Worlds 2020 Groups – Betting Odds, Game Mode & Betting

Worlds 2020 Groups - Betting Odds, Game Mode & Betting

Worlds 2020 Groups – Betting Odds, Game Mode & Betting

Who will reach the playoffs at the Worlds 2020?

The time has come: next Saturday, October 3rd, the group phase of the LoL World Championship will begin in Shanghai. Over the past few days, the last four participants in the main event in the Playins were determined. There were several surprises, from the ailing LGD Gaming to the failure of the MAD Lions. In the end, alongside PSG Talon, LGD Gaming and Team Liquid from North America, a team from the LCL prevailed in the Playins for the first time since 2016, Unicorns of Love.

Worlds 2020 Groups - Betting Odds, Game Mode & Betting

With these four teams, the groups are completed and the main event can begin. In this article, the betting base would like to take a closer look at the individual teams at the Worlds 2020 in the groups and dare to make a prediction.

What surprises can we expect in the group stage? Which favourites fail and who will reach the playoffs at the Worlds 2020?

Who will win Group C?

Betting Tips: Fnatic
Odds: 5.00
Betting Tips: TSM
Odds: 6.50

LoL Worlds 2020 – Dates & Game Mode

The esports event of the year will take place over the entire month of October. From the starting shot on October 3rd, the playoff participants will be played in a double round in Bo1 format. The two best teams in each group go to the quarter-finals, where the format changes to Bo5 mode.

Dates of the LoL Worlds 2020

🇨🇳 group stage – October 03-11, 2020
🇨🇳 quarter-finals – October 15-18, 2020
🇨🇳 semi-finals – October 24-25, 2020
🇨🇳 Final – October 31, 2020

Worlds 2020 Group A – Ninjas in luck

In the Worlds draw, G2 Esports once again had the gods on its side. The Worlds finalist of 2019 and the first seed of the LEC was drawn with Suning, probably the simplest opponent from Pot Two. Machi Esports from the PCS and Team Liquid from the LCS will join them. TL won the ticket for the group stage through the Playins and now has the chance to take revenge against G2 Esports. Last year the Ninjas dismantled Team Liquid in the final of the MSI and thus secured the first title for Europe.

Participants group A:

G2 Esports (LEC)
Suning Gaming (LPL)
machi Esports (PCS)
Team Liquid (LCS)

G2 Esports weakest group favourite?

In Group A, G2 Esports has a clear favourite on paper, but it has higher odds than the top teams in the other groups. The Europeans have always performed against Team Liquid and LCS teams in general. The Danish duel between “Caps” and “Jensen” will be particularly exciting. “Jensen” was presented by “Caps” at all encounters between the two Midlaners, for example at the Worlds 2018 semi-finals and at the 2019 MSI Final.

The second force in Group A is Suning Gaming. The third place in the LPL exploded this summer and earned the Worlds participation. But it should also be said that four of the five players are absolute newbies on the international stage and only the supporter “SwordArt” has experience. Therefore, Suning could stumble and lose the battle for second place.

The experienced Team Liquid, therefore, has a good chance of reaching the playoffs. Currently, the LCS squad in Worlds 2020 Group A has high odds of 4.50 on advancement.

For the master of the PCS, however, the betting base sees little hope. PSG Talon convinced in the Playins, but the group stage is much more difficult to master. Machi may be able to take one or two wins, but progress is unlikely.

Worlds 2020 Group A Betting Odds

Betting Tips: 🇪🇸G2 Esports
Odds: 1.85
Betting Tips: 🇨🇳 Suning
Odds: 3.25
Betting Tips: 🇹🇼 machi
Odds: 11:00
Betting Tips: 🇺🇸 Liquid
Odds: 7:00

Does “Sofm” turn out to be kryptonite for “Jankos”?

The match between G2 and Team Liquid will definitely be very exciting for western fans. But the real top game is probably Suning Gaming against the ninjas from the LEC. The main focus here is the duel of the junglers. The Vietnamese “Sofm” is considered to be one of the strongest junglers in the tournament and is notorious for his unconventional style of play, with which he could surprise “Jankos”. How the G2 is doing against the Vietnamese has been known since MSI 2019.

In the other positions, Sunings Botlane is a bit stronger, while G2 Esports has the better soloists. Therefore, G2 should have the stylistic advantage, provided that the troops manage to play to their strengths. The betting base recommends betting on the favourite G2 for the top game in Worlds 2020 Group A, as “Caps” and “Wunder” have always been convincing internationally.

🇪🇸 G2 Esports vs. Suning Gaming 🇨🇳 – Odds

Betting Tips: 🇪🇸 G2
Odds: 1.71
Betting Tips: 🇨🇳 SN
Odds: 2.20

Worlds 2020 Group B – Death Group with Debutant Rogue

Traditionally there is a death group at Worlds 2020. Although this 2020 is not as blatant as in the previous year, Group B is still very busy. The first two teams drawn, LCK Champion Damwon Gaming and the reigning runner-up of the LPL, JD Gaming, gave Group B the title – group of deaths. The two Asian heavyweights, the debutant Rogue from Europe and PSG Talon from PCS, are the victims.

