Squad Battles at FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: You should know that

Squad Battles at FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: You should know that

Squad Battles at FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: You should know that

The mode “Squad Battles” separates the FIFA community. Some simply ignore him because the opponent is a computer. The others appreciate him because there are valuable rewards in a relatively manageable way.

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We put together the most important facts for you and give tips on how to get good packs and coins with strategy and the most efficient use:

Squad Battles – what is it?

In the Squad Battles, the opponent is also played in FIFA 20 from the computer, the opposing teams come from all over the world – with individual tactics and lineups and thus with completely different strengths. The goal is to collect as many points as possible through victories within a week in order to land as high as possible in the ranking. The better the completion rank, the better the rewards. In contrast to the Weekend League, battles are spread over the entire week, the rewards are lower in relation to the number of games.

Important: The first 40 games are included in the rating. After that, you can still play Squad Battles to earn coins or solve tasks.

Do I have to qualify for Squad Battles?

No! A competition in Squad Battles mode starts on Mondays, and users can enter without restriction.

What rewards are there and when are they paid out?

There are coins and exchangeable packs to be won. These are paid out at night from Sunday to Monday at the start of the new competition. Since FIFA 19, the rewards can also be accessed via the FIFA Web App.

The rewards at a glance:

Rank 1: 2 Ultimate Sets, 2 Rare Mega Sets, 100,000 Coins
Rank 2 to 10: 1 ultimate set, 2 rare player sets, 87,500 coins
Rank 11 to 20: 2 rare player sets, 1 jumbo rare player set, 75,000 coins
Rank 21 to 50: 1 jumbo rare player set, 2 mega sets, 65,000 coins
Rank 51 to 100: 2 mega sets, 1 rare player set, 65,000 coins

Elite 1: 2 rare mega sets and 30,000 coins
Elite 2: 2 mega sets, 1 premium gold player set and 15,000 coins
Elite 3: 1 mega set, 2 premium gold player sets, 12,000 coins

Gold 1: 1 premium gold player set, 1 mixed premium player set, 1 jumbo premium gold set, 11,000 coins
Gold 2: 1 premium gold player set, 1 mixed premium player set, 11,000 coins
Gold 3: 1 jumbo premium gold set, 1 mixed premium player set, 10,000 coins

Silver 1: 2 jumbo premium gold sets, 7000 coins
Silver 2: 1 gold set, 2 premium gold sets, 4000 coins
Silver 3: 1 gold set, 1 premium gold set, 1500 coins

Bronze 1: 2 gold sets, 800 coins
Bronze 2: 1 gold set
Bronze 3: 1 Premium Loan Player Reward Set

What opponents are there in Squad Battles mode and what is the schedule?

1. Opponent selection teams: On weekdays matches can be played against different and therefore different strength teams. The team or strength of the opponent are individual for each FUT player. In FIFA 19 there were four of these games per weekday, and twelve games were played on Saturday and Sunday. FIFA 20 does not apply these restrictions, the first 40 games are counted. After that there are only coins left.

2. Presented team: This team was created by a soccer player, a professional FIFA player or another star. This team is available for a week.

3. Team of the Week: This is against the current team of the week. This team is also available as opponents throughout the week.

Squad Battles at FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: You should know that

How are the battle points calculated?

Regardless of the time resources, it is important to get as many points as possible from the individual squad battles. Below we explain how many points can be earned with what:

Overall calculation:

Difficulty bonus x (match completion + result + skill bonus) + goal bonus = points per game

The individual components:

Difficulty bonus:

Ultimate: 2.6
Legend: 2.1
World class: 1.6
Professional: 1.0
Semi-professional: 0.7
Amateur: 0.6
Beginners: 0.5

Match completion:

The value is based on the chemistry and team rating of the opposing team


A win (if there is a tie there is extra time and a penalty shoot-out) brings 200 points, a loss only 50 points

Skill bonus:

There are additional points for good performances on the pitch, deductions for poor performances. Some examples: There are 40 points for goals scored (times the difficulty bonus), but for a maximum of five hits. Shots on the goal, successful duels, accuracy of fit, own corners or possession of the ball are rewarded with points. Goals, fouls, cards and offside positions will be penalized.

Important tips: You should always try to score at least five goals. Successful passes and possession of the ball can then increase the score. Then you should also avoid offside positions and prevent fouls.

Squad Battles at FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: You should know that

Objective: the best possible placement in the final ranking

First things first: self-assessment! If you think you have to constantly play at the limit of the difficulty level, you will lose. In particular, “ultimate” is impossible for average FIFA players, regardless of how strong their own team or the opposing team is. Neither should “normal” FIFA players target the top 100, that is simply unrealistic. Therefore, take a difficulty with which you achieve a clear victory in normal gameplay. Nothing is more unnecessary than losing in a battle. You can still take the risk at the end of the 40 games if a placement is looming. Because then usually not much goes up or down. However, if there are still games and time left, you can increase the difficulty in order to possibly earn high scores again and then move up a rank category.

On the other hand, it makes sense to keep an eye on the time resources. As reported earlier, getting good rewards is relatively easy. For example, if you create 20 games a week, roughly with world class difficulty and almost all of them win, you will get about 20,000+ points. This in turn guarantees a gold rank, you may sniff at Elite 3 (1 mega set, 2 premium gold player sets, 12,000 coins). This is exactly the area that an ambitious FUT player should at least strive for. The rewards form a nice background noise for weekly earnings. It should not be forgotten that these 20 games also solve numerous weekly and daily tasks. On average, one game brings about 1500 coins plus the possibility of luck in packs. Quite lucrative, without feeling the nervous strain of a game in the Weekend League, for example. Battles can sometimes be relaxing for many players.

Our tip: A few battles a week are a must. Solve daily tasks, get a good rank with at least ten battles and enjoy the rewards on Monday. If you don’t have time during the week, you can theoretically still play 28 games on the weekend (the Friday round would have to be contested in the early Saturday morning) – enough points potential for a gold or even an elite rank. If you like the battles and win against 90 percent of the opponents according to legend, you can usually afford to do without one or two rounds and still land in Elite 1. That means 40,000 coins plus two mega packs. So Monday in FUT definitely starts well.

Another note: The ranking is dynamic, it is influenced by all games of all players and is always updated at short intervals. That means you lose ranks in phases when you are not playing.