Europa League Draw Group 2019 Betting Odds & Schedules


Who can break the English dominance?

Does English dominance continue in international competitions? If you believe the bookmakers, then yes. In the premier class Manchester City is considered a big favorite on the handlebar pot and also in the “Second League” of Europe, the Europa League are with Arsenal London and Manchester United two teams from the island at the forefront. The German teams are not among the big favorites.

However, it is exactly the appeal that many clubs, spread over the entire continent, are with and provide a surprise every now and then. After the draw, the twelve groups of four are determined and the clubs know where their journey will lead. Numerous teams from German-speaking countries are represented. Last year’s semi-finalist Eintracht Frankfurt, VfL Wolfsburg and Borussia Mönchengladbach will play for the Bundesliga.
From Austria LASK and Wolfsberg are at the start. The Linz had almost followed RB Salzburg in the Champions League, but in the playoffs there was that against Club Bruges. Switzerland sends its two best teams to the competition with Meister Bern and FC Basel. This is joined by the FC Lugano, who also wants to breathe international air and got a feasible group be drawn.

However, there are no simple opponents any more, and the experience of recent years has shown that celebrity names can fail even in the group stage if they do not approach the task with great seriousness. On the 19th of September, it starts with the first match day and the hunt for Chelsea FC, the reigning champions.

Europa League Draw Group 2019

The sequence of the group phase of the Europa League 2019/20

A long way to go before the clubs is to reach the final at the Gdansk Stadium in Gdańsk, Poland, which will take place on 27 May 2020. First, the clubs were divided in the group stage in a total of twelve groups of four, in which they play in the “each against each” a return match. The two leading clubs after six matchdays move into the knockout phase, which begins after the winter break in the new calendar year.

In addition to the 24 successful teams, the eight third place finishers from the group phase of the Champions League to join, so that 32 teams from this time in co-mode, the field slowly downsize. National duels are also allowed for the first time from the round of the last sixteen, and the game continues until the two best teams are left to fight for the title.

Group A: Qarabag Agdam, Dudelange, APOEL Nicosia, Sevilla FC

Sevilla have started very well in the new La Liga season, making them even more of a favorite than they would have been in Group A anyway. Spanish clubs are traditionally strong in the Europa League and so the other three clubs will have to take second place. APOEL Nicosia has probably the best maps with the biggest international experience.


Winner Group A – Betting odds

Qarabag Agdam ➠ 18,00
Dudelange ➠ 61,00
APOEL Nicosia ➠ 12,00
Sevilla FC ➠ 1.06

Group B: Dynamo Kiev, FC Copenhagen, FC Lugano, Malmo FF

Group B is very balanced and the Swiss representative FC Lugano does not have to hide. The club from the Alpine republic has absolutely chances to stand against the northern lights from Malmö and Copenhagen, as well as against the Ukrainians from Kiev, who are the most valued.

Winner Group B – Betting odds

Dynamo Kiev ➠ 1,95
FC Copenhagen ➠ 4.00
FC Lugano ➠ 6,00
Malmö FF ➠ 6,00

Group C: FC Basel, Getafe, Krasnodar, Trabzonspor

The entry into the knockout round will not be a matter of course for FC Basel. Krasnodar and before all Getafe are very unpleasant opponents who are good in the back. Even an away game in Turkey is never easy with the atmospheric fans. Qualitatively, however, the FCB should prevail and storm together with the Spaniards from Getafe in the second round.

Winner Group C – Betting odds
FC Basel ➠ 4.50
Getafe ➠ 2.60
Krasnodar ➠ 3.50
Trabzonspor ➠ 4,85

Group D: PSV Eindhoven, LASK, Sporting Lisbon, Rosenborg Trondheim

LASK almost made use of the huge money pots of UEFA. But even after the end in the premier class, the entry into the group stage of the Europa League is still a huge success for the Linzer. The opponents are very attractive and athletic a big challenge. Trondheim may still be beaten, but the Austrians need a real Sahnetag to keep up with the two European heavyweights Sporting Lisbon and PSV Eindhoven. In any case LASK has nothing to lose in this group D.

Winner Group D – Betting odds

PSV Eindhoven ➠ 2,20
LASK ➠ 8,00
Sporting Lisbon ➠ 2.30
Rosenborg Trondheim ➠ 8.00

Group E: CFR Cluj, Celtic Glasgow, Stade Rennes, Lazio Roma

Lazio Roma and Celtic Glasgow, two teams that have been to the Champions League many times, are the big favorites in Group E. Especially the Italian teams have not always been in the mood for Europe in the recent past and the stadiums were in them Playing weakly attended. Therefore, for example Stade Rennes a surprise and the confidence to enter the round of the last 32.

Winner Group E – Betting odds

CFR Cluj ➠ 11,00
Celtic Glasgow ➠ 5,00
Stade Rennes ➠ 5,00
Lazio Roma ➠ 1.65

Group F: Arsenal, Eintracht Frankfurt, Vitoria Guimares, Standard Liege

Eintracht Frankfurt can look forward to a nearly perfect draw. With Guimares and Liège, the Eagles meet two knock-out opponents and with the Arsenal FC also travels a real top club in the Commerzbank-Arena. It would have to be strange, if in this group not the two favorites make the race. Frankfurt failed in the preseason in the semifinals to Chelsea and the Gunners were subject to the blues then in the final. Both clubs have so licked blood and want to build on this success.