Participant group B:

Damwon Gaming (LCK)
JD Gaming (LPL)
Rogue Esports (LEC)
PSG Talon (PCS)

No chance for a rogue?

Both Damwon and JDG are considered top contenders for the world title and make the group extremely tough. Unfortunately, Europe’s rogue ended up in the star-studded season, alongside PSG Talon from the Playins. For both teams, the chances of advancing are very poor. “Finn” from Rogue, in particular, should have big problems against the two best top planners in the tournament, “Nuguri” and “Zoom”.

Overall, Rogue or PSG can be expected to do an “upset”, but it will probably not be enough for either the Europeans or the Taiwanese to make progress. The betting providers in Worlds 2020 Group B offer high odds on the underdog, but betting is not advisable.

Worlds 2020 Group B Betting Odds

Betting Tips: 🇰🇷 Damwon
Odds: 1.70
Betting Tips: 🇨🇳 JDG
Odds: 2.50
Betting Tips: 🇪🇺 RGE
Odds: 21.00
Betting Tips: 🇹🇼 PSG
Odds: 41.00

DWG vs. JDG – who will win the group?

Which two teams will prevail seems to be clear, but the competition for group victory should be extremely exciting. Damwon is the top favourite for many experts and the odds confirm this assumption, but JD Gaming has a good chance. In a thrilling final, JDG was only barely defeated by title favourites TES in the LPL final and therefore doesn’t have to hide from Damwon. With “Kanavi” the group has the strongest jungler in the tournament and “Zoom” on the top lane can defy “Nuguri”.

On an opening day, the two favourites meet in a direct duel. A tip on defeating Damwon Gaming for JDG in Worlds 2020 Group B seems like a good tip.

🇰🇷 Damwon Gaming vs. JD Gaming 🇨🇳 – Odds

Betting Tips: 🇰🇷 Damwon
Odds: 1.66
Betting Tips: 🇨🇳 JDG
Odds: 2.32

Worlds 2020 Group C – Major Regions Foursome!

The counterpart to the death group is group C because here all four teams have a chance of advancing. As LCS champion, TSM is the weakest team from the first lottery pot and has two equal opponents in the group with the Worlds Finalist 2018, Fnatic and the South Koreans Gen.G. Most recently, LGD Gaming managed to reach the group stage despite a weak performance in the Playins.

All four teams are traditional teams with experienced players and a large fan base in their own country. LGD last took part in the Worlds in 2015 and was also part of a group with TSM, who last took part in the mega event in 2017, exactly in the year when Gen. G (then Samsung Galaxy) won the world championship. In addition, there is the world champion of the first season, Fnatic, who also took part in the Worlds in 2013, 2015 and 2017-2019 and always reached the playoffs.

Participants group C:

Team Solomid (LCS)
Fnatic (LEC)
Gen. G (LCK)

Traditional teams in competition!

Group C is the only one in which all four main regions are represented by a team. Therefore, the competition for group victory will be very exciting. For the bookmakers, Gen. G is the group favourite, but the other three opponents are by no means without a chance. In Worlds 2020 Group C, Fnatic is probably the best tip for the win, as the Europeans have always convinced and also receive very high odds of 5.00.

It will definitely be difficult for TSM from the LCS, but the troops with the two top performers “Bjergsen” and “Doublelift” are not without a chance. So far, neither star player has ever made it to the Worlds playoffs. Can the LCS veterans break their curse?

After the weak performance in the Playins, the betting base sees very little chance of progressing for LGD. Gen. G, who prevented the record world champion T1 in the Regionals from returning to the Worlds, is probably equivalent to Fnatic. With “Ruler” the troupe has a very strong AD-Carry, which can compete with the most famous ADCs in the West, “Doublelift” and “Rekkles”. Gen.G is consistently well positioned but can be defeated in Bo1 format.

Worlds 2020 Group C Betting Odds

Betting Tips: 🇰🇷 Gen.G
Odds: 1.72
Betting Tips: 🇬🇧 FNC
Odds: 5.00
Betting Tips: 🇺🇸 TSM
Odds: 7.00
Betting Tips: 🇲🇽 LGD
Odds: 7.00

TSM – Fnatic! Prestige duel between EU & NA

The betting base expects Fnatic and Gen.G to fight for group victory in the end, but for western fans, TSM against Fnatic is definitely the top game in Group C. The two teams have been involved since the beginning of LoL esport and dominated their region many years. It was only this season that Fnatic was replaced by G2 Esports as the LEC record champions, while TSM, in contrast, returned to the top of North America.

The duel between the two rookie junglers will be very exciting. Both Fnatic’s “Selfmade” and “Spica” from TSM are performing for the first time at the Worlds and are very highly regarded talents. In the current carry meta, however, “self-made” should find their way around better than their counterpart. Fnatic is also favoured on the Botlane, with “Bjergsen” speaking for TSM, who played an outstanding season and could shine against “Nemesis”. However, the Slovenian showed his class at the Worlds 2019, whereas “Bjergsen” remained rather pale internationally.

