CS: GO: Team Liquid CS vs Evil Geniuses CS

ESL Pro League Season 11 predictions and betting odds

CS: GO: Team Liquid CS vs Evil Geniuses CS

Does Liquid win the 4th consecutive duel against EG?

In our e-sports betting tips you will get a comprehensive prediction and fact-based prediction for the 1st playoff match of the ESL Pro League in North America in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive on this page. In this encounter, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses face off. Here you get all the relevant data and statistics that you need for the best forecast. Liquid completed the main round before EG, both teams have 3 wins from the last 5 games. The number 6 in the world is favored against the world ranked seventh. Liquid won the last 3 encounters with the Evil Geniuses and want to move into the grand final with the 4th duel victory in a row. The match begins on Friday, April 10th, 2020.

Team Liquid CS

🎖 Number 6 in the world
🏆 3 wins from 5 games
📊 1.00 K / D ratio
📈 Win rate of 52%
🔫 3 duel wins in a row

Evil Geniuses CS

🎖 7th in the world rankings
🏆 3 wins from 4 matches
📊 K / D ratio from 0.99
📈 45.5% win rate

Team Liquid CS vs Evil Geniuses CS

Team Liquid against EG in the role of the favorite

Team Liquid won 3 out of 5 games in the main round of the ESL Pro League in North America and became group winner. The defending champion from the USA thus rose to the playoff of the Winners Stage. The last group game was won by the team around team captain Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella against the Evil Geniuses 2-1. The two teams meet again in the playoff. This was the 1st win in this tournament after 2 smooth successes, in which Liquid had to hand over a card. In the two defeats they only got 1 map. Against EG, Liquid lost the first card on Dust2 after 9: 6 lead with 14:16. On the next map Nuke you kept the tight half-time lead and with the 22:19 in overtime on Inferno close 6: 9 lag you turned the encounter. In the semifinals there is now revenge, in which Liquid is the favorite at a rate of around 1.60.

The deadline pick from Liquid is currently Inferno, where they recently won 60% of the youngest 5 games. First of all, however, the Train card is currently being banned 100%, which we will therefore relatively certainly not see in this match and on which the team has not played recently. Most recently, you were on Overpass (6x), with a win rate of 66.7%. The most successful map is Nuke with 67%, the worst map is currently Dust2 with a success factor of only 17%. Liquid currently has a K / D ratio of 1.00 and a win rate of 51.7%. The team plays an average of 28.1 rounds per match, which means that we can predict longer games this time too. The Americans give an average of 11.87 laps for the wins and 10.64 laps for the losses. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski currently has a rating of 1.18, an impact of 1.32 and causes an average damage of 87.1 per round.

Team Liquid CS vs Evil Geniuses CS

Can Evil Geniuses win a duel again after 8 months?

Evil Geniuses also won 3 of their 5 preliminary round games and moved into the semi-finals as the group second behind Team Liquid. It is a peculiarity that the two rivals now face each other again. EG was able to win 3rd in a row before the final defeat, gave up 2x maps, but also got 1 map for each defeat. The Geniuses currently have a win rate of only 45.5%. EG’s defeat in the preliminary round against Team Liquid was the third consecutive duel after the defeats at the ECS Season 8 Finale in November and the IEM Katowice in February. The Geniuses got 43% of the maps in a direct comparison, 6 matches only went into overtime. However, as recently in this pairing, we could see an extension. In the return match, EG is the outsider with a odds of around 2.20.

The Evil Geniuses are currently also the first to take the Inferno card, where they have played 8 times and can win 62%. The first ban is currently overpass, where they only had to run once once and lost this game. The most successful map of EG is currently Train with a win rate of 75%, which will most likely be banned by Liquid. EG gets off worst on Dust2 like the next opponent, but has a much higher success rate of 40%. On Overpass and Mirage you could not win the last games and you cannot remove both cards. EG currently has a K / D ratio of only 0.99. The team gives an average of 10.94 rounds in the victories and wins 11.73 rounds in the defeats, so it is currently rather longer, which underpins our over bets. Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte is currently the best player on his team with 0.77 kills per round, an average of 0.67 deaths per round and a KAST of 71%.

Betting Tips and Odds Team Liquid CS vs Evil Geniuses CS by CoreBet Tipsters

We predict that Liquid vs. EG can prevail in the 4th duel in succession, even if it gets very tight. Over 2.5 maps and more than 26.5 rounds on the 1st card can therefore be played well. With the map handicap for EG +1.5 you can still take very useful odds with you. Our betting tip recommendation:

Betting Tips: Team Liquid wins in 3 maps
Odds: 1.60