De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam Betting Tips

De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam betting tips 15/05/2019

Certainly the disappointment in the ranks of Ajax Amsterdam over the last-minute finish in the Champions League may still be deep, yet the Goden zones have immediately reeled off in the Eredivisie last weekend and ended the early 0-1 deficit defeated FC Utrecht in a clear 4-1 victory. Coupled with the defeat of defending champion PSV Eindhoven in Alkmaar, everything now speaks in favor of Ajax Amsterdam being crowned champion for the first time since 2014. The team of Erik ten Hag reaches a simple point win at newcomer De Grafschaap, who has to fight regardless of the outcome of the game in the relegation against relegation. The Godenzone could even allow themselves a defeat in the Superboeren, as long as PSV Eindhoven not just a 14-0 victory in parallel play against Heracles Almelo retracts.

De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam Football Betting Tips

Before De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam, the odds of the bookmakers are clearly pointing in the direction of the Godenzonen, which is already known to be 99.9% master. No wonder, because at 115 goals this season from 33 league games Ajax always presented itself very playful and goal-scoring. For De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam for the prediction also plays a role in the first leg, as the selection of Erik ten Hag unceremoniously won 8-0 against the Superboeren. To the cup victory (4: 0 against Willem II) should follow so now the championship, for which among other things still a man in the center stands: Dusan Tadic, which already in the knockout round of the Champions League almost single-handed the serial winner Real Madrid dismantled. The Serb can still be the top scorer and PSV thus make the last “title” in dispute, but needs at least two goals in this game. Because it fits in with the mentality of the team to look for the striker in this away match in the stadium De Vijverberg and put in scene, the odds are very good, and anyway a peat festival is to be expected, goes to De Graafschap against Ajax Amsterdam our tip on exactly these two or more hits by Dusan Tadic.

De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam Betting TipsDe Graafschap – Statistics & Current Form

With just eight wins from the 33 league games so far, it is clear to the Graafschap lift crew that the league’s relegation can only be ensured through relegation. It was true that the home record was right last time, with twelve points in each of the last nine games at the De Vijverberg stadium (three wins, draws and defeats). But just in the distance, the team of Henk de Jong occurred again and again desolate. Most recently De Graafschap suffered a 1: 6 defeat at Vitesse Arnhem last weekend.

“Although nothing is at stake against Ajax, it’s a great match. For them it’s a party game. But we will not participate in any Ajax Torparty. We want to go with a good feeling in the relegation. ” – Youssef El Jebli at de Gelderlander

The statement of playmaker Youssef El Jebli seems all the more unreal, they want to prevent yet another peat festival of the Godenzonen. In the end, Ajax have already won the first leg with a score of 8: 0 against De Graafschap, while the starting point now demands that the selection of Erik ten Hag be fully reinvigorated. How to beat De Graafschap vs. Ajax Amsterdam the odds also so clearly in the direction of the Godenzonen because the home side have to take a piece for the important relegation games back. The direct descent has long been averted with seven points ahead of Breda. Conversely, the saving shore is no longer accessible. So of course it would be nice to go against the Dutch peat factory with a good feeling out of the season and into the important relegation matches. Nevertheless, it is difficult to imagine that De Graafschap will risk the fitness of the first team.

Best scorers in the league:
🥇 Youssef El Jebli (9 goals)
🥈 Fabian Serrarens (7 goals)

Expected formation of De Graafschap:
↪ Bertrams – Tutuarima – Nieuwpoort – Straalman – Owusu – Matusiwa – Serrarens – Vet – Burgzorg – Narsingh – Benschop

Last Games by De Graafschap:

⚽️ 12.05.2019 – Vitesse Arnhem Vs. De Graafschap 6: 1 (Eredivisie)
⚽️ 23.04.2019 – De Graafschap vs. Emmen 1: 0 (Eredivisie)
⚽️ 20.04.2019 – VVV Venlo Vs. De Graafschap 4: 1 (Eredivisie)
⚽️ 14.04.2019 – PSV Eindhoven Vs. De Graafschap 2: 1 (Eredivisie)
⚽️ 06.04.2019 – De Graafschap vs. AZ Alkmaar 1: 1 (Eredivisie)

De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam Betting Tips
Ajax Amsterdam – Statistics & Current Form

As a player Erik ten Hag kicked for three years in the jersey of De Graafschap. All the more it did because of the immense successes of the current season so coveted coach hurt, his former club with the 8-0 first-leg victory from the first leg to have brought a bit closer towards second division. A worry, which he definitely does not need to carry around in this match, because De Graafschap can avert the impending relegation with no result. The more likely it is likely that the Godenzonen actually break once more a peat festival from the fence. After all, the season is over after this away game, in which the championship would in all likelihood also be a defeat in dry cloths.