At the end of the first day of the game, the first test of strength between NA and EU in Worlds 2020 Group C is on and a forecast on Fnatic is the right option. The betting base sees the Europeans in the Bo1 format as more flexible and dangerous.

🇺🇸 TSM vs. Fnatic 🇬🇧 – Odds

Betting Tips: 🇬🇧 FNC
Odds: 1.60
Betting Tips: 🇺🇸 TSM
Odds: 2.30

Worlds 2020 Group D – Kingdom of Midlaners

Group D includes the top favourite of the Worlds 2020, Top Esports. The super team not only has experience in the team, but also individual super class. Midlaner “Knight” is currently the best player in the world and celebrated a great year with TES. After the runner-up in jumping, TES secured the MSC title and the LPL summer title.

Now the star player competes against top talents like “Chovy”, “PowerofEvil” and “Nomanz” in the midlane. This position is top-class in Group D and exciting duels can be expected.

Knight is considered the best mid laner in the world. I can’t guarantee that I’ll win or lose. – DRX Chovy

With DRX, Group D has a clear contender for second place, but the LCK runner-up is inconsistent and could well have problems in Bo1. Both Fly Quest and Unicorns of Love would like to take advantage of this opportunity. Through the Playins, the Unicorns showed their individual class, but also strategic diversity and delivered several interesting drafts.

Participants group D:

Top Esports (LPL)
Fly Quest (LCS)
Unicorns of Love (LCL)

TES without defeat through the group stage?

No other team is as clearly favoured in the group as Top Esports. This classification is also consistent and TES could even remain unbeaten in Group D. On paper, DRX should prevail behind the LPL champion, but UoL and FLy Quest are dangerous.

The bookmakers also disagree on whether Fly Quest or UoL has the greater surprise factor here. For the betting base, UoL is the more dangerous team and the high flexibility of the individual players could be the path to victory over DRX. But Unicorns must not allow themselves to make mistakes like in the Playins, as the troops acted too arrogantly during leadership and thus gave games out of hand.

The reunion of the two Germans “PowerofEvil” from Fly Quest and the coach of the Unicorns, “Sheepy”, who used to take the European scene by storm together with UoL, will be very exciting. Currently, the two teams are at eye level, but at the Worlds 2020 in Group D almost only in the prediction for 3rd place.

Worlds 2020 Group D Betting Odds

Betting Tips: 🇺🇸 TES
Odds: 1.25
Betting Tips: 🇰🇷 DRX
Odds: 5.00
Betting Tips: 🇺🇸 FLY
Odds: 25.00
Betting Tips: 🇩🇪UoL
Odds: 26.00

Will the unicorns create the miracle?

Since the introduction of the Playins in 2017, no LCL team made the leap into the group stage until this year. What happened in 2016 will not be forgotten, because Albus Nox Luna was the first wildcard team to prevail in the group stage. The representative of the LCL even defeated the title favourite ROX Tigers in one encounter.

I think this is the year we’ll go really far – UoL Sheepy

Now the Unicorns of Love are four years later in the group stage and want to repeat this feat. If there is one blatant outsider tip in the Worlds that offers value, then in Worlds Group D it is the tip on the playoff qualification of the Unicorns of Love. To do this, the troop has to leave Fly Quest behind, but also DRX. Although DRX is well positioned, it showed inconsistent performance and is therefore vulnerable in the Bo1 format.

Furthermore, three of the five players have no international experience and could show nerves. Jungler “AHaHaCiK” from the Unicorns, in particular, could shine against the unchecked “Pyosik” and lead UoL to victory.

A tip on the advancement of the Unicorns of Love at the Worlds 2020 in Group D is rewarded with high odds of 11.00.

DRX vs. Unicorns of Love – Odds *

Betting Tips: 🇰🇷 DRX
Odds: 1.27
Betting Tips: 🇩🇪 UoL
Odds: 3.75

LoL Worlds 2020 betting tips & conclusion

In 2020, the Worlds 2020 group stage again offers many exciting tips & odds and the Playins have already shown that no favorite is certain at the top international event. For the betting base, the tip on Fnatic with current odds of 5.00 is particularly appealing with regard to bets on group victory. In recent years, the Europeans have always impressed in the group stage.

Key facts – Worlds 2020 bets

The two best teams in each group qualify for the playoffs
In Group C TSM and Fnatic meet in a duel NA vs. EU on each other
TES is the clear favorite in Group D of the Worlds 2020

Regarding the individual games, tips from JD Gaming in the top game against South Korea’s Damwon Gaming at the current odds of 2.50, as well as the victory of Unicorns of Love over DRX (odds: 3.75).

Will Top Esports live up to their blatant role as favorites in Group D? Who will win the EU versus NA duel between Fnatic and TSM? And how do the Unicorns of Love fare when they first appeared in the group stage? These questions will be answered in the next two weeks, because the group stage of the Worlds 2020 will begin on October 3rd, 2020.