G2 vs NiP Free Betting Tips – Esport

G2 vs NiP Free Betting Tips - Esport

G2 vs NiP Free Betting Tips – Esport

NiP no chance against G2 Esports ??

Heroic and North meet on the first day of group B, and G2 and NiP in the evening game. The odds in this duel speak very clearly for the new lineup of G2 Esports, which has apparently found the perfect addition with NiKo. Are the Swedes really without a chance in this encounter?

Last week, the decisions in group A were made in the upper bracket. With FaZe and Complexity as direct climbers, there were small surprises. Vitality and NAVI are currently fighting for advancement in the lower bracket. The group phase takes place in a double-elimination-bo3, while in the playoffs a winner is chosen from eight teams using the single-elimination mode. The final is a bo5 and will take place on November 22nd, 2020.

The games will continue to be played online and in addition to the USD 150,000 prize money, this tournament is primarily about a place in the IEM Global Challenges 2020. A total of 16 teams will take part in the tournament. Astralis, Vitality and G2 are traded as favourites to win the tournament. The new line-up of Complexity is awarded outsider opportunities.

👾 Betting Tips: 2-0 G2
🕹️ Odds: 2.25

Where and when will G2 vs NiP on TV?

The game between G2 and NiP will take place on November 12th, 2020. ESL takes care of the English original stream, while 99Damage takes care of a German broadcast.

G2 Esports – Statistics & Current Form

The originally Spanish esports organization based in Germany was founded in 2013 by Carlos Rodgriguez. Games2, as the organization was called earlier, has five other lineups under contract in addition to its CS: GO team and is accordingly represented in several esports titles. The CS: GO team, which was purely French until last year, was reinforced with nexa and huNter- in September 2019.

The two former players from CRAZY brought new momentum and a significant increase in quality to the team. After problems with the shape in the last few months, the decision was also made to buy NiKo, which has officially belonged to G2 since the end of October.

Star player NiKo makes the difference

With an average rating of 1.3 in the first ten maps, which he denied for G2, NiKo immediately joined the team. The main motivation for the Bosnian to opt for a transfer to G2 was his cousin huNter-. The first appearance of the new lineup was the BLAST Premier Fall Series, which can be found on 1-3.

Finished and qualified for the BLAST Premiere Fall Finals.

The new lineup has only lost one game so far. As the fifth player, the team has initially opted for the supporter AmaNEk. How JaCkz’s career will continue and whether G2 is planning a six-man roster is still uncertain. Many signs point to a 2-0 win in the G2 duel against NiP. Odds of up to 3.00 are available on the Swedish underdog.

NiP – Statistics & current form

The Swedish traditional team NiP was founded in 2000 and has been represented in Counter-Strike ever since. Since the beginning of the HLTV recordings in October 2015, the team has not yet managed to fall out of the top 30 in the world rankings. Numerous successes, great triumphs and a glorious time finally ended in early 2020. F0rest, the last representative of the legendary lineup, was replaced by nawwk and a radical change started at NiP.

Young stars perform for NiP

With an average age of just 22.4 years, the ninjas mainly rely on young talent. IGL hampus is only 21 years old and is shaping a young, new generation of announcers. Last month, the team won 14 of their 26 games, a little over half. Especially at the DreamHack Open, the team convinced with wins against FaZe, OG and fnatic and finally secured fourth place.

In the Swedes, hardly any player can really stand out individually. With ratings around 1.0, the whole lineup shows solid performance. Above all, however, it will be important that main-Awp shows nawwk. Without their impact, things usually look bad for NiP. A tip on the outsider is possible between G2 and NiP at odds of 3.00.

G2 vs NiP – Direct comparison / H2H balance

In a direct comparison of the two teams, G2 has the lead with 3: 2 according to Maps. The last duel, however, was almost a year ago and is therefore not very meaningful. It is to be expected that NiKo and huNter- will continue to perform sensationally and that G2 with nexa as the announcer and KennyS as the experienced AWP, will be a potential top 1 candidate for the coming year.

Between G2 and NiP is the tip regarding the maps on Nuke and Train. G2 will also opt for Overpass as a ban in this duel, while NiP will ban Dust2 by default. Vertigo and Mirage would be very conceivable as decision-makers.

G2 vs NiP betting odds in comparison

👾 Betting Tips: G2
🕹️ Odds: 1.36
👾 Betting Tips: NiP
🕹️ Odds: 3.00

G2 vs NiP Free Betting Tips Provided by CoreBet Tipsters

A pure victory tip on G2 is not very tempting in this duel given the low odds. The recent results as well as the individual statistics speak clearly for G2 in this duel. With NiKo as the new star player and huNter as entry, the team feels more comfortable than it has for a long time. Main-AWP KennyS and AmaNEK mostly have to take care of the support of their team colleagues.

The only weak point in G2’s map pool is Train, on which the team only won 33% of their six games. With NiKo, however, they clearly refuted this in the game against MIBR. In the third and decisive map, they won the duel against the Brazilians 16: 5. The most likely result in this duel is a 2-0 for the favoured G2.

Key facts – G2 vs NiP tips

🕹️ G2 with a significant increase in performance since NiKo signed on
🕹️ NiP lost three of their last five games
🕹️ NiKo and huNter as a congenial duo

The viewers can expect a rather one-sided game in this duel. It will be particularly important for NiP to gain a foothold early and win their map pick. Should NiP leave their counterpart, named G2, too much space and leeway, they will seize the game early on and never give it away.