Olympic Games – betting, tips, records, curiosities

Olympic Games - betting, tips, records, curiosities

Olympic Games – betting, tips, records, curiosities

Who would have thought that one of the first international sports competitions in world history would survive to this day? Certainly not the ancient Greeks. And yet they laid the cornerstone for this when they held the tournament in the eponymous Olympia for the first time in the second millennium BC. By the way, you couldn’t bet on Olympic games at the time.

Olympic Games - betting, tips, records, curiosities

Olympic games: competition with tradition

After a break of several thousand years, the games were then revived in 1894 with the modern Olympic Games. Since then they have been returning every four years and delight sports and betting fans worldwide.

In addition to the World Cup, the Olympic Games are among the sporting events in which the most bets are placed. It is certainly attractive for players that the possible uses are so diverse: No other tournament features so many sports and athletes. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, which bets you can place and whether there have already been any notable records in this regard.

Olympic Games - betting, tips, records, curiosities

Olympic Games: disciplines, rules, variants

The ancient Greeks held their Olympics every four years – a period measured from the start of the last games and called the Olympics. While the Olympic Games were brought back to life at the end of the 19th century, it took a good thirty years before the variant of the Olympic Winter Games was created.

Logically, there was no such thing at the ancient Olympic Games in Greece – even then, skiing was not the order of the day in the sunny regions of the Adriatic coast. Summer and winter games have been alternating every two years since 1994. And they are not long in coming: The next summer games will take place in Tokyo in 2020. The winter games are to be held in Beijing two years later.

It is more than just a competition: Rather, the modern Olympic Games serve to compare sports and understand people. The new founder, Pierre de Coubertin, saw it above all as a meeting of the world’s youth that made it possible to exchange ideas on different levels. Today, a large number of sports bets on the Olympic Games are added as an additional element.

Olympic Games Betting – Olympic Betting

If you want to bet on Olympia, register with one of our partners. All you need is an email / postal address and proof of identity. There are a number of different payment methods you can choose from. The credit card is just one of them.

Below you will find an overview of different types of betting and betting strategies especially for Olympic Games betting.

Summer Olympic Games Sports – current:

🏸 badminton
🥎 Base / softball
🏀 Basketball
🏹 Archery
🥊 Boxes
🤺 Fencing
⚽ Soccer
🏋️‍♂️ Lifting weights
🏌️‍♂️ Golf
🤾 Handball
🏑 Hockey
🥋 Judo
🛶 Canoeing
🥋 Karate
👟 Athletics
Modern pentathlon
🚴‍♂️ Cycling
🏇 Horse riding
🤼‍♂️ Wrestling
🚣‍♀️ Rowing
🏉 Rugby
🎯 Shoot
🏊‍♂️ Swimming
⛵ Sailing
🛹 Skateboard
🧗 Sport climbing
🏄 Surfing
🥋 Taekwondo
🎾 Tennis
🏓 Table tennis
🤸🏽 Gymnastics
🏐 Volleyball

Current sports at the winter games:

Bob sport
🥌 Curling
🏒 Ice Hockey
⛸️ Ice skating
🎿 Skiing

The rules specific to them apply to the respective sports. In addition, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has issued an ethical code of conduct that binds all participants for the duration of the tournament. It encompasses principles such as fair play, apolitical behavior, human rights and the careful use of resources. However, the core values ​​that Olympia is based on are excellence, respect and friendship.

Women and men compete in the summer and winter games. There are also competitions that are aimed at special groups of athletes. The Paralympics – a competition for athletes with physical disabilities -, the Deaflympics for deaf athletes and the Youth Olympic Games for athletes between the ages of 14 and 18, for example, are a hit with both the public and customers, and you can bet on all of these Olympic Games.

Olympic Games - betting, tips, records, curiosities

Trend and tradition

Despite a long tradition, the Olympic Games must also remain contemporary. An indication of this are the new sports that will be added to the portfolio this year. For example, athletes can compete in sports climbing, skateboarding and surfing.

Fascination with the Olympic Games: why are the games still so popular?

Not even the Football World Cup has such a long history as the Olympic Games. The only question is: why is this competition still so popular? After all, it has undergone lasting changes since its inception.

