FaZe vs mousesports Free Betting Tips ESL PRO League

FaZe vs mousesports Free Betting Tips ESL PRO League

FaZe vs mousesports Free Betting Tips ESL PRO League

Duel on the knife edge?

The group phases of the ESL Pro League Europe are over. Six teams qualified for round two, which is again held in round robin format. The first place qualifies directly for the grand finale, while the numbers two and three play out the remaining final place.

FaZe lost yesterday’s game against fnatic and has to be careful not to lose sight of the group leaders.
Six of the best teams worldwide will deliver great matches to the CS: GO community in the next few days. Betting base for FaZe vs. mouseports betting odds and potentially interesting bets.

Date and when does FaZe vs mousesports in TV / Stream?

🗓 Date: 06/04/2020
📺 TV / livestream: Twitch (official channel: ESL_CSGO)

The duel FaZe against mousesports will be broadcast on April 6th, 2020 on the main channel of the ESL. The interest in the encounter is great. Accordingly, streams can be found in various languages ​​on the Twitch and YouTube platforms.

FaZe vs mousesports Free Betting Tips ESL PRO League

FaZe – Statistics & current form

FaZe qualified in Group C, after losing to G2 and mouz, as second place for the next round. In the direct duels against the strongest of the group, they failed to convince. Sovereign victories against forZe, OG and Virtus.Pro ensured the ascent.

In yesterday’s duel against fnatic, NiKo and coldzera were particularly convincing, as the rest of the team does not seem to be in top form at the moment. Olofmeister in particular, with a rating of 0.72, did not even come into play yesterday.

FaZe performed very convincingly on the current favorite map Mirage. They defended a half-time lead confidently on the CT half and secured victory after 24 laps. The pick on the part of fnatic and the decision map showed a desolate FaZe.

On Overpass they had to halve with 5:10 and could not really convince on the T side either. Clearly the map went to fnatic. On Inferno, which was the final map of the bo3, hardly anything came together. The divisions are not good, the aim is insufficient and the will to win is not available. Only NiKo managed to keep up with a positive K / D, the rest of the team was a total failure.

The team has been playing together in this constellation since the end of 2019. GuardiaN and karrigan have been replaced by coldzera and broky. The international lineup performed well and is in the top 10 in the world rankings. IGL NiKo, which has the best rating besides its role as announcer, has to be particularly emphasized. 1.23 is not only the team’s best value, it is also among the top 5 in the world.

The rest of the team will have to be in better shape tonight if they want a chance against the mixed lineup of mousesports. In the duel FaZe against mousesports betting odds of 1.87 on a victory of FaZe are available.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇷🇸 YNk

Players: 🇳🇴 rain, 🇧🇦 NiKo, 🇸🇪 olofmeister, 🇧🇷 coldzera, 🇱🇻 broky

mousesports – Statistics & current form

A win against G2 on the last match day was enough for mousesports to win the group due to OG’s defeat. With five wins and only one loss against OG, they qualified confidently and were able to prevail against the other two world-class teams in their group. However, the final round difference of +9 shows how close the matches went. In this statistic, FaZe has a difference of +40, for example, as second place.

Mousesports managed to retaliate against OG on the first day of round two and defeated the mixed lineup 2-0. They narrowly won on both Nuke and Train. Good ideas and the ability to end the matches at the crucial moments testify to the current good shape of the team. Above all, ropz is at the peak of his career so far and also has a rating of 1.20 in the top 5 of the current professional scene.

It is clear to see that some players are more comfortable with the online format than others. ChrisJ is having a hard time getting online online after many years on LAN.

The team has been playing together since the beginning of 2019 and can call themselves defending champions in the ESL Pro League. In 2020 they managed to win the first title at the ICE Challenge. Mousesports has had a lot of good appearances in the past few months and secured two S-Tier titles in 2019.

In the game against FaZe betting odds of 1.90 are available on mousesports. The team around IGL karrigan always seems to work better and to grow every day. With rops, frozen and woxic they have three younger players in their ranks who entertain the CS: GO world with their cheeky playing style. Definitely one of the teams in 2020.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇩🇰 Rejin

Players: 🇳🇱 chrisJ, 🇪🇪 ropz, 🇩🇰 karrigan, 🇹🇷 woxic, 🇸🇰 frozen

Union FaZe vs mousesports Direct comparison

The duel between the two teams took place five times last year. In four of these duels, mousesports left the server as the winner. Only at the major in Berlin did FaZe secure victory in a bo1. The most important duel in this regard took place in the group phase of the ESL Pro League.

Mousesports prevailed 2-1 this week. The defeat at Nuke was followed by victories on Train and Dust2. All in all, the duel was very balanced. In the duel FaZe against mousesports odds of 1.90 on over 2.5 maps are available.

Can FaZe retaliate for the defeat in the group stage?

FaZe vs mousesports Betting odds comparison

🎮 Betting Tips: FaZe
👾 Odds: 1.80
🎮 Betting Tips: mousesports
👾 Odds: 1.90

These maps are in focus

FaZe acts Vertigo as their first spell and is one of the few teams that vehemently opposes the new map. Due to their strong performance on Mirage, this map can be picked again. Nuke and Mirage are the team’s two best maps with win rates of almost 90%.

Mousesports chose Overpass for their ban. Train currently like to act as their pick, with a win rate of 78% this is understandable. Only on Dust2 and Mirage do they have an even better odds.

All in all, a duel on Mirage and Train is very likely. FaZe finds the spell of mousesports very convenient. It would be possible to choose Inferno or Dust2.

Free betting Tips & betting base trend: FaZe vs. mousesports by CoreBet Tipsters

In the duel FaZe against mousesports, two great teams meet. Due to the last appearances and the victory in the group stage, mousesports can be cautiously described as a favorite. In view of the strong appearances in the respective pick of the teams, we go in this duel with 5 units on 2.5+ maps.

FaZe vs mosuesports tips:

🎮 Mousesports won the last 4 duels.
🎮 FaZe against fnatic with a weak idea.
🎮 Last duel between the two teams went to mousesports last week.

An exciting match at eye level is imminent, in which the full distance is likely.

An alternative tip in the duel FaZe against mousesports is a 2: 1 for mousesports.

FaZe vs mousesports Best odds ESL Pro League

🎮 Betting Tips: Union FaZe victory
👾 Odds: 1.90
🎮 Betting Tips: mousesports wins
👾 Odds: 1.90