Winner Group F – Betting odds

Arsenal ➠ 1.50
Eintracht Frankfurt ➠ 4.50
Vitoria Guimares ➠ 9,00
Standard Liège ➠ 10.00

Group G: Young Boys Bern, Glasgow Rangers, FC Porto, Feyenoord Rotterdam

If there is such a thing as a hammer group, then it is the group G. Ironically, there, the Swiss champion Young Boys Bern landed. With Glasgow Rangers, FC Porto and Feyenoord Rotterdam all three opponents are very dangerous. The Portuguese are usually regulars in the premier class and it will be exciting to see how they come to terms with the role in the “Second League”. If they suffer from motivation problems, this could be the chance for the Swiss capital club.

Winner Group G – Betting odds

Young Boys Bern ➠ 5.75
Glasgow Rangers ➠ 5.0
FC Porto ➠ 2,00
Feyenoord Rotterdam ➠ 4.50

Group H: Espanyol Barcelona, ​​Ferencvaros Budapest, CSKA Moscow, Ludogorets Razgrad

Espanyol convinced in qualifying with offensive football worth seeing and will continue this in the group stage. The little brother of Messi and Co. puts all three clubs from the group H qualitatively in the bag and will hardly take the first place. Behind a duel between Moscow and Razgrad should be decided by trifles. Ferencvaros will hardly have a say in the fight for the second round

Winner Group H – Betting odds

Espanyol Barcelona ➠ 2,20
Ferencvaros Budapest ➠ 12,50
CSKA Moscow ➠ 2.50
Ludogorets Razgrad ➠ 16,00

Group I: KAA Ghent, Oleksandrija, St. Etienne, VfL Wolfsburg

The VfL Wolfsburg is currently laughing well. In the Bundesliga, the wolfs are running smoothly and now they have lots of luck too. The group with Oleksandrija, St. Etienne and KAA Gent can, to put it mildly, be described as feasible. In other words, a move into the knockout phase with these opponents is absolutely mandatory for a Bundesliga club. Behind the club from the Autostadt St. Etienne has the best cards in the race for 2nd place. The colors green-white dominate in group I.

Winner Group I – Betting odds

KAA Gent ➠ 6,50
Oleksandria ➠ 11,00
St. Etienne ➠ 2.50
VfL Wolfsburg ➠ 2,20

Group J: Istanbul Basaksehir, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Roma, Wolfsberg

A German-Austrian duel with unequal signs stands. While Borussia Mönchengladbach wants to draw six counters against Wolfsberg in order not to leave any unnecessary points in the long-distance duel with Basaksehir and the Roma, each game is a festive day for the Austrians. Every goal, every point will be frenetically celebrated, even if the underdog can not intervene at the end when moving into the next round. Above all, the foals’ eyes must be directed towards the Bosphorus and Istanbul Basaksehir should be left behind. It will be very difficult for Borussia against AS Roma.

Winner Group J – Betting odds

Istanbul Basaksehir ➠ 8.00
Gladbach ➠ 3,00
AS Roma ➠ 1.75
Wolfsberg ➠ 15,00

Group K: Sporting Braga, Slovan Bratislava, Besiktas Istanbul, Wolverhampton Wanderers

A very colorful mix from all over Europe has gathered in the group K and made for a very interesting constellation. Wolverhampton from the island, Besiktas from the Bosphorus, Braga from the southwest corner of the continent and they Slovaks from Bratislava will be fighting for the first two places. To give a prediction directly after the draw for Europa League draw is incredibly difficult. Judging by the betting odds of the bookmakers, the Wolves and the black eagles have the best cards.

Winner Group K – Betting odds

Sporting Braga ➠ 4.50
Slovan Bratislava ➠ 15,50
Besiktas Istanbul ➠ 3,20
Wolverhampton Wanderers ➠ 2,00

Group L: AZ Alkmaar, Astana, Partizan Belgrade, Manchester United

Manchester United will easily play in the next round. The Red Devils are qualitatively superior to the opponents in the Group L worlds, which is why AZ Alkmaar, Partizan Belgrade and FC Astana will fight for second place. The Serbs, with the home advantage and the incentive that the great city rivals Red Star is even in the premier class with the confidence that they leave the competition behind and together with the troupe of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer international winter.

Winner Group L – Betting odds

AZ Alkmaar ➠ 7,00
Partizan Belgrade ➠ 10.00
Astana ➠ 26,00
Manchester United ➠ 1.22

Who will win the Europa League? – The current odds

Predicting which club will take the title at the end is hard to impossible. If only because eight more, some high-profile teams, after the winter break from the Champions League to join. From the current point of view, a tip on the betting odds makes no sense for the winner of the Europa League 1029/20. If anything, a small bet should be made on a surprise hit.

Eintracht Frankfurt is again a good tip with a 40 odds. In qualifying, Adi Hütter’s troupe proved how hot they are again for European evenings and the crowd will be uncompromising in supporting the Hessians in the Commerzbank Arena, which will not be the case for all clubs in the Europa League.


Manchester United ➠ 5,50
Arsenal ➠ 6.00
Sevilla ➠ 13,00
AS Roma ➠ 17.00
Lazio Roma ➠ 25.00
FC Porto ➠ 25.00
VfL Wolfsburg ➠ 30.00
Gladbach ➠ 30.00
Eintracht Frankfurt ➠ 40.00
Sporting Lisbon ➠ 40.00
PSV Eindhoven ➠ 40.00
Espanyol Barcelona ➠ 50.00
Dynamo Kiev ➠ 60.00
Besiktas Istanbul ➠ 60.00
CSKA Moscow ➠ 60.00
FC Krasnodar ➠ 60.00
AS St. Etienne ➠ 60,00