Freiburg vs Mainz Betting Tips

Freiburg vs Mainz Betting Tips 17/08/2019

Competition: Bundesliga
Date: 17.08.2019
Betting Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.77
Stake: 4/10 units
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Sadness is blowing this Saturday over the Black Forest, because the SC Freiburg starts in his farewell season – not by the Bundesliga, but by the one-time companion, namely the Black Forest Stadium. If everything goes according to plan, then the sports club plays only in this season in the old stadium and moves from the season 2020/21 in the new arena.

Freiburg vs Mainz Today’s Betting Tips

Maybe it is the right time to remember the old venue with many wins and great games. On Saturday, the Breisgauer could possibly start with a threesome over FSV Mainz. Freiburg against Mainz, more miracle bag in the German upper house actually hardly. For both teams, everything is possible again from European Cup to relegation.
Meanwhile Rheinhessen have established themselves as a fixed inventory in the German upper house. Mainz goes into the eleventh season in series in the Bundesliga. This continuity is also desired in the Black Forest. After all, the Freiburg are represented in the first league for the fourth year in a row. The relegation is without alternative this season, you do not want to open the new stadium as a second division.

The first match day is not the thing of Freiburg and Mainz. The 05ers have celebrated two victories at the season opener in the last seven years, but twice against VfB Stuttgart, who is no longer playing in the upper house. The Freiburger celebrated even last of 18 years a victory for the Bundesliga opener, as they could prevail 3-0 against Werder Bremen.

We can not make a favorite in this game. A look at the odds also reveals that it would be difficult to make a specific prediction or a tip in the match between Freiburg and Mainz. There was an indication of the current form in the DFB Cup last weekend, when Freiburg and Mainz also had to torment and the 05ers even remained on the track.

Mainz has missed the start of the competitive match and should therefore be under pressure on Saturday in Breisgau and be out for reparation. We are curious to see if Sandro Schwarz’s team succeeds.

Freiburg vs Mainz Betting Tips

Freiburg – Statistics & Current Form

How does the SC Freiburg say goodbye to the Black Forest Stadium? That’s the big question Christian Streich probably faces, with a coach having to deal with this topic on a permanent basis and find ways to improve the team permanently. Worry wrinkles got the coach in the last season because of the defensive.

Freiburg has never conceded in the last twelve Bundesliga matches. However, this statistic also faces the alleged home strength of the Breisgauer. In the Bundesliga SC Freiburg conceded in the last seven home games only one defeat.

The own fans must be again this year the pledge for a successful season. Under these circumstances, perhaps more than relegation is possible. However, Freiburg will have to improve in the upcoming games, because in the match in the first round of the Cup, the Breisgauer looked bloodless in the last week.

Now the 1st FC Magdeburg was certainly an ungrateful opponent, but Freiburg was extremely difficult. After a goalless draw after 90 minutes had the team of Christian Streich detention. In extra time, the balanced game was decided by the individual quality of Luca Waldschmidt, who scored the 1-0 winner after a solo attempt.

In this condition, however, it would scarcely be our first choice to record the odds of a home victory in the duel between Freiburg and Mainz. The Freiburg coach obviously looks quite similar. When he philosophizes about the Mainz, the greatest respect resonates in his voice.

“Mainz 05 is a good, compact team with many fast players. Sometimes we stand in front of them, let them face us. But in the past, they were ahead in direct duels. ” – Christian Streich

Above all, the speed and compactness of the 05er have done to the coach of the Breisgauer. In addition, he has in mind that the sports club against the FSV very often has the short straw. On Saturday, some players will be forced to watch, which Christian Streich would have liked to have with them.

Jannik Haberer is one of those, but he is also in the advanced training as Gian-Luca Itter, Lukas Kübler, Tim Kleindienst or even Marco Terrazzino. Maybe we see the Bundesliga debut of young South Korean Woo-yeong Jeong, who has moved from the U19 of Bayern to the Black Forest.

Expected formation of Freiburg:
↪ Schwolow – Schmid, Lienhart, Heintz, Günter – Höfler, Frantz, Borello, Sallai – Waldschmidt, Petersen
↪ Trainer: Streich

Last matches from Freiburg:

⚽️ 10.08.2019 – Magdeburg Vs. Freiburg 0: 1 n.V. (DFB-cup)
⚽️ 03.08.2019 – Freiburg vs Cagliari Calcio 4: 1 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 03.08.2019 – Freiburg vs Cagliari Calcio 0: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 19.07.2019 – Freiburg vs VfB Stuttgart 2: 4 (friendly)
⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Offenburg FV vs. Freiburg 1: 6 (friendly)

Freiburg vs Mainz Betting Tips

Mainz – Statistics & Current Form

The FSV Mainz is often laughed at, but even periods of weakness make the Rheinhessen nothing. Again and again they manage to get over each other and get back on track. Also in the last season many had the 05er as relegation candidates on the slip. Mainz has again survived a season in the Bundesliga and now the 05er are almost a fixture.

