Messi transfer: will Barca star join Man City?

Messi transfer: will Barca star join ManCity?

Messi transfer: will Barca star join Man City?

Who will “La Pulga” agree with?

Lionel Messi – born in 1987 – switched to FC Barcelona at the tender age of 13, where he became an absolute world star. Messi and Barca – they were a perfect match until the club’s management recently announced that a Messi move could no longer be ruled out. The betting base has the odds for the possible transfer of the exceptional talent!

“La Pulga”, in German: the Flea, as the Argentine, who was born in Rosario, is also affectionately known, has won the Spanish championship ten times, the Copa del Rey six times and the UEFA Champions League four times with the Catalans.

Not to mention its numerous individual awards. Messi has been voted world footballer of the year six times. He has been the top scorer in La Liga seven times. Only once less did Messi score the most goals in the Champions League and win the UEFA Golden Shoe.

Overall, the list of his successes in the Blaugrana jersey could fill an entire book. It is all the more painful for the supporters of the Catalans that this book is now in all probability closing after 20 years. Messi faxed the club’s management that he was making use of his release clause and would like to leave FC Barcelona.

Messi leaving Barcelona?

Messi at FC Barcelona:

With the club since: 2000
Competitive games: 731
Goals: 634
Templates: 285
Championships: 10
Cup wins: 6
Champions League title: 4

The table contains numbers that you have to let yourself melt on your tongue and that show how important the magic flea has been for FC Barcelona over the years. With his incredible 634 goals, he is the sole record scorer for the Blaugrana.

“La Pulga” also has a stone on the board of all supporters because of his strong performance in the Clásico against arch rivals Real Madrid. With 24 goals, Messi is also the record scorer in the Clásico.

Almost superfluous to mention is the fact that his 285 assists are also the club’s internal record at FC Barcelona. Only when it comes to competitive games will the 33-year-old Argentinian probably no longer overtake club icon Xavi, as the fans expected and hoped for. If Messi changes clubs, he will stay in second place with 731 appearances in the Catalans jersey behind Xavi, who played 767 games for Barcelona.

Where will Messi move to 10/6? The betting odds!

Betting Tips: Manchester City
Odds: 2.00
Betting Tips: Barcelona (new contract)
Odds: 2.20
Betting Tips: Inter Milan
Odds: 9.00
Betting Tips: Chelsea
Odds: 15.00
Betting Tips: Manchester United
Odds: 15.00
Betting Tips: AC Milan
Odds: 16.00
Betting Tips: PSG
Odds: 20.00
Betting Tips: Club from MLS
Odds: 25.00
Betting Tips: Club from Argentina
Odds: 26.00
Betting Tips: Juventus Turin
Odds: 34.00
Betting Tips: Liverpool
Odds: 34.00
Betting Tips: Club from CSL
Odds: 34.00
Betting Tips: Bayern Munich
Odds: 50.00
Betting Tips: Real Madrid
Odds: 101.00

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Messi Transfer: odds & prediction

If you want to place bets on the conceivable Messi change, you should pay particular attention to the area around Manchester City. After all, Pep Guardiola’s team seems predestined to buy the magic flea.

Not only have the Catalan coach and the long-time Barca player worked together successfully in the past, the Sky Blues also had the change to cope with the certainly very demanding contractual terms of the six-time world footballer.

Does Barcelona have any chance of Messi remaining?

  • “We want to work with the best player in history to rebuild the team for the future.” – Sports director Ramón Planes.

The fact that “La Pulga”, the Blaugrana, will remain after October 6, 2020, the end of the transfer window, is anything but impossible.

This is supported by the fact that Messi has withdrawn from resignations several times in his career. The main example is, of course, the resignation of the Argentine national team. Barcelona also seem ready to make an even bigger contractual offer.

However, the fact that the Argentine is 33 years old and doesn’t have much time left if he wants to experience another adventure at a well-known European club in his career speaks against it. Incidentally, Cristiano Ronaldo also changed clubs at the age of 33.

Messi transfer: will Barca star join ManCity?

Does “La Pulga” make it to Serie A?

Speaking of the CR7: There could be more duels with his longstanding main rival in the fight for individual titles such as world footballer, European footballer of the year or the top scorer in La Liga and / or the Champions League if Messi also makes it into the Serie A pulls.

The two Milanese teams, who also bring the necessary change and already have a lot of star power to offer, are hot tips, with Inter Milan being the better tip for a Messi transfer. The fact is that the battle for Scudetto with a Messi in Serie A would get new tension.

Provided, of course, that he is not drawn to Juventus, which, however, is not rated as too likely by the bookmakers. Nevertheless: Messi and CR7 on the same team – that would undoubtedly have something in the golden autumn of the careers of the superstars of the 21st century.

Messi transfer: will Barca star join ManCity?

Do other Premier League clubs have a chance?

We have already explained that Manchester City is a hot tip for a Messi move. But the question remains, what about the other teams in the Premier League, which is considered the best league in the world.

Chelsea seem willing to invest heavily. Liverpool also have money to pay the Argentine after having won their first league title in 30 years. Then there is Manchester United. The English record champions have not been involved in the battle for the championship for seven years now, which would change suddenly with a Messi in attack.

Ultimately, however, we consider the other Premier League clubs to be a bit too uninteresting for “La Pulga” in our prediction for a Messi transfer. With an imminent change, betting on Manchester City is likely to be almost without an alternative if it really goes to the island.

Messi transfer: will Barca star join ManCity?

PSG, Bayern or a completely different club?

Messi has won the Champions League four times in his career. Of course he would like to have more titles to follow. So why not join one of the two reigning finalists and currently perhaps the best teams in Europe?

For PSG, on the one hand, Neymar, a former teammate and confidante of Messi, is under contract there. In addition, the Tuchel troupe is known to have the financial background to meet the wishes of the Argentine.

Messi transfer: will Barca star join ManCity?

Key Facts – Messi Transfer Odds & Predictions by CoreBet

Messi left Barcelona record goalscorer (634 goals) and assists (285 assists)
Messi won ten championships, six national cups and four Champions League with Barca
Only Xavi completed more games in Blaugrana’s dress than Messi (731 competitive games)

Bayern would certainly be much less accommodating to the 33-year-old in terms of annual salary. The German record champion is certainly currently the measure of all things in Europe after the sixth handle pot and therefore automatically interesting. However, we do not believe that both parties would agree.

Ultimately, the question remains whether the Argentine might be drawn to Major League Soccer in the USA or the Chinese league or his home country in Argentina. All three is not unrealistic, but such changes are likely to be very popular in two to three years, when the magic flea is actually close to retiring from football.

In short: The hottest Messi transfer tip is and remains Manchester City, which is why it is most likely that “La Pulga” will find accommodation with his former coach Guardiola.