Espanyol Barcelona SRL vs Real Madrid SRL Free Betting Tips

Espanyol Barcelona SRL vs Real Madrid SRL Free Betting Tips

Espanyol Barcelona SRL vs Real Madrid SRL Free Betting Tips

Espanyol Barcelona vs Real Madrid in the simulated reality game of La Liga

Espanyol Barcelona simulates the 32nd matchday of the Spanish Primera Division against Real Madrid. This game will start on 06.05.2020. Even if it is based on artificial intelligence, this game promises pure betting pleasure, because this game is based on a historical football database. This duel has been common to date, with the overall record showing the most Real Madrid victory. Furthermore, Espanyol Barcelona are in last place after 27 real games and Real Madrid are in second place. The last victory was won by Espanyol Barcelona on February 27, 2018 against Real. After 6 simulated games, nothing has changed in the La Liga table for Espanyol, only Real Madrid has taken the lead.

Can Espanyol Barcelona win at least the simulated reality game against Real Madrid?

Espanyol Barcelona SRL

Have nothing to lose due to the table situation
At least were a little stronger at home against Real than abroad

The fact is that they had already lost the first leg 2-0. If you look at the odds and the results of the 6 simulated games, then there is not much to suggest that Espanyol Barcelona will win. Of the simulated reality games, they won only once against Real Sociedad, with the odds for a win being 7.30. Otherwise the results matched the odds and therefore the probabilities. If these results were added to the La Liga table, they would still have finished last in the table with 27 points and won only 6 out of 33 games and lost 18. A draw would also have been possible. They scored 29 times and admitted 53 points. They would have been the second weakest in defense and also the second weakest in graduation.

Until Corona interrupted the 2019/20 season in Spain, Espanyol played 13 home games. They decided only 1 of them and made 5 draws. They accepted 7 losses. They scored 12 times and allowed 24 goals. This results in the last place in the table in the home table. At least 3 wins and 3 draws were possible away. They surrendered 8 times. 11:22 is the goal balance here. Abelardo has been sporty since December 27, 2019. The 50-year-old Spaniard has an average success rate as a trainer of 1.31 PPS. He has to admit defeat in the direct trainer duel, because he has never won against Zinedine Zidane. Against Real Madrid only 6 wins and 1 draw were possible in 6 games. He suffered 4 losses.

Can Real Madrid win the 4th consecutive game against Espanyol Barcelona?

Real Madrid SRL

Have the clearly stronger squad
Have won over 60% of games against Espanyol
Are the strongest team in the La Liga abroad

At Real Madrid we are dealing with a peculiarity, because of the 6 simulated La Liga games they only lived up to their favorite role three times. For example, they lost 1-0 to Bilbao with a win of 1.93, or a 2-2 win against Getafe, while they had a win of 1.35. The fact is, however, that with these games they lead the La Liga table with 67 points, ahead of Barca with 64 points. They would have won 19 games and lost only 4 and drawn 10 draws. They scored 60 times and allowed 27 goals. This would make them the second best in graduation and the best in defense.

Before the COVID-19 measures, they played 14 away games. They won 7 of them and were good for 4 draws. They suffered 3 defeats. They scored 22 times and allowed 10 points. This results in 1st place in the away table. 9 wins and 4 draws were possible in front of the home crowd. They did not accept a single defeat. The home goal record is 27: 9. Zinedine Zidane is the successful coach of Real Madrid. The average success rate as a trainer is 2.10 PPS. The 47-year-old Frenchman has never lost to Abelardo and has only surrendered once as coach Espanyol Barcelona. He achieved 5 victories as a coach. All in all, another win against Espanyol is likely.

Espanyol Barcelona vs Real Madrid Direct comparison

Espanyol won only 39 out of 180 games. Real Madrid decided 107 games. 34 draws were still possible. Esp out of 88 home games. Barcelona won and lost 36. After all, the home goal balance of 130: 140 is roughly balanced, because overall, Espanyol Real is absolutely inferior. Between 17.05.2015 and 07.12.2019 there were 10 La Liga games, of which Espanyol only decided 1: 1 and had to surrender 9 times. Barcelona only scored four times and Real Madrid 29 times. Espanyol had scored at least 1 goal against Real in most home games. It is interesting, however, that in these 10 games under 2.5 goals were scored and mostly only 1 team scored. Real also won the first half eight times and the second half seven times.

Betting Tips: Espanyol Barcelona SRL
Odds: 4.50
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.50
Betting Tips: Real Madrid SRL
Odds: 1.65

Espanyol Barcelona vs Real Madrid Free Betting Tips Provided by CoreBet Tipsters

However, we assume that Real Madrid will win against Espanyol Barcelona and therefore advise a Real Madrid SRL. The odds for this winning bet are good. As a half-time bet we recommend a Real Madrid SRL half-time 1. In the over / under bets we would place over 2.5 goals.

Betting Tips: Real Madrid SRL Halftime 1
Odds: 2.25