U Cluj – Dinamo – Romanian Cup – 29.07.2017

U Cluj and Dinamo meet in a match counting for the best of the Romanian Cup

12 U-defeat matches have U Cluj
The Clujians have one wrong step on their own field this season, 1-1 with CFR Cluj II
Dinamo has not linked two victories consecutively since August
On the way, the “dogs” have 3 wins in the last nine games
Only two of the last nine “dog” alley trips ended with more than 3 goals

Update U Cluj Dinamo Romania Cup:

Dinamo was one step away from a shameful elimination from the Romanian Cup. DIRECTLY at Digi Sport, the white-reds needed penalty kicks to pass U Cluj, a team that evolves in the third league.

The Transylvanians started the game incredibly. Goga scored a penalty in the third minute, but captain Gabi Giurgiu missed 11 meters. “I happened to see a U Cluj penalty and I saw that the ball went right, so I went there,” explained the guest goalkeeper.

Miriuţă’s players scored on the first occasion. Corbu scored from the left hand side of the goal for Steliano Filip. Joy was short-lived. Dorin Goga equalized and the match went into overtime, although George Florescu was close to signing the goal of the season on the final.

In the two 15-minute rounds he did not score, so the penalty kicks were scored. “The Red Caps” hit the bar once and sent over two penalties, enough for Dinamo to go to the quarterfinals of the Romanian Cup.

Dinamo qualified in the third quarter of the competition for the third consecutive edition.


U Cluj – Dinamo 2-4. Chiş and Dinamo missed in the quarterfinals of the Romanian Cup

U Cluj – Dinamo 2-4. GOOOL Salomao!

U Cluj – Dinamo 2-3. GOOOL Ursu!

U Cluj – Dinamo 1-3. GOOOL Rivaldinho!

U Cluj – Dinamo 1-2. Florescu Bar! The midfielder sent in the cross

U Cluj – Dinamo 1-2. GOOOL Steliano Filip

U Cluj – Dinamo 1-1. Rate Dorin Goga! The home side’s keeper was overwhelmed by the keeper

U Cluj – Dinamo 1-1. Rate Paul Anton !! Albuţ scored the kick of the Dynamo midfielder

Min 120: Both rounds of overtime are over. The qualification will be decided on the penalty kicks. Dinamo will execute first

Min 96: Change to Dinamo. Serban came to replace Nemec

Min 90 + 3: Final whistle of the second half. We will have extra time on Cluj Arena

Min 88: U CLUJ! Florescu was close to a generic goal. The midfielder reluctantly left Steliano Filip defensively, and the ball passed a short distance past the goal of Brănescu

Min 79: Change to U Cluj. Lemac is replaced by Chiş

Min 67: U CLUJ! Extremely well served by Goga, Lemac hit strongly, but the ball crossed the goal defended by Brănescu

Min 46: Second half started

Min 46: Change to Dinamo. Rivaldinho came on for Liviu Gheorghe

Min 45: First Half Final at the Cluj Arena. At halftime, the two bands are at 1-1.

Min 41: U CLUJ! The same Dorin Goga was close to bringing U Cluj to the advantage. The attacker sent a free kick close to the goal from 18 meters

Min 34: GOOOL U CLUJ! Dorin Goga regained equality with a head shot, finishing an excellent attack stage of “Red Caps”

Min 28: Another good action of the hosts, finalized this time by Florescu. But the former international shot was at the center of the gate and did not trouble Brănescu

Min 24: U CLUJ! Goga made a short dribble in front of Anton and tried to surprise Brănescu from 20 meters. The goalkeeper of the Dynamoists was careful and retained the host’s striker

Min 21: Falub is forced to make another change. U Cluj also lost Lemnaru. The attacker got nervous of the game and was replaced by Lemac

Min 18: Accident, Onicaş is replaced by Răzvan Greu

Min 14: GOOOAL DINAMO! Corbu opened the score with a 6-meter head shot after Hanca’s centering

Min 5: Penalty missed! Captain Giurgiu assumed the responsibility to execute the 11-meter hit. Brănescu reshaped and defended the goal of the host midfielder.

Min 3: Penalty for U Cluj! Florescu greatly launched Goga, who was hung in the bar by Brănescu and the center showed the lime point.

Min 1: The match between U Cluj and Dinamo started. At the Cluj Arena there are around 5,000 spectators.


U Cluj (4-2-3): Albuţ – Takacs, Abrudan, Cordos, Manu Victor – Onicaş, Giurgiu – Goga, Florescu, Ursu – Lemnaru
Coach: A. Falub

Dinamo (4-2-3-1): Brănescu – Corbu, Nedelcearu, Maric, Corbu – Anton, Filip – Hanca, Salomao, L. Gheorghe – Nemec
Coach: V. Miriuţă

After struggling with Aerostar Bacau in the previous round of the Romanian Cup, Dinamo plays again with a third league team. U Cluj is now waiting for her on the way to the quarter. The game will take place from 20:30 and will be broadcast live by Digi Sport 1.

“It will be a very difficult match. They have a very good team with players such as Lemnaru, Goga or Giurgiu” acknowledged the Dinamo coach. “We know who we are dealing with, we are concentrated one hundred percent and prepared for a very hard game,” Constantin Nica added.

Miriuţă does not spare anyone in the Cluj Arena duel – at four play-off points, dogs can reach Europe if they take their first cup in 2012.

Adrian Falub is confident that his team will make a beautiful figure. “We are trying to cope with them and, why not, to eliminate them from the competition,” said the Transylvanian coach.