Sandro Schwarz will hope that the team he developed so well last year will not need a long lead-in this season. Freiburg could be the perfect opening opponent, because against no opponent Mainz has celebrated more victories in the Bundesliga or scored more goals. Sandro Schwarz could not have wished for a better start opponent.

If the Mainz but present as it was the case in the last week in the DFB Cup, then the short journey home from the Black Forest will certainly start without points. In the derby at 1 FC Kaiserslautern, it looked only in phases after football, which conjured the 05er on the lawn. In the first half, it missed the team of Sandro Black to submit a goal.

Subsequently, the Palatine took over more and more the command and won at the end earned 2: 0, although somewhat favored by the referee. However, the fact is that the Rheinhessen are not allowed to play in the Bundesliga. With such a performance in the match between Freiburg and Mainz probably no prediction on a victory of the guests will be delivered.

What applies to Christian Streich can also be said about Sandro Schwarz. The Mainz coach is very impressed by the way the Breisgauer plays.

“The SC Freiburg is a team that plays very actively against the ball, very running intensive and moves technically and tactically at a very high level.” – Sandro Schwarz

Although he sees his team certainly with opportunities, but only if they runners and combative everything will throw in the pan. The statistics speak at least for Mainz 05.

The FSV will have to give up four important players at the season opener. Stefan Bell fails with an ankle injury. Philipp Mwene, Jean-Philippe Mateta and Dong-Won Ji got a little worse. All three will not be available with knee injuries. For Pierre customer Malong could slip after his late arrival after the African Cup in the starting eleven.

Expected formation of Mainz:
↪ Müller – Brosinski, St. Juste, Niakhate, Aaron – Client – Fernandes, Latza, Boetius – Onisiwo, Quaison
↪ Coach: Schwarz

Last matches of Mainz:

⚽️ 10.08.2019 – Kaiserslautern Vs. Mainz 2: 0 (DFB Cup)
⚽️ 03.08.2019 – Metz Vs. Mainz 0: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 03.08.2019 – Metz Vs. Mainz 0: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 21.07.2019 – Mainz vs Regensburg 1: 2 (friendly)
⚽️ 17.07.2019 – Mainz vs Rayo Vallecano 2: 0 (Friendly Match)

Freiburg vs Mainz Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The teams from Freiburg and Mainz have dueled 40 times so far. In direct comparison, both teams are close to each other. Mainz is only just ahead with 15:12 after winning. 13 games ended in a draw. In addition to the parties in the Bundesliga, these two teams separated in January in two friendly matches with 2: 2

The 05ers have all won the last three competitive games against SC Freiburg. Such a series Mainz can show against any other Bundesliga. In the last game it was really bitter for the sports club. Jen-Paul Boetius, Jen-Philippe Mateta (3) and Karim Onisiwo were the scorers in Mainz’s 5-0 win.

Freiburg vs Mainz Soccer Betting Tips Provided by Our CoreBet Experts

What Freiburg and Mainz offered last weekend in the DFB Cup should not be a reference for the season, because then this season could end bitterly. But we assume that both clubs will berelleln and show themselves in a better shape. A victory of the Freiburg seems almost impossible. After all, the sports club since 2001 has not won any Bundesliga opener.

In addition, the Mainz have won the last three competitive games against the SCF. However, the 05ers were a bit weaker in the Cup last week than the Breisgauers. Therefore, we find it very difficult to make the right tip in the match between Freiburg and Mainz. We can already imagine that it will be a game at eye level, but without the very big level.

Key Facts – Freiburg vs Mainz tips

⭐️ The SC Freiburg won in 2001 a first game in the Bundesliga.
⭐️ In all of the last twelve Bundesliga games Freiburg has not conceded.
⭐️ Most victories and goals are in the Bundesliga for the Mainz against Freiburg to book.

We can not bring ourselves to bet on a winner in this encounter. But we think that it is quite possible that both teams will cheer for a goal. After the disappointing matches in the week before, we expect playful teams to fall forward. Therefore, in the duel between Freiburg and Mainz, we are betting odds that both teams to score.


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