Schalke vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips

Schalke vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips

⚽️ Competition: Bundesliga
🗓 Date: February 8th, 2020
🏟 Location: Veltins Arena
💡 Betting Tips: Schalke HC -1 -> X
📈 Odds: 3.8
💳 Stake: 4/10 units
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The famous white vest is primarily the goal of a goalkeeper. A zero game and one speaks of a clean slate. However, this phrase is also used for entire clubs if you have not yet shown yourself against another opponent. This is the case at FC Schalke on Saturday when the miners meet SC Paderborn.

Schalke vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips

The miners have lost numerous games in their long history in the German upper house. The Gelsenkirchener in the Bundesliga never gave a point against three clubs. On the one hand there are the two Berlin clubs Tasmania and TeBe. The third club in this group is SC Paderborn, against whom the Schalke want to maintain their series on Saturday,

If we go after the table, there is not much to be said against a home win. The Schalke are currently in sixth place and are fighting for entry into the Europa League. With a little luck and some victories, the Champions League may even be targeted. Paderborn, however, took over the red lantern again on the last matchday.

The score of the East Westphalia is too thin with 15 points from 20 games. However, Paderborn plays better than the table position says. The royal blue will therefore be warned. Nevertheless, between Schalke and Paderborn, the forecast clearly goes in the direction of the home side. The miners should win at home.

However, Paderborn should be used with caution. The East Westphalia always play forward and are extremely snappy. When they attacked, they proved their fitness for the Bundesliga, but there is a deficit on the defensive. Therefore, there is a lot to be said for a tip on the odds of the miners’ home win between Schalke and Paderborn.

However, the SCP has scored more points abroad than at home. With a bold style of play, Schalke may even have something for the newcomer. To do this, everything has to fit on Saturday. The kick-off for the 21st matchday in the Bundesliga between Schalke 04 and SC Paderborn in the Veltins Arena will take place on February 8th, 2020.

Schalke vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips

Schalke – Statistics & current form

The Schalke play with their reputation. After the racism incidents involving club boss Clemens Tönnies, there was the next incident in Tuesday’s cup match against Hertha BSC, when a Herthanian was said to have been insulted by the audience with monkey sounds. It doesn’t have much to do with the sporting part of the club, but the miners are currently playing with their credibility, precisely because the club is currently organizing campaign days against discrimination.

From a sporting perspective, however, Schalke could hardly look any better at the moment. The relegation candidate from the previous season sets out to compete in the European Cup in the next season. It’s going on in the Bundesliga and the squad have also reached the quarter-finals in the DFB Cup. Perhaps Gelsenkirchen should now concentrate on the essentials again.

This season the Veltins Arena has once again proven to be a real fortress. The Schalke have only lost the first home match of the season at home. Since then, there have been 19 points in the last nine home games. This is a record that leads to the odds between Schalke and Paderborn being used for another home win.

There was also a home win in the cup against Hertha, with Schalke having to work overtime. The late goals from Daniel Caligiuri and Amine Harit equalized the 0-2 deficit. In extra time, Benito Raman scored the winning goal. This success was hard earned and equally expensive.

Daniel Caligiuri contracted an inner ligament in his knee and coach David Wagner saw the red card after a supposed assault against a Herthan player. However, this dismissal has no effect on the match against Paderborn and who has seen the scene may even be able to assume an acquittal for the Schalke coach.

Daniel Caligiuri’s retirement, however, weighs heavily, especially as the alternatives are slowly running out on the right-hand side. Jonjoe Kenny will also be missing. Salif Sane, Markus Schubert and Benjamin Stambouli also stay in the hospital. The prospects of using Suat Serdar and Weston McKennie are also extremely slim.

