League of Legends – Esports Betting – Info, Tips & Tricks

League of Legends - Esports Betting

League of Legends – Esports Betting – Info, Tips & Tricks – What to consider when betting on Esport

League of Legends – Esports Betting Tips & Tricks

The esport has arrived! A lot has happened in the area of ​​esports in recent years and most betting providers have reacted to the increasing popularity of virtual sports. With all well-known betting providers it is possible to bet on various games and events. In addition to classic betting, Esport offers great scope for betting enthusiasts. Games like Counter Strike or League of Legends have many tricks and with the necessary “know-how” Esports bets can be successfully completed.

In this article, the betting base wants to go into general information about the game “League of Legends” and the special features of esports betting. The esports scene is also introduced. Since LoL has developed into a spectator sport in the past few years that has now excited millions, we would like to provide insights into the betting providers, as well as tips and tricks for esports betting.

League of Legends - Esports Betting

League of Legends – The Game

League of Legends, LoL for short, is based on a fun game mode from Warcaft 3, which was developed by Blizzard. Five players per team compete against each other. Each player controls one of many characters, each with unique abilities and characteristics. The aim of the game is to obtain gold by destroying the opponent’s computer-controlled units or the opponents’ characters in order to ultimately destroy their main base. After this mode became very popular with the players, several companies adopted this concept and developed their own games based on this game principle. In 2009 RIOT Games released the game League of Legends, which is now one of the best known and most popular esports titles.

In LoL five players also compete against each other. Before the game begins, the teams alternate between choosing the characters they want to play the game with. There are now over 100 different characters, which makes the game very variable in terms of tactics and dynamics. There are different classes of characters, for example magicians, shooters, fighters, supporters or assassins, who take on different tasks in the team.

The card is divided into three ways, on which so-called minions (units controlled by the PC) appear regularly. At the start of the game, the players distribute themselves in these ways and meet their opponents. As the game progresses, there are large team battles for objects such as towers or epic monsters that are scattered across the map. The ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy base. The same card is always played, but due to the high variability in champions, the game is always different and requires not only individual skill but also a high level of knowledge and practice. By adding new characters as well as game changes to the existing characters and the map, the fun of the game is always maintained and is crucial for the long life and popularity of the game.

League of Legends - esports scene

League of Legends – esports scene

While tournaments were mainly held in the first two seasons, a real league system emerged in 2013. These leagues were divided into the regions of Europe, North America, China, Taiwan and South Korea. This was the start of the large LoL esports scene. There are now separate leagues in smaller regions and the number is increasing from year to year. For example, there is the so-called EU LCS in Europe. In this league ten teams fight for the title of Europe. The league process is divided into a spring and a summer season. In addition to this league process, there are also international tournaments, such as the Intel Extreme Masters. The main events are organized by RIOT itself. These include the All-Stars tournament, MSI and the popular World Cup. The best teams represent their region at the World Cup and the MSI in international comparison.

League of Legends has established itself as a spectator sport and the number of enthusiasts has steadily increased in recent years. Esport is omnipresent in Germany too. The games of the European League (EU LCS) will be played in Berlin and the final of the 2016 World Cup was broadcast live on Sport1. An incredible 43 million people around the world watched the final of the last World Cup and more spectators are expected in 2017. The prize pool of $ 6.7 million is also impressive. Well-known organizations such as Fnatic, G2 Esports or TSM started in the LoL esports scene. The stronghold of the LoL esports scene is in the home of the esports, in South Korea. In international comparison, the Korean teams have dominated the esports scene for years, and South Korea has won the last four world titles.

Most important esports teams:



The South Korean team SKT T1 should be known to every Esports fan. The team already won the World Cup in 2013. After a drop in performance in summer 2014, the team failed to qualify for the World Cup. A year later, the organization merged its two teams, SKT T1 K and SKT T1 S, and formed a new group. The team thus achieved another world championship title in Europe in 2015 and SKT remained at the top of the world in 2016 with the title defense. SKT T1 won three of the six world championship titles and is the most dominant team in LoL esports history. The team is the top favorite for the World Cup title in 2017 and has already won the MSI in Brazil.