There are three reasons for this: On the one hand, athletes from almost every country in the world take part in the sporting event. It is one of the most inclusive tournaments in history. This also applies to the sports that are offered at the games: There is no other variety like this in the sports world. And finally, the high prestige of the competition also justifies its success today: winning a medal at the Olympic Games is considered the supreme discipline of most of the participating sports.

Sporting agony

Incidentally, the Olympic Games were not always so peaceful. Unlike today, the Greek games weren’t just about fame and glory. Martial arts were at the heart of the event and were often decided upon the death of the adversary. But athletes were also able to win these competitions posthumously: Some died in the arena and were subsequently chosen for their stamina. Back then, the classic disciplines of the Olympic Games included boxing, stick fencing, wrestling and pankration, a Hellenic martial art that is carried out with bare hands. If, on the other hand, you bet on the Olympic Games, you only risk a calf strain after jumping for joy because of successful betting strategies.

Olympic Games Betting: Tips for Beginners

If you want to bet on an Olympic competition, you have to be very familiar with the rules of the respective sport. This is the only way he can estimate the probabilities. It is therefore a good idea to spend your money primarily on the types of sports that are regularly followed outside of competitions. Even though the Olympic figure skating is beautiful to look at, players shouldn’t stiffen up to it if they don’t even know what a triple axel is.

On the other hand, if you are well versed in swimming regardless of the season, you can really risk something with Olympic bets: Since the interest of the population is above average, the jackpots are also well filled. This is mainly due to the establishment of online bets, since standard sports such as football or handball have long been more interesting for betting providers. In some states, such as Nevada, betting on the Olympic Games was even banned until 2015.

Types of betting and betting strategy


You can of course bet on the winner at every competition. But the second and third place winners are also good for a bet. In a “match each way” bet, the player only bet that an athlete will be among the best placed – but not exactly which place he will occupy.

Outright win

If you don’t want to commit yourself to an athlete, you can predict how many medals a nation’s team will take home with them. This bet is sometimes referred to as the “moneyline bet”. In order to make a reliable assessment here, however, the weather has to be thoroughly informed about the respective athletes and their potential.


With this type of bet, the weather also determines the distance at which a team or athlete will emerge from a competition. For example, an Olympic handicap bet may mean that one soccer team wins against another by three goals.

Correct result

If you are very sure of your cause, you can also bet on the correct result – such as in how many seconds Andre de Grasse runs the 100 meters. Obviously, it is extremely difficult to be right with your prediction in such a case; in the event of a win, the odds are so advantageous that a bet is worthwhile.

Match and outright win bets are best for beginners who want to bet on the Olympic Games. Anyone who gets at least an overview of the athletes and their previous performance can make reasonably accurate predictions. More detailed bets should only be made by those who know a sport and a team well. Incidentally, the bookmakers also come up with a lot of curious bets that do not necessarily have to do with athletic ability. For example, in 2016 you could bet that the Brazilians would run out of gas for the Olympic flame. What will it be like in Tokyo? The soy sauce for the catering of the athletes?

In the long run without success

So-called future bets are not uncommon in the sports world. For example, bettors are betting that an athlete will win a particular tournament five times in his career. Parents also like to project dreams onto their children with such bets. Curtis Robb’s father bet in the late 1980s that his son would one day win an Olympic medal. But bad luck: When Robb took part in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​he could not prevail against his competition. Shortly thereafter, he gave up running career and became a surgeon. The father never saw his £ 500 again – but he was certainly very proud of his son.

Olympic Games - betting, tips, records, curiosities

Olympic Games 2020 and 2022

2020 Summer Olympics

The Olympic Games only take place every two years, alternately as summer and winter games. In terms of betting there is nothing going on in relation to the games – the only thing that can be bet on is in which city the games may appear. However, this is already certain for the upcoming tournaments: Tokyo will host the summer games next year, which will take place from July 24th to August 9th.

It is the second time that the Japanese capital has this honor. Corruption is said to have been involved in the award, but investigations that are currently underway against the President of the Japanese Olympic Committee have not yet been completed. Maybe this topic will turn into an Olympic bet. The main event venues are the Heritage Zone and Tokyo Bay Zone.

