Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov Betting Tips

Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov Free Betting Tips 17/07/2019

Competition: Champions League Qualifier 2019
Date: 16.07.2019
Betting Tips: 1
Odds: 2.00
Stake: 5/10 units
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This week, candidates will be selected for the next qualifying round in the premier class. While some teams have already taken a big step into the next round in the first leg, other pairings are all in or out of the second leg. The same applies to the Polish champions from Gliwice, who want to take advantage of the home advantage at home after a 1-1 draw in Belarus. In Piast Gliwice against BATE Borisov, the hosts are favored according to the odds. Can the Belarusians surprise or pull the Poles into the next round?

Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov Football Betting Tips

The Belarussians are not unknown face in the premier class, but in this case have not caught the best of luck. If BATE Borisov is not surprisingly strong at the Poles, they will probably cancel out already in the first round. Piast Gliwice is an unpleasant opponent at home and lost only one home game last season. With the strong support of the local fans speaks for Piast Gliwice vs. BATE Borisov prediction on the home side.

Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov Betting Tips

Piast Gliwice – Statistics & Current Form

With a strong series at the end of the season, Piast Gliwice has been crowned Polish Champion in the championship round. With six wins and a single draw, there was nothing to complain about the reigning champion’s playoff performance. At the first championship of club history Piast Gliwice will now build on and qualify for the premier class. With BATE Borisov there was a hard fate right at the start of the qualification. After a strong showing on foreign territory and the important away goal, the Poles at home can solve the ticket for the next round.

Piast Gliwice was the better team for long stretches and had the lead. The match control was at the Poles and yet BATE Borisov in the final quarter of the hour draw after numerous opportunities at Piast Gliwice were left. True to the motto: If you do not do those things in front, you take them behind. Even at the recent Super Cup game against Lechia Gdansk the miserable chance exploitation was a reason for the bankruptcy.

In the second leg, Piast Gliwice will not be able to ignore anything against a home crowd. The Poles were consistently in good shape last season at home and were able to keep the team structure largely stable during the summer. In the summer break, Piast Gliwice was barely active anyway and secured almost only services from players who should reinforce the team in width. Waldemar Fornalik will certainly be active again in the transfer market if he can reach the next round. Until the beginning of September the Polish transfer window is still open. Changes to the starting eleven of the first leg are not expected.

Probable team of Piast Gliwice:
↪ Plach – Kirkeskov, Czerwinski, Korun, Pietrovsky – Hateley, Dziczek – Jorge Felix, Valencia, Konczkowski – Parzyszek

Last matches of Piast Gliwice:

⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Piast Gliwice vs. Lechia Gdansk 1: 3 (Super Cup)
⚽️ 10.07.2019 – Bate Borisov vs.. Piast Gliwice 1: 1 (Champions League)
⚽️ 06.07.2019 – Piast Gliwice vs. Miedz Legnica 7: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Piast Gliwice vs. Jastrzębie 2: 2 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 22.06.2019 – Piast Gliwice vs. Sereď 2: 2 (friendly)

Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov Betting Tips

Bate Borisov – Statistics & Current Form

In contrast to the Polish representative from Gliwice, BATE Borisov is already in the current season and can thus have more match practice. In the first leg, the Belarusians were not exactly on the best side and were happy about the 1-1 draw. In part, the guests from Gliwice dominated the game at will and were about to increase the lead. Dragun’s draw may give BATE Borisov more chances to reach the next qualifying round in the return leg, although Piast Gliwice’s bid against BATE Borisov’s prediction after the weak first leg performance seems unrealistic.

Last season, BATE Borisov was premiered in the Belorussian Vysshaya League with almost nine points advantage. Also this season, the league is currently led with a score of 12-1-2. In addition to the national successes, performances on the international stage are of great importance to the Belarussian record champions. In the past three seasons BATE Borisov missed the entry into the Champions League. Last year, PSV Eindhoven finished in qualifying playoffs.

In the Europa League BATE last year but could reach the knockout phase and retired only after second leg defeat against Arsenal FC. At home BATE Borisov was very consistent anyway, so the mixed performance in the first leg against Piast Gliwice was surprising. New signing Dragun, who scored the important draw in the home game, must pause due to the relegation from the first leg. His retirement will be difficult to compensate for, especially as Dragun is the hub of the BATE offensive this season. BATE Borisov was able to regain self-confidence for the CL return leg at the weekend with a 4-1 victory over Zhodino.

Probable team of Bate Borisov:
↪ Chichkan – Filipovic, Filipenko, Volkov, Rios – Berezkin, Yablonsky, Baga – Stasevich, Dubajic, Moukam

Last matches of Bate Borisov:

⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Bate Borisov vs.. Torpedo BelAZ 4: 1 (Premier League)
⚽️ 10.07.2019 – Bate Borisov vs.. Piast Gliwice 1: 1 (Champions League)
⚽️ 05.07.2019 – Dinamo Minsk Vs. Bate Borisov 1: 2 (Premier League)
⚽️ 30.06.2019 – Bate Borisov Vs. Vitebsk 3: 0 (Premier League)
⚽️ 26.06.2019 – Sputnik vs. Bate Borisov 2: 5 (Cup)

Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The first leg between the two clubs was the first ever meeting. Anyway Piast Gliwice is represented for the first time in a Champions League qualification, after the season before sensational the title was won.

Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov Our Best Football Tips Explained

Piast Gliwice has won the Polish title after the sensational final spurt in the championship round and is deservedly in the CL qualification. The Poles have already proved their qualities in the first leg and the Belarusians have literally played against the wall. BATE Borisov was able to save himself a draw with a lucky punch, but the starting point is clearly in favor of Piast Gliwice. With the great support of the local fans the ticket should be solved at home.

Key Facts – Piast Gliwice vs Bate Borisov tips

⭐️ With the 1: 1 away win Piast Gliwice at home favored the return leg against BATE Borisov.
⭐️ With midfielder Dragun missing a key performer in the Belarusians.
⭐️ Last season, Piast Gliwice lost only one home match in all competitions.

Even a goalless draw would be enough for Poland to progress. However, Waldemar Fornalik’s team is unlikely to defend their home side in front of their home crowd, especially as the visitors’ defensive position in the first leg was not very good. With an early lead, Piast Gliwice should retain control of the game and rock the game over time. We are expecting a home victory and recommend Piast Gliwice against Bate Borisov a tip on the home side to betting odds of 2.00. We choose a bet of five units.


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