This also means that all the stars of the club, who caused so much excitement in the Champions League with away wins at Real Madrid, Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur, could play together for the last time in this match. From the talents of the century Mathijs de Ligt to the Goalgetter Hakim Ziyech and Dusan Tadic to the trainer Erik ten Hag himself, all faces of incredible success are on the shopping lists of renowned teams. All the more, this tight-knit troupe wants to immortalize in the history books of the club, where next to the double could still be a very special value. So far, Ajax Amsterdam scored 115 goals this season in 33 league games. The previous season record of 122 goals in a season in the Eredivisie could therefore fall in another 8-0 result, making the season farewell despite the very bitter last-minute-out ‘in the Champions League more than conciliatory. Especially if Dusan Tadic should secure the top scorer on the home straight. There is a lot to be said for De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam for a tip on a Serbian duo that came at the start of the season from Southampton FC and is currently being traded as a new signing not only at Bayern Munich but also at a number of other European top clubs.

Best scorers in the league:
🥇 Dusan Tadic (26 goals)
🥈 Hakim Ziyech and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (16 goals each)

Expected formation of Ajax Amsterdam:
↪Onana – Tagliafico – Blind – de Ligt – Veltman – van de Beek – de Jong – Mazraoui – Tadic – Ziyech – Huntelaar

Last matches of Ajax Amsterdam:

⚽️ 12.05.2019 – Ajax Amsterdam vs Utrecht 4: 1 (Eredivisie)
⚽️ 08.05.2019 – Ajax Amsterdam vs Tottenham 2: 3 (Champions League)
⚽️ 05.05.2019 – Willem II Tilburg vs. Ajax Amsterdam 0: 4 (cup)
⚽️ 30.04.2019 – Tottenham Vs. Ajax Amsterdam 0: 1 (Champions League)
⚽️ 23.04.2019 – Ajax Amsterdam vs Vitesse Arnhem 4: 2 (Eredivisie)

De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Head to head: 2 – 10 – 32

There have been a total of 44 clashes between De Graafschap and Ajax Amsterdam so far, and the resulting “head to head” comparison speaks a clear language between the derisively dismissed home team leaders and Dutch champions. In ten draws the Superboeren won only two games against Ajax, while the Godenzonen have to show a victory of 72.7% in 32 wins from the 44 games. Particularly hard: De Graafschap has a goal difference of -104 against Ajax from these just 44 duels, for which the 0: 8 from the first leg was responsible …

De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam Our Football Betting Tips Explained

With De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam speaks according to prediction thus really everything for a further edge-victory of the Godenzonen. To predict the course of the game, there is no need for any prophetic abilities. The Superboeren will put themselves at the back and protect their key players for the relegation in the best Catenaccio manner try to catch as few goals as possible. An undertaking that brings with 71 goals from 33 league games against the 115 gates of the Godenzonen little chance of success.

Key facts – De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam tips

⭐️ De Graafschap not only lost the first leg 0-8, but has a total goal difference of -104 against Ajax Amsterdam – based on just 44 clashes
⭐️ Ajax Amsterdam could set a new record for the most goals in a single Eredivisie season with eight goals left
⭐️ De Graafschap has to go into the relegation after this match regardless of the outcome

So there is only the price question, where the best bet with the highest value can be found at the best possible odds. In our opinion, De Graafschap vs Ajax Amsterdam is a good bet on two or more goals by Dusan Tadic. We bet that his team-mates will be looking for him to save him the scoring gun. For two or even more goals of the Serb, De Graafschap will win.

Betting Tip: Dusan Tadic scored at least 2 goals
Odds: 3.10

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