Probable lineup of Schalke:
↪ Nübel – Schöpf, Kabak, Nastasic, Oczipka – Mascarell – Boujellab, Matondo, Harit – Gregoritsch, Raman
↪ Coach: Wagner

Last games from Schalke:

⚽️ 04.02.2020 – Schalke vs. Hertha 3: 2 n.a. (DFB-cup)
⚽️ 01/31/2020 – Hertha vs. Schalke 0-0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 01/25/2020 – Bayern vs. Schalke 5-0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ Jan 17, 2020 – Schalke vs. Gladbach 2: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 10.01.2020 – HSV vs. Schalke 0: 4 (friendly match)

Schalke vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips

Paderborn – Statistics & current form

With his refreshing style of play, Paderborn has won many hearts of football fans across Germany this season. Somehow half of Germany trembles with the underdog from East Westphalia. With three points behind in 15th place, the chance of staying in the league is not small. A successful streak would look good on the SCP in the coming weeks.

A series catches the eye when looking at the last results. If Paderborn lost a game last, then there was a victory. Steffen Baumgart can possibly build on this on Schalke, because last week the SCP lost to Wolfsburg at home. But is that enough to make a prediction of a victory for the guests between Schalke and Paderborn?

In any case, the East Westphalia must be careful not to oversleep the start on Schalke. Steffen Baumgart’s team is not exactly known for having great comeback qualities. If Paderborn went 1-0 away this season, all five games were lost.

Last weekend the SCP even took the lead at home through Ben Zolinski against VfL Wolfsburg, but after an hour it was 1: 3. The Paderborn team gathered up again and came through Sebastian Vasiliadis to the connecting goal, but in the end there was a 2: 4 defeat on the scoreboard, which brought Paderborn back to the bottom of the table.

Of course, Steffen Baumgart did not miss the opportunity to take a close look at the Schalke cup match against Hertha during the week.

“We are now in the comic and satire field.” – Steffen Baumgart

He noticed that the referee decisions are in conformity with the rules, but that the rules drift more and more into the area of ​​comedy and satire. An opinion that the SCP coach does not have exclusively.

On Saturday, Paderborn will likely compete with the team that won 2-0 in their last away game in Freiburg. Jamilu Collins and Jürgen Gjasula are back after their dismissed locks. As it looks, Steffen Baumgart will only have to do without the suspended Gerrit Holtmann and the injured Luca Kilian on Saturday.

Probable lineups of Paderborn:
↪ Zingerle – Jans, Strohdiek, Schonlau, Collins – Gjasula – Vasiliadis, Sabiri, Pröger, Antwi-Adjej – Srbeny
↪ Coach: Baumgart

Last games from Paderborn:

⚽️ 02.02.2020 – Paderborn vs. Wolfsburg 2: 4 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 01/25/2020 – Freiburg vs. Paderborn 0: 2 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ January 19, 2020 – Paderborn vs. Leverkusen 1: 4 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 01/11/2020 – Hannover vs. Paderborn 0: 1 (friendly match)
⚽️ 04.01.2020 – Paderborn vs. Lotte 4: 1 (friendly game)

Schalke vs Paderborn Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Schalke 04 and SC Paderborn only play together in the Bundesliga in the second season. Therefore, there are only three competitive games between these two opponents to date. The direct comparison is a clear matter for the miners, because Schalke has won all three games against the SCP.

In the first leg in September in Paderborn there was a severe slump for the newcomer. The SCP took the lead 1-0 after just eight minutes. Afterwards the Schalke celebrated a marksman festival. Salif Sane, Suat Serdar, Amine Harit (2x) and Ahmet Kutucu met in the 5-1 win.

Schalke vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips

Schalke vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips Provided by CoreBet Tipsters

The Schalke sniff at the qualification for an international competition and have two promising opportunities with the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup. The miners can mostly rely on their home strength, because with the cup game on Tuesday the Schalke have not lost at home for ten competitive games.

However, the appearances are not always sovereign and therefore we do not expect a shooting event against the SCP on Saturday. Paderborn has always shown morale after a defeat and then won. Nevertheless, between Schalke and Paderborn there is much to suggest that the hosts will win.

Key facts – Schalke vs Paderborn tips

💫 Schalke have been unbeaten at home for nine Bundesliga games.
💫 If Paderborn was 0-1 behind this season, there was always a defeat.
💫 The SCP has lost all duels against FC Schalke 04 so far.

The SCP has lost all games against Schalke. We assume that nothing will change on Saturday. However, we expect a match that the newcomer may be able to make open for a long time. Therefore, we place our bets between Schalke and Paderborn on the odds for a home win with a goal difference.


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