Fnatic are a European team that has existed since the first season and won the first world championship. The team remained at the top of the EU LCS for the following years and is the record title holder (5 LCS titles). Internationally, Fnatic reached the semi-finals at two world championships (2013 and 2015). Players like “xPeke” and “Rekkles” have long been part of the scene and Fnatic has a large fan base. In 2016, some players left the team, but the success was lacking. With a newly formed team around superstar AD-Carry “Rekkles”, Fnatic reached third place in spring 2017.



The North American organization TSM (Team Solomid) is a veteran of LoL esports. Just like Fnatic has been there since the first season and was founded by a LoL player, TSM is one of the most popular and well-known teams on the scene. With five LCS titles, TSM is the most successful team in North America, international success has so far failed to materialize. At the World Cup, it was enough for the quarter-finals.

Esports - betting strategies & tips

Esports – betting strategies & tips

The interesting aspect and the biggest incentive for sports betting is that you can gain advantages over the betting provider by having enough knowledge about the game. While the betting providers probably base their odds largely on statistics, there is a lack of game-specific knowledge.

Esports live betting

This advantage is strongest in live betting. The bookmakers base their betting odds on the strength of the team before the start of the game, which of course makes sense. In live betting, odds are determined based on the gold advantage of the leading team. However, a gold advantage at LoL does not always have to be decisive. Since there are different characters and team combinations in the game, an advantage or disadvantage of gold does not always mean anything. Some characters are naturally weaker than others at the start of the game and stronger in later phases of the game. There are also teams that often fall behind in the early phases of the game, but later find their way back into the game through good team play. A fitting example is the multiple world champion SKT T1, who is known for often turning large backlogs into a victory. Due to this dynamic, Esports Live bets can often result in very high betting odds that do not correspond to the actual state of the game.

Esports game modes

Another important factor in esports is the game mode. In addition to the usual “best-of-three” mode, which is played in the league process, there are also the “best-of-1” and “best-of-5” modes. In tournaments, such as the World Cup, the group phase is usually held in Bo1. The Bo5 mode is used for playoff games. Our recommendation here is to rely more on the outsider in Bo1, since LoL often comes with surprises and the “underdog” often wins over the favorite. In contrast to other sports, preparation plays a very important role. On the other hand, the surprise factor is very high, especially at international events. In contrast, in Bo5 it is usually not worth taking the underdog tip, since the stronger team usually wins out in a game series.

Specific Esports betting tips

The game-specific tips are also interesting for betting enthusiasts. In First Blood betting (which team gets the first kill) you should pay particular attention to the respective jungler of the team and its character. Since it happens very rarely that one of the players dies in one-on-one, the junglers are very relevant. Knowing the players and characters can result in advantages, since the bookmakers determine the betting odds before the start of the game, they lack this knowledge. Champions such as “Lee Sin”, “Rek´Sai” or “Elise” are often very strong at the start of the game and often achieve First Blood. Individual players are also known to be so-called “First Blood – Kings”, such as “Jankos”, “Levi” and “Akaadian”.

Tips such as “Every team destroys an inhibitor / Baron Nashor” are also interesting. The games can be very tight and lengthy, especially for high-class teams that are at eye level. As a result, these two tips often work and the betting odds are mostly very high – in the range between 7.0 and 10.0.

As already mentioned, there are also teams with different playing styles and strengths. Those who are familiar with these can type with foresight. Some teams find their strengths in the individual area and in the “early game”, others have a strong team game and “late game”. Taking this fact and the team combination into account, you can guess victories behind. The multiple eWeltmeister SKT T1 or G2 Esports are weaker in the “early game” than many other teams, but win back in later game phases. On the other hand, teams like Echo FOX or KT Rolster tend to give up big tours.

So it can be seen that esports betting is very complex, but compared to most other sports, knowledge of the game and the scene can give you advantages. As a result, the betting base recommends betting enthusiasts to deal with the game or to obtain information and tips in some other way before making sports bets. Anyone who follows the games anyway should specialize in Esports Live betting, as this is where the greatest values ​​arise.