Melbourne Virtual F1 GP: Participants, Favorites & Betting Odds

Melbourne Virtual F1 GP: Participants, Favorites & Betting Odds

Melbourne Virtual F1 GP: Participants, Favorites & Betting Odds

Formula 1 goes digital! Leclerc there for the first time

Do you miss the racing weekends in Formula 1? You are definitely not alone. Due to the ongoing global crisis, the first eight Grand Prix’s of the new season have already been canceled in the premier class of motor sports.

So that the numerous fans around the world get their money’s worth, Virtual Formula 1 was launched. The second Virtual F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne is already on Sunday. You can of course find potential bets and betting odds at the betting base.

What is virtual Formula 1? The basis is the game “Formula 1 2019”, in which several real motorsport professionals will fight over the places together with other well-known personalities. The entire race, which, like a real race, can take up to 90 minutes, is streamed live on some platforms and is used only for the entertainment of motorsport fans. Real points for the driver classification of real Formula 1 can of course not be achieved.

However, anyone who believes that stars like Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel or Max Verstappen will sit in front of the TV at home on Sunday evening and hold the console in their hands will be deceived. The most famous participants are certainly Nico Hülkenberg, Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc.

In order to at least to some extent ensure equal opportunities, those responsible decided to adjust various settings in the game. For example, beginners have the option of using a simplified traction control or the trivial anti-lock braking system to keep their cars on the track lap by lap.

Virtual Formula 1 – Livestream – Where?

TV / livestream: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook,

Virtual Formula 1 in Melbourne

Virtual Formula 1 in Melbourne – favorites & opportunities

The Virtual F1 premiered two weeks ago. At the first event of this series, the men were virtually guests in Bahrain.

Guanyu Zhou won the opening race in Bahrain

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Chinese F2 driver Guanyu Zhou prevailed after 28 laps and referred Stoffel Vandoorne and Phillip Eng to the other podium places. Perhaps the best impression was left by Lando Norris. The Sunnyboy of the scene improved from his starting position 19 to fifth place and could almost have attacked the podium.

However, someone else made the evening laugh. Former Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert took a short cut in the first corner, moving from 16th place to the top, but was of course subsequently fined, which rewound him back to the end of the field.

It was particularly important for the organizers that two million people have watched the Virtual Grand Prix premiere on the YouTube channel to date. The start can therefore definitely be booked as a success.

Why is the virtual race taking place in Melbourne?

Probably one or the other loyal supporter should ask why the Sunday Grand Prix will be held in Melbourne, Australia. Actually, the organizers had agreed to have the respective circuit driven, which also corresponds to the current real F1 calendar.

However, since at the weekend the pack would have stopped in Vietnam for the first time in history and this route is simply missing in the 2019 PC game, Albert Park in Melbourne was selected as a replacement.

Which famous personalities are there?

When looking at the driver’s field, one or the other name immediately catches our eye. As mentioned at the beginning, there are some real Formula 1 drivers. In addition to Nico Hülkenberg and Lando Norris, Esteban Gutierrez, Nicholas Latifi and Stoffel Vandoorne also try their hand at the console. Ferrari star Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon and George Russel were also confirmed as participants at short notice.

Bahrain’s winner Guanyu Zhou completes the starting field, which currently comprises 17 drivers. In addition, there are various console-proven streamers, which according to the betting odds should only have outsider chances for a top placement at the Virtual F1 Grand Prix, as well as youngsters who are still dreaming of the premier class in talent racing classes. Ex-driver Johnny Herbert will also be at the start on Sunday.

The best-known Virtual F1 participants in the overview

Charles Leclerc
Nico Hulkenberg
Lando Norris
Esteban Gutierrez
Stoffel Vandoorne

Virtual F1: who will win the race in Melbourne?

Finally, the question of which Virtual F1 bets could pay off in Melbourne on Sunday should of course be clarified. If we believe the betting odds, then Lando Norris currently has the best prospects of his first success. This assessment of the best bookmakers is probably based primarily on the fact that the 20-year-old Brit made a strong impression in Bahrain and was able to make up some places in the race.

The value may also be hidden behind the virtual F1 bets on Charles Leclerc. The best driver in real life was not there in Bahrain two weeks ago and was therefore unable to give a business card, but many fans believe their hero has a good role.

Virtual Formula 1 Melbourne – best odds

Betting Tips: Norris
Odds: 2.75
Betting Tips: Vandoorne
Odds: 5.00
Betting Tips: Zhou
Odds: 6.00
Betting Tips: Narrow
Odds: 6.00
Betting Tips: Latifi
Odds: 13.00
Betting Tips: Leclerc
Odds: 13.00