FaZe vs TYLOO Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa – Esports

FaZe vs TYLOO Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa - Esports

FaZe vs TYLOO Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa – Esports

Firepower against the newcomer from China

The current number 7 in the world starts the only Chinese top 30 team in the ESL Pro League Season 11.

In group C there will be some exciting duels over the next few days. In addition to FaZe, mouz and G2 are the favorites for promotion.

The duel between FaZe and TYLOO was also in the last two ESL Pro Leagues.

For the three favorites, victories against the underdogs are mandatory in order to qualify as group leaders for the next stage. FaZe played some strong games in Katowice and has not competed since. TYLOO last took part in the Asia Minor Closed Qualifier and was able to qualify.

At FaZe against TYLOO betting odds of 8.00 are available for the tip on TYLOO.

FaZe vs TYLOO livestream – where?

📺 TV / livestream: Twitch (official channel: ESL_CSGO)

The duel FaZe against TYLOO will run live on Thursday on the main stream of the ESL. This is called ESL_CSGO and streams the most interesting games at the respective time. A stream is also offered for German fans. The 99Damage has set up an extra channel for the ESL and has transmission rights for all games.

FaZe vs TYLOO Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa - Esports

FaZe – Statistics & current form

The mixed lineup from FaZe managed a 2-0 win in the Group A final at the BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020 against Liquid. In Katowice they had a 1-2 defeat in the first group game against NAVI. As a result, FaZe fought back through the lower bracket against Renegades and Vitality into the tournament.

The game for promotion to the quarter-finals went again against NAVI, who narrowly won the duel again. On the Inferno decision map, FaZe had to surrender 16:14 and had to leave prematurely.

Ingenious individualists, but little team spirit?

The lineup around IGL NiKo has steadily improved in recent years and has been strengthened with players from all over the world. After karrigan left the team for Mouz, NiKo took over the role as announcer. After starting difficulties, he found his job easier and led FaZe back to its former strength. The team, which primarily has shooting power, consists of five of the best individual players of all time.

In 2019, they celebrated two LAN successes at BLAST Pro Copenhagen and BLAST Pro Miami. However, the big title failed to appear. The constancy of FaZe, which always showed good games, can be seen in the world rankings. They have been in the top 10 of the HLTV ranking almost continuously since 2017.

Bookies at FaZe vs TYLOO have chosen the favorites as their favorites with betting odds of 1.07.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇷🇸 YNk

Players: 🇸🇪 olofmeister, 🇧🇦 NiKo, 🇳🇴 rain, 🇧🇷 coldzera, 🇱🇻 broky

FaZe vs TYLOO Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa - Esports

TYLOO – Statistics & current form

TYLOO is currently the strongest Chinese team and occupies 29th place in the world rankings. With victories against EHOME, Lynn Vision and Wubba, they won three of the last five duels. They only had to admit defeats to ViCi and 100Thieves.

At the end of 2019, BnTeT left the team in the direction of GenG. It was replaced by xeta, which has been active in the CS: GO scene since the end of 2017. With MVP PK he creates some minor successes and now has the opportunity to prove himself at the top of the world.

The organization TYLOO has existed since 2007 and has been active in CS: GO since 2013. In 2019, TYLOO took third place at the Asia Championships and at eXTREMESLAND CS: GO Asia they were able to secure the victory against Vici Gaming.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇨🇳 KingZ

Players: 🇨🇳 somebody, 🇨🇳 Summer, 🇨🇳 Attacker, 🇨🇳 Freeman, 🇰🇷 xeta

FaZe vs TYLOO – Direct Comparison

In season 9 of the Pro League, FaZe prevailed on Vertigo with 16:12 in the summer. The Season 10 duel at the end of December was played on Inferno, Dust2 and Mirage. After a surprisingly clear victory on Inferno by TYLOO, FaZe beat them on Dust2 and Mirage in single digits. The duel was ultimately won by FaZe 2-1.

FaZe against TYLOO can bet on over 2.5 cards with a odds of 3.25.

FaZe vs TYLOO Betting odds comparison

🎮 Betting Tips: FaZe
👾 Odds: 1.07

🎮 Betting Tips: TYLOO
👾 Odds: 7.50

FaZe vs TYLOO Maps

FaZe is currently acting as their first spell, but varies from time to time. Vertigo and overpass are rarely used. As a pick, they mostly choose Mirage. Nuke was chosen in the last duel against NAVI. With a victory rate of 100%, FaZe has convinced in the last five games on Nuke.

TYLOO acts Nuke as her spell and otherwise pecks differently. The best maps of the Chinese team are Mirage, Dust2 and Overpass.

Duels on Overpass, Dust2 and Mirage would be conceivable. It remains to be seen whether one of the teams has specially prepared for a less played map and wants to surprise the opponent.

FaZe vs TYLOO Free Betting Tips and Odds by CoreBet Tipsters

As a clear favorite, FaZe starts the first group game. Nevertheless, both teams had enough time to prepare for the ESL Pro League.

FaZe vs TYLOO tips

🎮 FaZe clear favorite
🎮 Betting odds down to the outsider TYLOO
🎮 Very clear victory in the last duel for FaZe

In the duel FaZe against TYLOO we go with a odds of 3.60 to a 2-1 for FaZe.

FaZe vs TYLOO Best Odds – ESL Pro League Season

🎮 Betting Tips: FaZe win
👾 Odds: 1.08
🎮 Betting Tips: China TYLOO
👾 Odds: 8.00