Heretics vs G2 Free Betting Tips

Heretics vs G2 Free Betting Tips

Heretics vs G2 Free Betting Tips

In the lower bracket round two, the team Heretics meets, who won 2-0 against North on G2, who had to surrender against Astralis. The winner of this duel must fight their way back to the final through the lower final and the consolidation final. With G2, the current number six meets Heretics, which are ranked 29th in the world rankings.

Between Heretics and G2, the betting odds clearly favor the team around IGL nexa. Two French organizations make progress among themselves. The playoffs will also be played online and broadcast live on Twitch.

Where and when does Heretics vs. G2 in TV / Stream?

Date: 14 May 2020

TV / livestream: Twitch (official channel: ESL ONE)

The game between Heretics and G2 will be broadcast live on May 14th, 2020 on the Twitch platform. The official stream of the ESL as well as the Spanish, French and Spanish branches of the ESL have already registered for the transmission.

Heretics vs G2 Free Betting Tips

Heretics – Statistics & current form

The French lineup has been playing together since early 2020. In addition to two very well-known players called Lucky and kioShiMa, who have been active in the professional scene for several years, they strengthened with the Belgian Nivera and the French xms at the beginning of this year.

The first days of the ESL One: Road to Rio went extremely well for the team and three victories were achieved in the opening duels. Defeats in the last four remaining game days finally secured them fourth place and the tight progression in their group.

In the duel of the Lower Brackets against North on Tuesday, the French managed to win the duel by 16:14 and 16:13 after two maps. Heretics had the better end for Inferno and Vertigo. With a odds of 1.63 and 61 kills on two games, Maka in particular showed.

The rest of the team was on average and at North it was mostly stand-in jumpy, which was a bit behind in terms of kills. Between Heretics and G2, the betting providers’ prediction is clearly G2, but another incredible idea of ​​Maka could open up space for the French.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇫🇷 B1GGY

Players: 🇫🇷 Maka, 🇫🇷 kioShiMa, 🇫🇷 Lucky, 🇫🇷 xms, 🇧🇪 Nivera

Heretics vs G2 Free Betting Tips

G2 – Statistics & current form

The French organization made a big change at the end of last year. With the signing of nexa and huN, they signed international players and a different-language IGL under contract for the first time. So the team language was changed to English and for the three French kennyS, JaCkz and AmaNEK it was a major change, which ended in initial communication problems. However, the team soon managed to build a special bond with each other and celebrated its first successes.

At the ESL One: Road to Rio, the group phase did not go 100% according to plan, but you got away with a black eye and secured second place in Group B. Wins against GODSENT, Copenhagen Flames, Movistar Riders and c0ntact secured their progress .

In the end, however, they had to surrender to any stronger team. Defeats against FaZe, mousesports and North let them go 4: 3 out of the group. On the first game day of the Upper Brackets you lost relatively clearly against a usual strong Astralis.

For G2, the path now continues in the lower bracket. The Lower Bracket semi-final between Heretics and G2 will take place this Wednesday. The odds in this duel favor the mixed team. The loser of this duel is eliminated from the tournament, while the winner meets the winner between NiP and Vitality and a place for the final consolidation plays out.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇫🇷 maLeK

Players: 🇫🇷 kennyS, 🇫🇷 JaCkz, 🇫🇷 AmaNEK, 🇷🇸 nexa, 🇧🇦 huNter-

Heretics vs G2 Direct comparison

There is still no direct comparison between the two teams. Between Heretics and G2, the tip of the betting provider is clearly G2.

The focus is on these maps

Heretics chose Train as her spell and has a very good win rate especially on Vertigo. All in all, your map pool looks generally stable. With victory rates of over 60% on four of the six maps, they win the majority of their duels. They only have their difficulties on Mirage and Inferno. On the last days of the game, they chose Inferno and Nuke as their pick.

G2 mostly bans Overpass, but has decided against Astralis for the enemy-specific ban with Nuke. They currently like to peck vertigo and feel very comfortable on inferno. Nuke, Mirage and Train are also good maps for the team. Only on Dust, which was their pick for a long time, could they only win 40% of their duels.

Games on Vertigo and Nuke would be conceivable in this duel. Overpass and train are very likely to be bans and Dust2 would be possible as a decision maker. Between Heretics and G2, odds of 2.00 on over 2.5 maps are available.

Heretics vs G2 Free Betting Tips Provided by PicksSoccer Tipsters

In the duel Heretics vs. G2 prefer the odds for a bet on the victory the team around Kenny clear. The group stage was not as clear as expected, but they are the clear favorite in the duel between the French organizations. A bet on the favorites with betting odds of 1.48 is possible between Heretics and G2. The most likely result is a 2-0 win for G2

Heretics vs. G2 tips

Heretics convincing against North.
G2 absolute world-class team with a clear advantage.
The betting odds speak clearly against Heretics.

Another exciting duel awaits the CS: GO fans, in which the loser has to say goodbye to the tournament. We go between Heretics and G2 with odds of 1.48 and a stake of eight units for a win for G2.

Heretics vs G2 Best odds 14.05.2020 – ESL One Road to Rio

Betting Tips: Heretics wins
Odds: 2.80
Betting Tips: G2 victory
Odds: 1.48