The global importance of the games becomes clear to the participants: So far, athletes from 77 countries have qualified for the 2020 Summer Games. The majority comes from Europe: over 600 athletes from forty countries were able to secure a place here. 17 Asian countries are represented, as are 17 African, 20 American countries, athletes and three nations from Oceania.

Depending on the country of origin, the athletes can look forward to a wide variety of awards. Italians received 150,000 euros per medal at the last summer games and 30,000 euros in the following four years. Poland makes 50,000 euros for gold easy and pays the winner a lifelong pension from the age of 40, which is almost half of the average Polish wage. The Germans are rather frugal: For gold there is 20,000 euros from German sports aid, silver and bronze have to settle for 15,000 and 10,000 euros. Incidentally, the premiums at the winter games are even leaner.

Olympic Games - betting, tips, records, curiosities

Winter Olympics 2022

The same will take place from February 4 to 20, 2022 in the Chinese capital Beijing – a special feature, because never before have the competitions been held twice in a row in Asian cities. So far, there are no athletes who will compete in the tournament. However, they will compete in around twenty sports, including bobsleigh, ice skating and snowboarding. It will take a while before you can bet on these Olympic games.

Michael Phelps

28 medals – record man Michael Phelps

Early practice: This principle undoubtedly applies to Michael Phelps. The American professional swimmer took part in the Olympic Games for the first time at just 15 years old. At the time, he went empty-handed – but in the years that followed he was able to collect 28 medals. Silver and bronze medals are in the minority with three and two pieces respectively. 23 medals are made of dazzling gold

FAQ – Olympic Games betting

How are the odds for betting on the Olympic Games calculated?

The bookmakers are always guided by the athletes’ previous performances and their career as a whole. Your current strength also plays a role in this calculation, as does the overall shape, the most recent results and a direct comparison with the other athletes. Of course, all these calculations are not guaranteed.

Where to find live Olympics streams?

The Olympic Games are broadcast by public service broadcasters. They also have free live streams available. Those who are abroad either receive the games via a local TV station or join an international live stream – however, the live streams of the public service stations do not work here.

How do you qualify for the Olympics?

The German Olympic Sports Confederation determines which athletes are allowed to compete in the Olympic Games. Sometimes he teams up with the associations of certain sports, such as the German Ski Association. Candidates must have achieved outstanding positions in previous competitions. Specifically, this means that anyone who finishes in the top eight or at least twice in the top 15 at a World Cup event can expect an invitation to the Olympics.

Who were the most successful Germans at Olympia?

In her career Birgit Fischer won eight gold and four silver in canoeing. It is a legend among rowers and fans of Olympic betting. She still won some of the medals for the GDR. With a total of twelve medals, she takes sixth place in the Eternal Best List of Olympias. After her is the most successful German Reiner Klimke, who won six gold and two bronze medals in dressage in the 1960s and 1980s.

What about the Olympic fire?

According to legend, Apollo himself sent a flame to light a fire for the goddess of sacrifice Hestia, which was to burn during the games. To announce the start of the games, runners (then without torch) ran through the country. At the time of their announcement, wars were put down so that spectators could travel to the games. In the past, the fire was lit before the Olympics started and then brought to the host country in a torch relay. Due to protests, the torch relay has been taking place in the host country since 2014.

Does equality prevail at the Olympic Games?

In terms of equality, there is still a lot to do at the Olympic Games. After all, women are now allowed to compete in most sports – with the exception, for example, of the large ski jumping hill. Only since 2002 have there been starting positions for women in bobsleigh or skeleton. This means that women have less chances of winning medals than men and therefore less chances of getting good prize money.

What will happen after the 2020 Summer Olympics?

When the 2020 Olympic Games are over, the gaze is already looking forward again. The 2024 Olympic Games were awarded to Paris, the 2028 Summer Olympics take place in Los Angeles. The 2022 Winter Olympics go to Beijing and then return to Europe – for the first time since 2006 in Turin. Italy will host again, as the 2026 Winter Olympics will come to the Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo region.

Naked facts

It is not only their thirst for blood that distinguishes the Olympic Games from back then from today’s tournaments. In ancient Greece, the competitions were traditionally held in the Adam costume. By the way, not in Eva costume: women were neither allowed to participate nor to be seen.