T1 vs KT Rolster Free Betting Tips

T1 vs KT Rolster Free Betting Tips

T1 vs KT Rolster Free Betting Tips

Can KT Rolster challenge the defending champion?

The oldest rivalry in LoL esports is entering a new round. Next Friday, August 31, 2020, the reigning title defenders T1 and KT Rolster will meet at the LCK. KT’s best days are history, while T1 claimed the last three titles in South Korea.

This summer T1 is only in fourth place at the LCK and needs a win against KT to keep up with the top trio DragonX, Gen.G, and Damwon Gaming. Every victory counts for KT Rolster, too, because the team is competing for the fifth and final playoff spot.

In the duel of arch-rivals between T1 and KT Rolster, the record champion is the clear favorite according to odds. In the first leg two weeks ago, the group for “Faker” managed a 2-0 victory over KT. But T1 seemed particularly vulnerable in the second game and only after a fiesta that lasted over 46 minutes did the current titleholder destroy the KT Nexus. How is KT Rolster doing in the second leg against T1? Is it worth a tip on the outsider given the high odds?

T1 vs. KT Rolster Livestream – When & Where?

📅 Date: 31 August 2020
📺 TV / Livestream: Twitch (Official Channel: LCK)

There are only a few more game weeks left in the LCK summer 2020, followed by the playoffs for the top 5 in the league. This includes both the title and the qualification for the Worlds 2020. The LCK games will be broadcast on Twitch and Youtube with English commentary.

LCK Summer 2020 – Week 7 – Matches
🇰🇷 KT Rolster – T1 🇰🇷07/31/20
🇰🇷 Dynamics – Sandbox Gaming 🇰🇷 07/31/20
🇰🇷 Damwon Gaming – Hanwha Life 🇰🇷 01.08.20
🇰🇷 Team Dynamics – Sandbox Gaming 🇰🇷 01.08.20

T1 – Statistics & current form

The record champion and triple defending champion of the LCK, T1, was once again a top favorite this summer. Under coach “Kim” the success of the three-time world champion returned and the departure of “Clid” and “Khan” did not seem to have weakened T1. T1 dominated Spring 2020 with the experienced “Cuzz” and the young “Canna”.

In the summer, however, T1 seems to be challenged because there are currently three teams in front of the defending champion.

Can T1 still attack the top of the table?

The group for “Faker” has already suffered four defeats, as many as in the entire pre-season. T1 has only seven victories so far and is thus clearly behind the front-runner DragonX (11 successes). A bright spot is definitely top lanner “Canna”, who is getting better and better and has already received seven MVP awards in summer 2020. The macro game T1 is a major construction site. The record champion has the longest average season of all LCK teams. In addition, T1 is in all important categories, such as the gold difference per minute, behind the top trio.

Does T1 stumble against KT?

In summer 2020 it will be extremely difficult for T1 to attack the top of the table again. But against KT, the role of favorites is quite justified. In the first leg a few weeks ago, T1 won 2-0 and even if the record champions are very inconsistent, a loss to KT is unlikely.

On the last matchday, T1 lost a card against penultimate Hanwha Life, so a single win for KT is possible. In the game T1 against KT Rolster, a 2-1 success of the record champions seems to be a good prediction. The odds for this tip are 3.25.

Team Roster:
Coach: 🇰🇷 Kim
Players: 🇰🇷 Canna, 🇰🇷 Cuzz / Ellim, 🇰🇷 Faker, 🇰🇷 Teddy, 🇰🇷 Effort

KT Rolster – Statistics & current form

The glorious days of KT Rolster are over. In the summer of 2018, the then super team around top planner “Smeb” won the LCK title, but since then it has been a steep decline for the veteran of the LCK. KT managed to qualify for the playoffs in the spring, but the group failed in the first round at Damwon Gaming.

In the current season, KT is in 6th place and needs every win to achieve the saving of fifth place. Most recently, the protected of coach “Hirai” managed a 2-1 victory over Team Dynamics.

Will KT Rolster make the jump into the playoffs again?

In spring, KT turned up especially in the season finale, and marched to fourth place. This is not to be expected for this season because KT lacks consistency. A fitting example is the surprising 2-1 triumph over the previously undefeated DragonX in week four, followed by a 0-2 defeat against sandbox a few days later. The playoffs are possible, but Sandbox and Afreeca Freecs are strong rivals and KT must not afford to make mistakes.

Does KT take over the “early game”?

KT Rolster is currently with 5-7 wins with a negative balance. Nevertheless, the group shows positive values ​​in the “Early Game” categories First Blood (60.7%), as well as heralds and dragons after 15 minutes. The gold difference after 15 minutes is slightly negative (-106), but far better than that of comparable teams like Sandbox or Afreeca. Since T1 often acts very passively and wait-and-see on the first card, there are tips for the “Early Games” for KT Rolster.

Team Roster:
Coach: 🇰🇷, Republic of Hirai
Players: 🇰🇷 Sohwan / Smeb, Korea, 🇰🇷 bonO, 🇰🇷 Kuro / Ucal, 🇰🇷 Aiming, Korea, 🇰🇷 Tusin

T1 vs. KT Rolster Betting odds comparison

Betting Tips: T1
Odds: 1.28
Betting Tips: KT
Odds: 3.50

T1 vs KT Rolster Free Betting Tips and Odds by CoreBet Tipsters

In the match of the rivals of the LCK between T1 and KT Rolster, a prognosis to T1 is logical despite the slight lack of form and low odds. However, KT Rolster can be trusted to win on a single card. Especially in the “Early Game” T1 appears less strong and KT has high odds of 2.04 the First Blood in card 1. When looking at the statistics, KT has a 60.7% first blood ratio before T1 and therefore this tip offers value.
The bet is played with 4 units.

Key facts – T1 vs KT Rolster tips

👾 T1 won 2-0 over KT in the first leg
👾 Both teams recently celebrated an important 2-1 victory
👾 Defending champion T1 is clearly favored against KT Rolster in terms of betting odds

Overall, a 2-1 win for T1 over KT Rolster is the most likely prognosis and the odds on this result are high around 3.25. As against Hanwha, the defending champion could stumble on the first card, but then find his way back into the match. The duel between KT Rolster and T1 increases on Friday, July 31, 2020. Will T1 stay at the top of the table, or will it be the former rival KT that plunges the record champion into the crisis?