Croatia vs England World Cup Semi Final

Croatia vs England World Cup Semi Final 11/07

Croatia vs  England – World Cup Semi Final Prediction

Croatia and England started as outsiders at the start of the competition I put them in this lot myself, and as a minimum goal they would be expected to reach at least the last 16.

England was almost “obliged” to move its group with Tunisia and Panma, only had Belgium as theoretically more complicated opponent, and yet everything was as expected, when the two selections met already both were cleared.

Already Croatia were in one of the most complicated groups, but their response was complete and reached its peak with the thrashing imposed on Argentina (0-3).

With the qualification achieved, and even dazzled with so many facilities, still added a 3rd victory already in management mode. But this would be his last triumph.

I almost feel like saying England started to be tested in the last 16, but let’s see. The first match was with Tunisia.

The English side was very strong, and the result could still be closed in the first half, taking into account the offensive production of the English, but the waste, and a childishness of Walker allowed no more than the draw at halftime.

Even so, England would win the 3 points already at the discounts.

In the second game they thrashed Panma’s squad in an old-fashioned thrashing, and in the last game, with Belgium nothing was concluded, since both formations were cleared and they played with the “b-teams”.

Well, this was the film of these two selections in the group stage, with many similarities, especially in the expectation they left among their fans, and confirming quality that could take them far in this world.

However, the “kills” phase arrives and substantial differences begin to emerge, both in the quality of the game presented and even in the results obtained. Croatia did not win again.

In the first game he thrashed head-on with an organized Denmark, and the Croats were even happy, at least in regulation time.

In the second game he again had a lot of difficulties to beat Russia, which he could not do, and the winner had to be decided by penalties.

In the case of England had their first great test against Colombia, a game in which the English were almost perfect from a defensive point of view.

To neutralize the Colombian attack was an excellent indicator, proving that England could achieve in this world-wide the level that it had during the qualification phase.

A goal after a corner kick, even when falling from the cloth forced the extra time and penalties.

In the second game, the victory over Sweden was natural, although Pickford was very responsible for the fact that England kept their mark on zero.

That is, by way of conclusion I can verify that these two selections are very much equivalent. The experience is more of the Croatian side, but the best defensive organization, and the strength in the standing balls are very strong arms of the English selection.

This is the most static aspect of looking at these two selections, but even within the field, the displays and football of England have been more affirmative.

Also remember that wear and tear could be another determining factor, given the extra half hour that the Croats had to do to eliminate Russia.

Weighing all this, I think the scale, to the one hanging somewhere, should be to the English side.

I see the selection of Southgate more balanced in the various moments that the game may have.

I still think the midfield in Croatia is very efficient with a ball but not aggressive and more vulnerable without the ball. With Henderson, Lingard, and Alli, the “engine room” will be able to carburet better on the English side, against Modric and Rakitic, even with the support of Kramaric, is a midfield without a stove.

Attention still to the stopped balls where Maguire and Stones have stood out, not only by the physical strength, but also with goals. And in the bank there is still Dier, or what Croatia has in deficit has England over.

So while I concede that it might be a game for goals, and with both teams capable of at least one goal, I will move away from that market for two reasons.

The first is the ability that England has had in the defensive point of view, and the other is the wear and tear that Croatia can bring to this game that could compromise a greater and better flow of play, especially in the attacking sector.

Finally, it should be emphasized that Madzukic has played the games all and seems tired.

The alternative that had been called Kalinic, but as it is known was returned home, so playing Kramaric at first, the selector Dalic does not have a credible alternative to his spearhead.

This may be even more noticeable if the game has to go extra.

Prediction Croatia vs  England:

So the bet that I think is appropriate for this game will be the handicap (0) for England, since, once again we have to meet that plays a half-final of a world cup with two very worn teams, which when can tend to be very pragmatic.

Prediction Today: England (0) AH
Odds: 1.56

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