Osasuna vs. Girona –Spain Segunda Division– 15.06.2016

Today we go with this pick, the going of the ascent to the first division between the Osasuna and the Girona, the Osasuna, the classic one of first, comes of eliminating one of the best teams of the classification, almost it obtains the direct ascent, in a clear way; Girona, which comes of the ascent loses the season spent in the last day always with polemic.

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Let’s enter the game, the last time that Osasuna gained to the Girona was in 2004 in Glass of the King, since then they have faced in four occasions two victories and two ties. This season the Girona obtained the victory in the first occasion that they faced in the Sadar for 0-1, in the return, in Montilivi the tie was obtained to zero.

Therefore I think that Osasuna that has gone of less to more this season will obtain the victory for the minim and will remain quite opened for the return.

We will see if we obtain the green one, a lot of luck for all!

Bet Osasuna win ! Odds.2.50

Update Osasuna vs. Girona :

Welcome to the b roadcast of Osasuna vs Girona live and live online, first leg of the final of the playoff promotion to First Division at the El Sadar Stadium in Pamplona.

FULL TIME! Osasuna deservedly won a disputed encounter in El Sadar 2-1 against a rubbery Girona, who streak the game dominated. The goals of Kodro and Mesa served to overcome to the Catalans, who will try to overcome Saturday in the return.

Minute 90: Two added. The Girona turns to the tie.

Minute 89: Yellow for Borja García, for protesting a lack of Flaño that the referee did not whistle.

Minute 87: Osasuna does not rush, trying to leave Girona in his own field. The Catalans seem nullified after the goal.

Minute 85: Press Nino and manages to force the loss of the last full back of Girona. Band ball in Catalan field.

Minute 83: Osasuna tries to manage the time, which moves the ball from side to side.

Minute 81: Change in Girona. Mata leaves and Alcaraz enters. Before, Pucko entered and Torres left in Osasuna.

Minute 78: TABLE GOOOOOOOOOL! OSASUNA GOAL! Maikel Mesa chased a pass from Roberto Torres to the heart of the area and, with the left, adjusted it to the long pole. 2-1.

Minute 75: Push the Girona at this time. Osasuna seems to accuse the blow of the tie.

Minute 73: KIKO OLIVAS GOOOAAAL! EMPATA THE GIRONA! Kiko Olivas came in from behind, who took advantage of a prolongation of the head of Alcala to anticipate Nauzet and score at pleasure in the small area.

Minute 72: And another that wins Maffeo Flaño. He managed to recover after losing his back with the red.

Minute 70: The lost Flaño in the one against one against Maffeo.

Minute 67: Save Nauzet! Lejeune shot very far and powerful that bounced off a rival and misled the goal, which had to clear fists.

Minute 64: Change in Osasuna. De las Cuevas leaves and Mesa enters.

Minute 63: Shot from his Granell home that was lost to the right of Nauzet’s goal.

Minute 61: Becerra played it … He received a committed transfer and decided to bargain with Nino, who was about to steal the goal.

Minute 59: Another center of Clerc that, this time, did not finish to kill Mata by very little.

Minute 57: Clerc dangerous center from the left that walks through the Nauzet area. First notice of Girona in the second half.

Minute 55: Change in Girona. Herrera leaves and Sobrino enters.

Minute 53: Save Becerra! He threw the demarcation to the Nino hole, Roberto Torres gave it to him and the small striker struck in the tip, but he took it with his feet the rival goal. Very clear

Minute 51: Save Alcalá! Flaño entered with everything to finish off in the small area a foul thrown from the left by Roberto Torres. He deflected the center with the bangs … Not even the referee noticed and gave a kick.

Minute 49: Pere Pons was thrown to the ground to save Torres’s internship in the area. Perfect in the mowed.

Minute 47: De las Cuevas was wrong … He stole a ball upstairs, went into the area, but left him with a cut.

THE PARTY RESUMES! With change in Osasuna. The scorer goes, Kodro, and Nino enters.
First part

BREAK! Match very even in this first half. Osasuna came out in a whirlwind and achieved the early goal of Kenan Kodro, for now, gives the victory to the locals, although Girona has made merits to tie.

Minute 45: Borja García is about to finish! Put Mata from the right to the far post, where Clerc managed to leave her dead in the area looking for Borja, but anticipated the defense.

