#WePlayAtHome Charity Tournament Schedule & Betting Odds


FIFA20 charity tournament of the DFB: information, mode & participants

Virtual kicking with Lukas Podolski: FIFA20 for a good cause!

eSoccer on the upswing? In these largely uneventful football weeks, more and more associations are relying on virtual strength tests at the console.

In addition to various FIFA20 competitions in the domestic leagues, such as the Bundesliga Home Challenge or the ePremier League Invitational, there are also cross-border duels with the eEuro 2020.

This week, the DFB will host a charity tournament on FIFA 20, in which the announced participants can be proud. With a mixture of eSportsmen, football professionals, celebrities and hobby gamers, a wide audience should be offered excitement. The proceeds from the FIFA 20 Charity Tournament will go to the “CHILDREN’S DREAMS” initiative.

E-football, especially the games on FIFA 20, has become increasingly important in recent weeks. It is quite possible that the great interest and popularity of console games will subside in the next few weeks, especially since some soccer players want to start playing again – this also includes the Bundesliga.

Until then, football fans can still have fun with the virtual duels on the console. In the past few weeks, the last four participants in the FIFA20 Charity Tournament of the DFB have been determined. On Thursday evening the FIFA 20 games awaited with great anticipation at the big charity tournament. The betting base provides the important information, including participants, game mode and the reason why there are no betting odds yet!

DFB charity tournament in livestream / TV

The games of the FIFA 20 Charity Tournament will take place under the motto #WePlayAtHome. The event can be seen live on the official website of the DFB. In addition, an official livestream is also offered on streaming portals such as YouTube and Twitch.

Date: Apr 23, 2020
TV / livestream: official stream: YouTube, Twitch, RAN, eSports

“As a DFB, we naturally have an important responsibility in the current situation. However, we also notice how much football is currently lacking as an entertainment form for all of us. I think it’s great that we have now found a way together with actors from a wide range of areas to combine responsibility and entertainment in this particular phase. ”Dr. Friedrich Curtius, DFB general secretary

Game mode & rules of the charity tournament

The DFB Charity Cup takes place in a new format. Instead of the classic “1 vs. 1 “there is now a comparatively real team game. The betting base has summarized the game mode for the FIFA 20 Charity Tournament.

FIFA20 DFB Charity Tournament – Game Mode & Rules

Per Club mode: Each participant usually serves only one player. In the DFB tournament, seven participants will be represented per team. Six out of seven participants will each control one player; The eSportsman in the team takes over the rest of the team and acts as a playmaker.

Competition format: The charity tournament will be held in the final four format. The semi-final will be decided after the first and second leg.

Playing time: There is currently no official statement about the playing time. In the previous FIFA20 games, the game was usually played for 2×6 minutes. It is quite possible that it will stay that way.

Charity tournament teams & participants

ESports (team captains) – Michael “MegaBit” Bittner, Tim “TheStrxngeR” Katnawatos, Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen, Yannick “Jeffryy95” Reiners
Football professionals – Tim Handwerker, Bernd Leno, Nico Schlotterbeck, Lukas Podolski
Participants – Lena Güldenpfennig, Marie-Luise Reclat, Fabienne Morlok, Lisa Ramuschkat
Musicians – Pillath, Niko Hüls (Backspin), Mo Trip, Disastar
Entertainers – Sven Gold, Jan Stecker, Lucy Hellenbrecht, Sarah Posch
Gaming influencers – Erné “Erné” Embeli, Danny “proownez” Liepolt, Julius “JuliusFGU” Faulhaber and Julian “JulianFGU” Greis, Janina “akkcess” Blechinger
Winner of the “Home Series” – Leroy “Leroy_1892” Richter, Christoph “Chrissi_291” Strietzel, Dani_Fink96, Koray “Kkoray_” Kücükgünar

There is no shortage of celebrities in the DFB’s FIFA 20 Charity Tournament. In addition to musicians, entertainers and gaming influencers, there are also promising football professionals at the start. In addition to Bernd Leno, ex-world champion Lukas Podolski recently also accepted for the FIFA20 tournament under the motto #WePlayAtHome.

As already mentioned, teams of seven players will emerge from the 28 participants. There will be one participant per team from each industry. The FIFA20 teams are led onto the virtual pitch by the team captains and international players MegaBit, DullenMIKE, Jeffryy95 and TheStrxngeR.

“Our virtual tournament offers the FIFA 20 community a unique opportunity to play with professionals from the scene, real football and other familiar faces. We hope to be able to make the time at home a little more entertaining. “Stefan Zant, managing director of 7Sports

#WePlayAtHome Charity Tournament Schedule & Betting Odds

The participants in the FIFA 20 tournament of the DFB were published late. There was also no official report on the composition of the teams. Accordingly, bookmakers are currently unable to find betting odds. It is quite possible that something will change in the course of the day.

Since the games are not played in one-on-one but in Pro Club mode with seven participants per team, it remains to be seen whether the best betting providers will offer live betting for the DFB charity tournament. Betting base will keep you informed in this article about the FIFA 20 charity tournament of the DFB about the game plan & possible betting odds.

Due to the unknown team formations, there are logically no favorites to name at the charity tournament. However, it may be possible to anticipate which teams will be stronger in a live match.