Top scorer Bundesliga 2020/21 – favorites, betting tips & odds

Top scorer Bundesliga 2020/21 - favorites, betting tips & odds

Top scorer Bundesliga 2020/21 – favourites, betting tips & odds

Haaland and Lewandowksi in a long-distance duel for the title

What does it take to be the top scorer in the Bundesliga? Is it the much-odds eye for goal? Is it an excellent template provider or is it simply a dominant team that usually creates a lot of opportunities? It’s probably a mixture of all of these factors. A mixture that Robert Lewandowski has always united in recent years.

In the past three years, the Polish attacker from FC Bayern Munich has been named the best goalscorer in the top German division. All in all, “Europe’s Footballer of the Year” even comes out on five guns. For understandable reasons, the odds are relatively low for the fact that the Bundesliga top scorer title goes to Lewandowski again at the end of the 2020/21 season.

However, there are also one or the other striker who can also raise their hopes. After the first impressions of the young season, Andrej Kramaric from TSG Hoffenheim can certainly be named as a promising candidate. But Erling Haaland and Lewandowski colleague Serge Gnabry have not only proven their goal threat once.

Bundesliga top scorer 2020/21 – the favourites

As every year, the tested bookmaker Bet-at-Home has betting odds on offer again for the 2020/21 season on the question of who will be the Bundesliga top scorer. Although a few game days have already been played in the House of Lords and Robert Lewandowski, for once, does not lead the ranking, the Polish star attacker naturally remains the big favourite for the trophy.

Will Lewandowski be the top scorer for the sixth time?

Robert Lewandowski has already scored more than 240 goals in the Bundesliga. Last season, Europe’s Footballer of the Year even set a personal record with 34 goals in 31 games. Only Gerd Müller in the 1970s scored more often than the Bayern attacker (40) over the course of a season.

The greatest bargaining chip that model athletes can build on is their body. Compared to many other players, Lewy is almost never injured. What is remarkable here is the fact that the family man has played at least 30 matches or more in all of his ten Bundesliga seasons. In view of this almost unbelievable consistency, it is only logical that the best bookmakers recommend betting on Lewandowski when asked about the top scorer 20/21.

The top scorer in recent years (Season, Player, Team, Goals, Games)

2019/2020 Robert Lewandowski – FC Bayern – 34 – 31
2018/2019 Robert Lewandowski – FC Bayern – 22 – 33
2017/2018 Robert Lewandowski – Dortmund – 29 – 30
2016/2017 Pierre Emerick Aubameyang- Dortmund – 31 – 32
2015/2016 Robert Lewandowski – FC Bayern – 30 – 32

Can Erling Haaland keep up for an entire season?

The numbers of the Norwegian child prodigy Erling Haaland are also impressive. The blonde giant scored 21 times in his 23 Bundesliga games and is currently one of the biggest promises in the European striker carousel. The start of the new season was also promising for the Dortmund-based driver. Haaland put together two double packs on the first three matchdays and thus left another scent mark.

Similar to his toughest opponent Lewandowski, Haaland is hardly prone to injury. At a young age, the Norwegian would like to play every game. In addition, the 20-year-old, who incidentally was born in Leeds, England, can fall back on excellent templates. Sancho, Reyna or Reus will surely give their centre forward one or two goals in an exemplary manner.
The only disadvantage that we see with the former Salzburg is the fact that Borussia Dortmund as a team is much less consistent than Bayern. While the record champions sometimes shoot their opponents out of the stadium, the black and yellow are known time and again for one slip.

In addition, Haaland has not yet made it to the penalty shooter at BVB. Exactly this marginal difference, which may be noticeable in two to three goals, is the decisive factor in placing bets on Lewy in terms of Bundesliga top scorer bets.

Will Andrej Kramaric the laughing third?

With Andrej Kramaric from Hoffenheim, another attacker emerged among the elite goal scorers on the first three Bundesliga match days. The Croatian has already scored six times, which currently gives him the lead in the standings. Similar to Lewandowski, Kramaric is also a penalty and partly free-kick taker at TSG. Good omens to create the surprise?

We would tend to answer this question with “no”, because Kramaric is a proven goal scorer, but was only able to play 19 games last year due to various injuries.