Minute 43: Pons rushed in the pass to the hole for Mata. An unreachable missile for the battering ram came out.

Minute 41: It rains with intensity in El Sadar, to make the match even more epic. De las Cuevas recovers.

Minute 39: De las Cuevas hurts on the ground. He took a hard hit on the hip in a fortuitous action with Granell.

Minute 37: Kodro fell to the edge of the area. He demanded a push from Lejeune in the porfía for a high ball. There did not seem to be a lack and the referee did not charge it.

Minute 35: Save Oier! Control Mata in the area, but the side managed to snatch the leather just when the Girona was firing the shot.

Minute 33: Clerc center that catches Nauzet again. Girona tries from the left and is turning its game for that band.

Minute 30: It seems that Roberto Torres is recovering definitively and Enrique Martin sends those who were warming up to return to the bench.

Minute 28: Controversial move! Mata blasted a bad assignment to Nauzet and the goal ended up demolishing the Girona striker in the area. The referee pointed to the goalkeeper …

Minute 26: Roberto Torres, who returned to the field after being treated, seems to be trying. He is not entirely comfortable in the field.

Minute 24: First shot at the door of Girona. Maffeo, who came from the right, headed a good cross from the left to the far post. It came loose and focused, easy for Nauzet.

Minute 22: Becerra had to rectify in an exit after a bad assignment of a teammate who was about to put in trouble the goal of Girona.

Minute 20: YELLOW FOR FLAÑO. For hitting Mata in the head without a ball after an inconsequential move in the Osasuna area.

Minute 18: Problems for Osasuna. Roberto Torres hurts his left knee and retires to be treated. Warm up on the bench ‘rojillo’.

Minute 16: The referee warns Borja García about the protests. The midfielder of Girona claimed a clear grab.

Minute 14: Low gear Osasuna, aware that there is much left and much more play.

Minute 12: Center missing from the left of Granell looking for auctioneer in the area. No problems for Nauzet.

Minute 10: Out of play of Herrera, who was looking for a ball on the back of the central reds.

Minute 8: Girona tries to keep the ball and not rush into the pass. Osasuna has come out in tromba.

Minute 6: OSASUNA GOOOOOOOL! KODRO! It marked the forward after a good center of De Las Cuevas, with a head-butted to the stick that came to play Becerra.

Minute 4: Nauzet is made with the first center of Girona. Easy for the goal.

Minute 2: Distant foul that takes Roberto Torres and is lost by the bottom line.


Alignments of Osasuna vs Girona: Final Playoff Ascent

Osasuna: Nauzet, J. Flano, Tano, M. Flano, David Garcia, Oier, Merino, Torres, Manuel, Kenan Kodro and De las Cuevas.

Girona: Becerra, Maffeo, Kiko Olivas, Alcalá, Lejeune, Clerc, Pere Pons, Granell, Borja García, Cristian Herrera and Mata.
Preview of Osasuna vs Girona: Final Playoff Ascent

You can read the preview of Osasuna against Girona in the first leg of the Liga Adelante Promotion Playoff.

Directed by a historic club like Enrique Martín, Osasuna has slipped into the final for the promotion after finishing sixth and defeating Nàstic in the previous eliminatory, which prevailed in two games (3-1 in El Sadar and 2-3 in the Nou Estadi de Tarragona) in which Mikel Merino, with a total of three goals in the tie, became the great protagonist.

The scores of David García, Javier Flaño and Kenan Kodro also contributed to the red classification. Roberto Torres is Osasuna’s top scorer with 12 goals, followed by Mikel Merino who, after the three scored in the previous tie, tied with Nino to 7 goals.

After the double disappointment of last year, in which Girona escaped the direct ascent on the last day and then fell with Zaragoza in the first round, the Machin team wants to make up for that and follow the example of Las Palmas, that last season he climbed after living in his own flesh the drama of losing the promotion at the last minute in 2013-2014.

Girona finished fourth in the regular season and in the previous elimination gave Cordoba account in extra time with a decisive goal (3-1) of Cristian Herrera in 117 ‘after equalizing in Montilivi 2-1 of the first leg. The goal has been very shared in Girona during the season. Mata adds 9 goals, followed by Cristian Herrera with 7, Jairo Morillas (6) and Dejan Lekic (5). Isaac Becerra is an insurance in the goal: he only conceded 28 goals in the 42 matches of the regular season.

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