Which soccer leagues can you bet on despite the coronavirus?

Which soccer leagues can you bet on despite the coronavirus?

Which soccer leagues can you bet on despite the coronavirus? These soccer leagues keep playing!

More and more countries are opting for restrictions on normal life so that the spread of the coronavirus can be stopped.

Which soccer leagues can you bet on despite the coronavirus?

There is a high level of alert and government restrictions restrict social life to a minimum. As a result, almost every professional sport has to take a break. In the meantime, bets can only be placed on a few events despite the corona virus.

However, there is also hope in some leagues, because the ball is not completely at rest!

In this article we want to focus on the round leather and briefly introduce in which competitions betting is still possible despite Corona. In view of the speed of developments in recent days, there may be further shifts in many places in the near future.

Football in Europe despite the cronavirus

Which soccer leagues can you bet on despite the coronavirus?

The top leagues in Europe have now completely shut down game operations – and in some cases also training operations. For example, all sports facilities in Austria were officially closed, a measure that caused a great lack of understanding among BVB President Hans-Joachim Watzke.

However, there are still a few soccer games on European soil to be found. We focus on professional leagues, such leagues as the fifth league in England (which posted new visitor records last weekend) are not included in the list.

Which football leagues in Europe play despite the coronavirus

Which football leagues in Europe play despite the coronavirus ℹ️

🇺🇦 Ukraine Vyscha League
🇧🇾 Belarus Premier League

The Süper Lig holds up the flag

Serbian and Russian football followed suit earlier this week and ordered a break. The ball now rolls in only three first leagues: this concerns the Turkish Super League, the Ukrainian Vycha League and the Premier League in Belarus.

The former Swiss international Innocent Emeghara, who is now under contract with the Turkish second division club Karagümrük, said in the Swiss media that there are hardly any or no restrictions for residents in Turkey. In his opinion, the topic is neglected and social life is hardly restricted.

Ghost games in Turkey and a top game in Ukraine

However, the games in Turkish football are currently also played as ghost games. From week to week, a new decision is made as to whether the ball will roll again next weekend or whether it will be pulled. 26 of 34 match days are currently played in the Süperlig and Trabzonspor is a non-Istanbul club at the top of the table.

The second league in Europe, which still spoke out against a stop, can be found in Ukraine. There is even an absolute top game on the program this weekend. In the course of the 23rd match day there is a giant duel between Shakhtar Donetzk and Dynamo Kiev. Although there are currently 14 points between the two teams, this is an absolute prestige duel. Despite Corona, bets on at least the top game are still possible.

In Belarus, the first day of the new season is on the program this weekend. There is a lack of understanding as to why the start of the season will not be postponed due to the latest developments.

In South America, football is only available in Brazil and Argentina

The coronavirus is ubiquitous, but compared to China and Central Europe, there are few headlines that affect South America. However, it would be fatal to think that South and Central America will not be affected by the new disease. In this region, too, there are drastic restrictions for residents.

Football has been reduced to a minimum in many places. A break was decided in Chile this week until early April. As a result, football in South America is currently only available in Argentina and Brazil.


Football in South America ℹ️

🇦🇷 Argentina Copa de la Superliga
🇧🇷 Brazil various regional championships

How long will the Copa de la Superliga play in Argentina?

The Argentine championship only recently ended with the title win for the Boca Juniors. The whistle for the competition sounded, but there are increasing rumors that social life in Argentina will soon be reduced to a minimum. There are still a few games, albeit without spectators – but it only seems to be a matter of time before Argentina also temporarily shows the red card to football.

The first day of the new Brazilian Serie A season is scheduled for early May. Until then, it is hoped that the situation has calmed down and any restrictions have been forgotten. Traditionally, however, there are various regional championships in the country of the six-time world champion before the start of the season. A look at the bookmakers’ offers shows that betting is still possible in Brazil despite the corona virus.

There are hardly any restrictions in Central America

Which football leagues are playing in Central America? ℹ️

🇨🇷 Costa Rica Primera & Segunda Division
🇬🇹 Guatemala Primera Division
🇭🇹 Haiti 1st division
🇭🇳 Honduras Honduras Liga Nacional
🇳🇬 Nigeria Nicaragua Clausura

A look at the current football offer from the various bookmakers shows that betting is still possible almost everywhere despite the corona virus in Central America. There is one main limitation, however, from the bookmaker side. While betting odds are offered days in advance for games in the well-known leagues, it is usually only possible to place bets on the so-called “exotics” on the match day.

In Costa Rica you can even bet on the Segunda Division

Bookmakers take more time before venturing into the market. Information – especially German-speaking – is rarely sown or almost nonexistent. For example, we have currently found football in Costa Rica (first and second division), in Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Because information is very difficult to get hold of, betting base will try to take a look at these exotic items in the coming days, so that bets made despite the corona situation are not pure “gambling”. Game previews of smaller leagues will from now on be found in the betting base sports betting tips.

The offer is manageable on the black continent

It actually took a long time on the black continent before the first reports of the corona virus appeared, after all the heat is supposed to prevent the spread. However, there is not much football to be found in bookmakers in Africa. A look at the current offer shows that despite Corona betting in Africa is still possible in Nigeria and Angola.

Which soccer leagues play in Africa? ℹ️

🇳🇬 Nigeria Premier League
🇦🇴 Angola Girabola

The NPFL – Nigeria Professional Football League – comprises 20 teams and a look at the current table shows a completely different picture. The teams played between 19 and 25 games and kicked off again on Wednesday.

The highest league in Angolan football is called Girabola and comprises 15 teams. The season finish is also here and the national football association is eager to see that the season is still over.

Australia and a few no-names in Asia are responsible for gaming operations

Football in Australia / Oceania ℹ️

🇦🇺 Australia A-League
🇸🇬 Singapore Premier League
🇧🇭 Bahrain Premier League

Australian football has repeatedly attracted German legionnaires in recent years. Football is on the upswing and living conditions in Australia combine work and vacation. In the Australian A-League there are still six rounds to complete in the basic round. The league has clearly spoken out that at least these games are still boxed through. There will be no spectators in Australia in the next few weeks, but there will be live football.

In Asia, the no-names chase round leather

So far, very few football fans have come into contact with football in Singapore. However, this may change in the next few days and weeks. So that the hard-boiled football fans can still watch live football, it may be necessary to take a look at the almost 5.6 million inhabitants.

A full-year championship is played in Singapore, which started the new season just three weeks ago. Nine teams are in the top league, so one team always has no play. In the end, the teams play a total of three times before the master is determined. The current title holder is DPMM FC from Brunei, who are allowed to participate in the league.

A third league, which maintains its operations, is active far east. Bahrain consists of almost 30 islands in the Pacific region and has almost 1.5 million inhabitants. Football is as unknown as that in Singapore. The popular transfer market site cannot even be consulted for information about the no-names – the league in Bahrain does not manage this.