Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Free Betting Tips

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Free Betting Tips

👾 Game: Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution
👾 Competition: PRM Summer 2020
📅 Date: 30 July 2020

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Free Betting Tips

Does Mousesports force its fear opponent at the end of the season?

The final spurt is in the German LoL league. Of the ten teams, four are already safely in the playoffs, including the leader’s Gamer Legion, defending champion Schalke 04 Evolution, as well as Euronics Gaming and Unicorns of Love SE. It also looks good for the runner-up Mousesports, but mathematically speaking, the playoff participation is not yet certain, which is why the squad is challenged in the last two games.

The last game of the regular season, in which Mousesports and Schalke 04 Evolution meet, is, particularly in focus.

The rivalry between Mousesports and Schalke 04 flared up in Spring 2020 because the two teams faced each other in the playoffs in the so-called Juggernaut match as well as in the final. The miners won in both matches. At the start of the final game week, both opponents convinced and gave their opponents no chance.

In the prime game of the Prime League, Mousesports against Schalke 04 Evolution is defined as a slight outsider in terms of odds.
The two teams are currently only separated by one win in the table, which is why the match is significant for the final position. Does Mouz surprise the Royal Blues at the end of the season?

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Livestream – when & where?

📅 Date: 30 July 2020
📺 TV / Livestream: Twitch (official channel: primeleague)

In the Prime League, a so-called super week is played at the end of the season, which is why all teams play three games instead of the usual two matches.

PRM summer 2020 week 8 day 3 – matches – 30.07.2020

🇩🇪 SK Gaming Prime – Gamer Legion 🇩🇪
🇩🇪 Ad Hoc Gaming – Unicorns of Love SE 🇩🇪
🇩🇪 Euronics Gaming – BiG 🇩🇪
🇩🇪 My Insanity – OP Innogy 🇩🇪
🇩🇪 Schalke 04 E. – Mousesports 🇩🇪

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Free Betting Tips

Mousesports – Statistics & current form

As in the previous season, Mousesports is picking up the pace again at the end of the season. With the last two wins, the team around Niklot “Tolkin” Stüber is currently in 9-7 in fifth place in the table. Therefore, a victory from the last two games is enough for the troupe to participate safely in the playoff. With the recently strong Euronics Gaming and defending champions Schalke, however, two difficult opponents are on the program.

Mousesports save the mixed season!

As runner-up, Mouz was one of the top favorites in the 2020 summer season. However, the team around Jungler “Obsess” took a long time to get on the track. It was only in the sixth week of the game that the mice celebrated two wins for the first time. Now it looks good regarding the playoff participation, but Ad Hoc or BiG could still push the runner-up out of the top 6.

Mouz overrun SK at the start of the week!

The runner-up dominated against the SK table bottom right from the start and secured the important victory in under 23 minutes. The scoreboard for Mouz showed a whopping 25 killings, with the Norwegian shooting star “LIDER” striking most often with eight kills. The mice champion selection was particularly interesting because “LIDER” played his dreaded “Akali” and “Tolkin” brought his Urgot into the Summoner’s Rift.

Mouz shows the willingness to continue to rely on strong Sololanes and a split push combo. Against Schalke 04 Evolution it will be difficult for Mousesports to get through their game and the higher odds of the runner-up are appropriate.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇬🇧 Candfloss
Players: 🇩🇪 Tolkin, 🇩🇪 Obsess, 🇳🇴 LIDER, 🇸🇪 Jeskla, 🇸🇪 promisq

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Free Betting Tips

Schalke 04 Evolution – Statistics & current form

The defending champion Schalke 04 Evolution is expected again in summer 2020. Although the group is not at the top of the table, the playoff participation is already under lock and key. Schalke is probably the most constant of all teams in the Prime League and the experience of the individual players should be a plus in the playoffs.

Schalke stays behind the top teams!

The possible thieves were revealed early in the season. In the first game week, Schalke 04 lost to the top team’s Unicorns of Love SE and Gamer Legion and have not been able to pull past the two leaders since then. Nevertheless, the squires remained in the upper half of the table and are currently in second place with 10-6 wins with Euronics Gaming and UoL SE. Since the runner-up skips the first round of the playoff, the final placement is important.

Control vs Explosiveness!

While OP Innogy or Gamer Legion play very aggressive and innovative drafts, Schalke mostly stays on the ground and prefer meta-picks. If the squires manage to control the opponent and the team fights, the team’s good macro game usually leads to victory. Schalke has more problems with explosive teams that use unforeseen team combinations or strategies.

The last match against OP Innogy serves as a good example. The Schalke were surprised by OP with a so-called “wombo combo”, but were able to adapt to the opponents in the course of the game and thereby win. “Sertuss” and “Innaxe” impress with their strong individual performance.
If Mousesports succeeds in imposing their playing style on Schalke 04 Evolution, a win against the odds is possible.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇹🇷 Mert
Players: 🇫🇮 Sleeping, 🇩🇪 Lurox, 🇩🇪 Sertuss, 🇧🇬 Innaxe, 🇪🇸 Nukes

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Free Betting Tips

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Free Betting Tips and Odds by CoreBet Tipsters

At the end of the 2020 summer season, a treat awaits with the top game Schalke 04 Evolution against Mousesports. For the miners it is about the second place in the table, Mousesports wants to secure the playoff participation. Already in spring, Schalke 04 Evolution and Mousesports were fierce rivals and faced each other in the final, with the Royal Blues winning. The decisive factor in this duel will be who can impose his game philosophy on the opponent.

Mousesports relies on strong Sololanes and the split push, with Schalke 04 Evolution drafting more for team battles, which is why a prediction in the top game is not easy. In the past, Schalke 04 Evolution has proven to be kryptonite for mousesports, which is why a tip is too risky despite the high odds.

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution Betting odds comparison

Betting Tips: Mousesports
Odds: 2.10
Betting Tips: Schalke 04 Evolution
Odds: 1.66

Mousesports vs Schalke 04 Evolution – tips

👾 Schalke 04 Evolution ranked second with 10-6 victories together with ESG and UoL SE
👾 The two teams faced each other in the Spring Finale 2020, Schalke celebrating a 3-1 victory
👾 For bookies, Schalke 04 Evolution is favored against mousesports

If you look at the statistics, there are tips on the First Blood for mousesports via Schalke 04. The betting providers are still holding the odds, but when comparing the odds to the winner, the odds on the First Blood for mousesports will be around 1.90 and offer Vlaue. Since Schalke 04 Evolution only achieves First Blood in every third game, Mousesports is the better candidate for a tip with balanced odds. This bet is worth 5 units.

The prime game of the Prime League rises on Thursday and concludes the regular season of the German league. Will Mousesports finally beat Schalke 04 Evolution in the re-match of the Spring Finals?