Transfer rumors, news and odds

Lionel Messi

Transfer rumors, news and odds

Not all bets are canceled due to Corona. In addition to the alternatives to sports betting, we take a look into the future and ask ourselves: Which player is switching to which club? In order to make this question more interesting, we have not only prepared the betting tip for you, but also the best betting odds. Player transfers cause a real stir in the press, especially when large sums of money, important players or top clubs are involved.

On average, more than 300 transfers per season take place within German professional football. Here, the eyes are mostly on the big teams that agree on the most interesting deals. Discussions and negotiations give us a certain tendency, if you now want to include the rumors and personal player opinions, completely new aspects open up. Let’s take a look at the hottest bets for professional transfers at the major football clubs.

What you should consider with transfer bets

The lowest betting odds are usually given to the club where the soccer player is already under contract. Especially if he still has an ongoing contract there. In order to be successful with transfer bets, it is not only necessary to have a certain knowledge of football, but rather to have an insight into the transfer policy of clubs. It is helpful to inform yourself regularly about transfer rumors.

But in addition to the sporting and economic side, one factor should also be considered: the player himself. Because the decisions made by the changing footballers often make no sense at first glance in terms of sport or economy. Personal reasons, such as the connection to the youth club, sometimes make the difference for a change.

In addition there are the goals of the association plus the agreements with the sponsors. Anyone who has received a high level of financial injection can also afford top players without the club even appearing in the rumors beforehand, see PSG and the change from Neymar for 220 million euros.

And ultimately, being close to home is also a big factor for the players. Some prefer to play in their first club than to be bought by a large club. These factors depend on other parameters and that’s why betting on transfers in professional football is so exciting.

Timo Werner

Timo Werner – Will the Stuttgarter stay with RBL?

In August 2019, Timo Werner extended his contract with RB Leipzig. At the same time he showed his competence on the lawn and got international attention. This has increased its market value and one can now speak of 80 million euros. The list of interested parties is there, but does Timo Werner really want to get out of the Bundesliga? With a club that has the potential to become a German champion? Ironically, Bayern Munich has also kept an eye on the ambitious striker with the remarkable goal rate. However, a change to the island is more likely. If Werner leaves the RBL, there is only one plausible option.

Betting Tips: Timo Werner changes to Liverpool
Odds: 1.67

Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos – From Spain to England?

Kroos is not an escape animal. He is loyal and likes to stay with the team he has played with over the years. This is supported by 7 years in Bayern Munich and now 6 years in Real Madrid. Toni Kroos convinces with a professional energy and is controlled and capable at all times. He can assert himself as a manager and can look back on many years of experience. The executive floor of Manchester United also got wind of it. Rumors have been floating around for quite some time as to whether a player exchange will take place. We are talking about Pogba to Madrid and Kroos to United. We find that the probabilities are very high and there is much to be said for it.

Betting Tips: Toni Kross moves to Manchester United in the Premier League
Odds: 3.00


Neymar – where does the drama queen go?

Neymar wants to leave Paris St. Germain. Unfortunately, there is a lot of money involved, which does not accelerate the whole thing. The Brazilian keeps flirting with a return to FC Barcelona, ​​but Real Madrid also seems to be possible. Certainly, Neymar’s current club still has an important say. PSG very much appreciates the 28-year-old’s football skills, but it has been bubbling for quite some time. The reason for this are the star attitudes of the number 10 striker. Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Manchester United are also under discussion, but so far without results.

Betting Tipst: Due to personal preferences, the tendency for Neymar to return to FC Barcelona is very large
Odds: 3.00

Kai Havertz

Kai Havertz – Liverpool or Bayern?

Havertz’s talent is no longer a secret. He is a flexible player who shows his skills in aggressive midfield and also over the wings. He is personally satisfied with the team vibe at Leverkusen, but after 7 years the door is now open to him. So the negotiations have started. The potential new employers for the fast Aachener are either Bayern Munich or Liverpool FC, who would like to have an ace up their sleeve after this broken season.

Betting Tips: Kai Havertz changes to Bayern Munich

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland – change of course to Spain?

The tall Norwegian is the best horse in the BVB stable. For some time now, rumors have spread that the top striker wants to switch to Real Madrid. These rumors were then confirmed, however, a change for this season is excluded because Haaland is not yet mature enough. The Spanish player consultant Mino Raiola said in an interview that Erling would have to stay at BVB for as long as necessary. So Manchester City and Liverpool have used the favor of the hour and dealt with the possible scenario.

Betting Tips: Raiola’s statement was a ruse and Haaland switched to Real Madrid
Odds: 3.75

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi – From Barcelona to Manchester City?

It is no longer a secret that Messi would like to leave FC Barcelona and go to the club show. From a feeling of home, to the Bundesliga to the Premier League, everything seemed possible, but a special offer from a club in Northern England caught his attention. Manchester City will probably win the race, even if an extraordinary offer from the states fluttered into the house. The L.A Galaxy showed extraordinary interest in the Argentine. However, this club will most likely not be found on the exceptional striker’s CV.

Betting Tips: Lionel Messi changes to Manchester City
Odds: 7.00