Mousesports vs G2 Free Betting Tips – ESL Pro League

Mousesports vs G2 Free Betting Tips - ESL Pro League

Mousesports vs G2 Free Betting Tips – ESL Pro League

The duel for a fixed ascent

With mousesports and G2, two of the top 5 teams play against each other.

Both made it back to the top of the world after a long time outside the top 10 last year.

Mouz signed three new players at the beginning of last year, G2 two new players at the end of 2019. The selective changes have given old strength. The match will be a real showdown.

Where and when does mousesports vs G2 in TV / Stream?

🗓 Date: 4th April
📺 TV / livestream: Twitch (official channel: ESL_CSGO)

The duel mouz against G2 will take place on 03.04.2020 in bo3 format. The game will be broadcast on the main stream of the ESL. 99Damage offers a stream for the German fans and French, Brazilian, Russian and Serbian casters will also broadcast the match.

Mousesports vs G2 Free Betting Tips - ESL Pro League

mousesports – Statistics & current form

The only German organization at the top of the world! Mousesports has a German CEO, Stefan Wendt, but already decided against a national lineup in 2017. In early 2019, they signed karrigan, woxic and frozen.

With karrigan they brought one of the best IGLs in the scene and a very experienced player. Woxic and frozen were young talents who have long since proven that they belong to the absolute top of the world.

The team around long-term member chrisJ, which has been actively represented at mousesports since 2013, celebrated successes at the CS: GO Asia Championship, the ESL Pro League Season 10 and the ICE Challenge 2020. In the last five months, they secured three S -Tier tournaments. However, the IEM Katowice 2020 was disappointing. With dreams of the title they traveled to Poland, but came back early after weak ideas and an end in the group phase.

The ESL Pro League has been going according to plan so far, victories against FaZe, Virtus.Pro and TYLOO testify to the strong form of the team. Only against OG you had to give up 1: 2 and therefore continue to tremble for a promotion place. Mousesports against G2 have odds up to 2:00 for Mousesports victory.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇩🇰 Rejin

Players: 🇳🇱 chrisJ, 🇪🇪 ropz, 🇩🇰 karrigan, 🇹🇷 woxic, 🇸🇰 frozen

Mousesports vs G2 Free Betting Tips - ESL Pro League

G2 – Statistics & current form

After years with a national lineup, G2 decided to sign hunter and nexa at the end of 2019. Two great players who showed the major with Crazy.

A step that had a big impact on the whole process. New language, new players, new IGL. The new signings and the switch to an international lineup brought risks. The team around star player kennyS mastered them quickly and managed to work their way up to third place in the world rankings within four months.

The IEM Katowice 2020 was a very special tournament for everyone involved. With victories against 100Thieves, mousesports, Liquid and fnatic, they made the leap into the final in their first big tournament. A bo5 against NAVI was imminent. In front of empty stands, but several hundred thousand spectators, KennyS played the first final in Katowice.

Painful bankruptcy for G2 in Poland

It was one of the biggest defeats in the team’s history. NAVI won 16: 4 on Nuke and ended bo5 after less than three hours with a 16: 2 on Mirage. A demonstration of power on the one hand, a total failure on the other. G2 failed to reward itself for the good performance and disappointed.

The ESL Pro League is back on track for G2 and you seem to have recovered from the shock. Victories against Virtus.Pro, FaZe and TYLOO face a defeat against OG. You had to be pretty defeated with 0: 2. At mousesports against G2, a tip with a odds of 1.90 on G2 is possible.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇫🇷 maLeK

Players: 🇫🇷 kennyS, 🇫🇷 JaCkz, 🇫🇷 AmaNEk, 🇷🇸 nexa, 🇧🇦 huNter

Mousesports vs G2 Free Betting Tips - ESL Pro League

mousesports vs G2 Direct comparison

The last duel of the two teams took place in the group stage of the IEM Katowice, where mouz had to admit defeat 1: 2. After a success on Dust2, G2 prevailed on Nuke and Inferno. In 2019 there were two more bo3 duels.

A very clear victory for G2 is offset by a defeat by the French at cs summit 5. All in all, G2 has a slight advantage over the last duels.

These maps are in focus

Mouz acts Overpass as her first spell and likes to choose Train. With a win rate of 71%, over seven matches played, definitely a strong map of the German organization. Only Dust2 and Mirage have better odds with 88 and 100 percent.

G2 also decided against Overpass when choosing the map and likes to peck Dust2. With a victory rate of 50% on 14 played maps, this is not nearly as convincing as you probably would like it to be. Your strongest maps are Inferno and Nuke.

In the duel Mousesports against G2, odds on a match on Overpass would be excluded. Duels on Train and Dust2 are likely. The decision maker can vary widely, as both teams have a broad map pool.

mousesports vs G2 Betting Prediction and Odds by CoreBet Tipsters

It is difficult to find a favorite in the duel between the two top teams. The victory at IEM Katowice speaks for G2, the team success for mousesports. With a deployment of 5 units we go in the duel mousesports vs. G2 to the current number three in the world, G2.

mousesports vs G2 Betting odds comparison

🎮 Betting Tips: mousesports
👾 Odds: 2.00
🎮 Betting Tips: G2
👾 Odds: 1.72

mousesports vs G2 tips

🎮 Both teams in the top 5 of the HLTV ranking.
🎮 Lineup change of both teams in 2019.
🎮 G2 won the last duel between the two teams.

The new team’s appearances were very convincing. Nexa is one of the best IGLs in the world and huNter convinces with its Aim. In the direct duel of the AWP, kennyS was able to convince more than woxic, who did not yet make a really good picture online.

mousesports vs G2 Best odds – ESL Pro League

🎮 Betting Tips: mousesports
👾 Odds: 2.00
🎮 Betting Tips: G2
👾 Odds: 1.90