Olympiakos Piraeus VS Lamia Setubal-15.01.2018

In an advanced game of the Greek Super League earlier this week. Lamia will visit the headquarters of Olympiakos Piraeus. This game will definitely be a very tough game for the visitors, because they do not have good capital to face this fight. Lamia undefeated in the last 2 games, of course it is very different from Olympiakos Piraeus who is still in the best performance.

Olympiakos Piraeus was able to win in a row in the last 5 games, while Lamia won only 1 win, 1 draw and 3 unbeaten. Currently, Lamia is ranked 12th in the standings. Of the 16 league matches that have been in their lakoni are only able to achieve 3 victories, 7 draws and 6 defeats. But it looks like Lamia’s position is still safe for this season.

Currently Olympiakos Piraeus are ranked 2nd in the standings, they are behind 2 points from PAOK who are at the top of the standings at this time. Though so far PAOK and Olympiakos Piraeus have both won 11 victories, but Olympiakos Piraeus had difficulty with unbeaten 3 times. But in this fight will be a great opportunity for the host to continue to stick to the PAOK in the standings.

Acting as the host is not the main reason why Olympiakos Piraeus is more in winning. But because the strength and quality of the team masiih far above the Lamia. At the last meeting even Lamia undefeated at home by Olympiakos Piraeus. The hosts must be very ambitious to achieve victory in this fight, in order to keep their chances for champions in this season. (Ozk)

PREDICTION OF FINAL SCORE: Olympiakos Piraeus 3-0 Lamia
Olympiakos Piraeus 0: 2 Lamia
Prediction Today: Olympiakos Piraeus

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