A further complication is that his club is certainly not among the top four in the final accounts. As a result, the centre forward, who is only 1.77 meters tall, will have a few games in which he does not play as intended. We would therefore not jump on the bandwagon and focus on the first two in the three-way battle between Lewandowski / Haaland / Kramaric.

Gnabry, Sané or Sancho – will the assist kings become executors?

The list of potential candidates for the Bundesliga top scorer 20/21 also includes betting odds on Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sané and Jadon Sancho. No wonder, because all three players have outstanding quality in offensive play and have repeatedly emphasized that they know where the goal is.

However, all three have the “problem” that they face with Lewandowski and Haaland, respectively, two top strikers. In addition, the creative players almost like it better to set goals for their colleagues. In addition, Gnabry, Sané and Sancho have missed a number of matches in the recent past for various reasons. Be it due to injuries, suspensions, or exercise control.

The current list of goalscorers in the Bundesliga (as of 3rd matchday) – (Placement, player, team, goals)

1 Croatia – Andrej Kramaric- Hoffenheim – 6
2 Poland – Robert Lewandowski – Bayern – 5
3 Norway – Erling Haaland Dortmund – 4
4 Germany – Serge Gnabry Bayern – 3
4 Austria – Sasa Kalajdzic VfB Stuttgart – 3
4 Germany – Niclas Füllkrug Werder Bremen – 3

Outsider bets on the top scorer in the Bundesliga

In addition to the candidates for the title of top scorer, who are hottest-traded by the best bookmakers, there are also at least a handful of other contenders, who admittedly only have outsider chances.

Wout Weghorst from Wolfsburg and Jhon Cordoba from Hertha BSC are mentioned here, for example. Certainly, all the players listed below are able to score ten goals this season, but to take on the “big ones”, the necessary consistency is simply missing and in most cases, the quality of the teammates is missing.

Who will be Bundesliga top scorer 20/21 outsider betting odds

Betting Tips: Wout Weghorst (WOB)
Odds: 50.00
Betting Tips: Jhon Cordoba (BSC)
Odds: 53.00
Betting Tips: Alassane Plea (BMG)
Odds: 61.00
Betting Tips: Niclas Füllkrug (SVW)
Odds: 61.00
Betting Tips: Max Kruse (Union)
Odds: 91.00

Who will be the top scorer in the Bundesliga?

As the first professional in Bundesliga history, Robert Lewandowski managed to win the top scorer for the third time in a row last season. The Pole scored a whopping 34 hits and set a new personal record at the same time. It is therefore absolutely understandable that Lewandowksi is named as the most frequent tip when asked about the Bundesliga top scorer 2020/21.

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However, Europe’s footballer of the year from the triple winner has great competition. On the one hand with the young Norwegian Erling Haaland and on the other hand with Andrej Kramaric from TSG Hoffenheim. The Croat in particular has been convincing across the board so far and should be watched if he remains injured.

Key facts – Bundesliga top scorer bets

Lewandowski was last top scorer three times in a row
Kramaric has the problem that he will probably play fewer games due to an injury
Haaland’s goal rate is comparable to Lewandowski’s

We can remove other outsider candidates from our list with a clear conscience. We firmly believe that one of these three attackers mentioned will win the race. The value is certainly not in the top scorer odds on Lewandowski, although this season there is much to suggest that the five-time cannon winner has the most goals again after 34 match days.

In view of the odds, we still decide to bet on Erling Haaland when asked about the Bundesliga top scorer 20/21. The youngster is also hardly prone to injury and with his current rate of 21 goals in 23 games comes very close to “Lewy”.

Who will be the top scorer in the Bundesliga 20/21 – odds

Betting Tips: Robert Lewandowski (FCB)
Odds: 1.42
Betting Tips: Erling Haaland (BVB)
Odds: 4.40
Betting Tips: Serge Gnabry (FCB)
Odds: 9.75
Betting Tips: Andrej Kramaric (TSG)
Odds: 14.70
Betting Tips: Alexander Sörloth (RBL)
Odds: 21.10
Betting Tips: Jadon Sancho (BVB)
Odds: 33.00