Often the house will offer you a different, lower fee, than the one you had at the beginning, but if the game is going wrong and you want to ensure a minimum profit it is an advisable option.

6. Collect the prize: See how your balance increases

It’s the best part, when the bet has been resolved and you see how the numbers go in your favor. This we assure you from this guide rookie bets.

You will not have to do anything. Your balance will be automatically increased according to the earnings you have achieved. You will not even have to pay attention to your account. When you reconnect to it, you’ll see your increased balance.

7. Withdraw funds: Choose between different options

You will not need to claim your winnings, these will always be reflected in your balance, and with this you can make more sports bets. But if you want to withdraw funds, just like when you had to deposit money, you must choose any of the methods that the betting page puts at your disposal.

In general, the withdrawal methods are the same as the withdrawal methods, although sometimes some payment formats are only available to enter and not to withdraw.

In this way, you can request a withdrawal of funds through card, bank transfer and different electronic wallets, among other alternatives that can be made available to you. There are houses that even have physical terminals and their own cards to withdraw money from the user account.

In any case, remember that depending on the chosen method there may be a variable term until the money you take out is reflected in your bank account (as long as it is not a withdrawal of hard cash from any type of terminal).
Promotions: Know the bonuses that you can find

As soon as you sign up you will be given some type of welcome bonus. That promotion will only be valid for the first time you register in a house. If you register in several houses, you will have a welcome promo in each of them.

Later you will be able to receive other similar bonuses and promotions of all kinds (improved odds or sums, draws, reimbursement of the bet if you fail, extra balance, etc )

Read the terms and conditions of each bonus, because they are usually conditioned to a previous deposit (the one you usually do when you register), and to take advantage of all the extra balance they offer you have to fulfill a series of conditions, such as the rollover , which is the number of times you have to bet the amount of the bonus so that later you can withdraw the winnings with it if there were any.

Betting Tips – What you should know before betting


The mechanics of the web management of any bookmaker will dominate you immediately with practice, but betting is more than just clicking or pressing on a touch screen. If you want to earn money, you will have to learn to make good forecasts, and although that is largely achieved through experience, here are some basic guidelines with which we intend to take you on the right path (that which will increase your balance instead of decrease):

Specialize in a sports modality
 See a budget
 Do not always bet on the favorite
 Control your emotions
 Use the tools at your disposal

1. Specialize in a sports modality

Betting on sports is not like betting on red or black. If you want to make a good forecast, you must analyze well the state of the teams and competitions, and if you bet on a sport you master, the easier it will be to estimate the possible results of an event.

It may be the case that you like many different sports, but even so it is advisable that you do not intend to cover too much and that, as far as betting is concerned, you specialize and bet on a few that you know more about or that you like.

2. Check a budget

Never bet more than you have. Do not try to cover losses with more crazy bets. Set a limit, which will be the money available to bet, and try to make more bets just with your winnings.

An adequate administration of the bankroll (available funds) is fundamental so that our passage through the betting houses throws a positive and not negative balance.

3. Do not always bet on the favorite

If you intend to win always dedicating yourself only to bet in favor of the favorite, you better think twice. If that favorite is very favorite, the quota for your victory will be so low that the risk of something unexpected happening will not compensate, and you will have to bet very hard to earn more than crumbs. And if the favorite is not so much, perhaps the risk of failing the bet does not compensate you and you should consider making another bet that gives you greater benefits.

In addition, there are sports such as NBA basketball where it is more frequent than the favorite goal. To play on insurance is not always to bet on the lowest quota, but to compare the estimated chances of success of our forecast with what the betting house pays and the possibility that the opposite happens to our interests.

4. Control your emotions

To begin, leave the colors aside. Being very from Madrid does not imply that you should have a blind faith in the team and that you play it foolishly just because you think that in some way you are betraying your team.

Another important aspect of the emotional issue is that your mood can negatively influence your forecasts and make them not so accurate. Make sure that the act of betting is exciting, yes, but also fun and without pressure.

Avoid, as in any other game, bet at the same time you ingest substances such as alcohol, as they can affect the decision making.

Both in pre-split bets and especially in live betting, impulsive bets must be avoided. Confirming a bet should be the final step you make after a process of previous reflection, and although it is true that in live betting it is more complicated to collect all the available information that supports your prediction, this does not imply that you should make a bet to blind only because suddenly you find yourself with a very high quota and you can not resist the impulse.

Ok, from time to time you can also make bets of the type “I’ll try to see what happens”, no matter how crazy the quota, but it will be punctual occasions. At the end of the day, sometimes it is also possible to become a millionaire with a stroke of luck, like that Briton who won a fortune to predict the goal of Éder in the final of the recent European Football Championship.

5. Use the tools at your disposal

To make a good forecast it is advised that you keep abreast of the sports news that have to do with the match or event in question, that you review the previous results and the state of the competition well, and that if possible you can see the matches and compares the fees given by the different betting houses. And be aware of this guide bet newbies and BettingOnline.Net, of course …

For this reason, the tools that the betting websites put at your disposal, such as the previous face-to-face statistics, the previous results, the live broadcasts via football streaming, the news sections, etc., will be very useful for you. Do not underestimate any of these tools or any others that you can find on the Internet or in print.

We can not promise success or begin to fool you with the bets, but of course, if you take into account these small guidelines that we bring you in this guide rookie bets, you will have a good base on which to strengthen over time as a good bettor

We hope that this How to bet: definitive guide for novices and its five essential tips will help you in your first steps when it comes to knowing this world and make your first bets, be they casino, poker or sports betting.

Do not forget to leave your comments on the matter below, as well as share with us your experiences, advice and experiences. We are a great community in ! And remember that for you we also have more related content in our section of betting strategies: use them.