Champions League tournament 2020

Champions League tournament 2020

Champions League tournament 2020: games, mode & betting at the final event in Lisbon

Who will get the handle pot in Lisbon?

After the global crisis caused the UEFA Champions League to pause and threatened to be canceled, a solution has now been found to continue.

A UEFA committee decided that the premier class would be played in a central location for the first time in a Champions League final tournament in 2020, similar to a World or European Championship. The choice fell on Portugal.

Everything that there is to know for the Champions League final tournament regarding the games, the venue and mode has been compiled in this overview. Of course, we also deal with which Champions League tournament 2020 bets appear to be particularly promising.

Champions League tournament 2020

Champions League Tournament 2020 – All information at a glance

Host country: Portugal
Mode: single knockout games
Time / duration: 7./8. August 2020 (second leg of the round of 16) to August 23, 2020 (final)
Final stadium: Estádio da Luz, Lisbon

Champions League final tournament 2020 – participants & games

Due to the crisis, gaming operations had to be stopped in March 2020. This affected not only the national leagues, but also four games in the round of 16 of the Champions League remained open. Only the games between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético Madrid and Liverpool FC, Atalanta Bergamo and Valencia CF, as well as Tottenham Hotspur and RB Leipzig could be officially ended.

Who is qualified for the Champions League final tournament 2020?

🇫🇷 Paris Saint-Germain
🇮🇹 Atalanta Bergamo
🇪🇸 Atlético Madrid
🇩🇪 RB Leipzig

The four teams above have already secured their ticket to the quarter-finals of the premier class after they have completed the first and second leg and are among the top eight European teams of 2020.

Four more starting places are still available. For this, UEFA has already defined Friday, August 7, 2020, and the following Saturday.

It is still unclear whether the games will take place in the stadium of the team that would officially have the home advantage in the second leg, or whether the matches will also be played in Portugal, where the Champions League final tournament 2020 will continue from August 12, 2020 with the quarterfinals.

Who can still qualify for the quarter-finals?

Among the other eight teams, between which the second leg is still open, four places are still available for the quarter-finals. Bayern, Manchester City and Lyon have a good starting position after first leg victories. Here is an overview with interim scores from the first leg:

Real Madrid 1-2 Manchester City
Chelsea FC 0-3 Bayern Munich
Olympique Lyon 1-0 Juventus
SSC Napoli 1-1 FC Barcelona

The mode of the final tournament

The pairings will be drawn on July 10, 2020, before the eight teams who will play for the 65th overall victory in Europe’s most important competition for club teams at the Champions League Final Tournament in Lisbon will be finalized.

A classic tournament tree will be drawn from which it can be seen right from the start how the semi-finals are made up and who could ultimately meet in the final.

All matches will take place as individual knockout games without a second leg in Portugal, where the Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica and the Estádio José Alvalade are available as venues for quarter-finals and semi-finals.

If the four missing second legs of the round of 16 also take place in Portugal, the Estádio do Dragão in Porto and the Estádio Dom Afonso Henriques in Guimarães would also be available as venues.

The final of the Champions League tournament will take place on August 23, 2020 at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon.

If there is no winner after the regular playing time of 90 minutes, the game goes into a 30-minute stoppage time. If it is still a draw, a penalty shoot-out will decide which team will move on to the next round or, in the event of the final, become the overall winner of the 2020 UEFA Champions League.

Champions League tournament 2020 | Schedule & Dates:

7-8 August: Round of 16 second legs (venue unconfirmed)
12.-15. August: quarter-finals (Lisbon)
18th-19th August: semi-finals (Lisbon)
August 23: Finale (Lisbon)

What happens to players who change clubs in the summer?

Of course, the aspect that the final tournament starts after opening the transfer window is difficult, while expiring contracts also end on June 30, 2020. For this reason, UEFA provides that clubs that are now agreeing on transfers include corresponding clauses in the contracts that allow the player concerned to still play for the former employer in the Champions League final tournament in Lisbon.

One example is Timo Werner, who will leave RB Leipzig in the summer of the quarter-finals and join Chelsea FC. In theory, it should appear for the Red Bulls in Lisbon. However, it has already been rumored that the German national striker does not have a corresponding clause because he wants to concentrate fully on preparation in England. He will not be available to the German debutant in the quarterfinals.

Champions League tournament 2020

Can newcomers take part in the Champions League tournament?

UEFA does allow clubs to nominate players who have not recently been in the knockout phase. However, only those actors may be nominated who already belonged to the association after the winter transfer window was closed.

Newcomers who join one of the clubs qualified for the final tournament in Lisbon this summer are definitely not eligible to play. This means that even if Chelsea turned the 0-3 deficit against Bayern and solved the ticket for the Champions League 2020 tournament, Timo Werner, taken as an example, should not chase the blues.

Champions League tournament 2020 – best odds

Betting Tips: Bayern Munich
Odds: 4.25
Betting Tips: Manchester City
Odds: 4.25
Betting Tips: Paris Saint-Germain
Odds: 7.00
Betting Tips: FC Barcelona
Odds: 8.00
Betting Tips: Atletico Madrid
Odds: 15.00
Betting Tips: Juventus
Odds: 15.00
Betting Tips: RB Leipzig
Odds: 15.00
Betting Tips: Atalanta Bergamo
Odds: 26.00
Betting Tips: Real Madrid
Odds: 41.00
Betting Tips: SSC Napoli
Odds: 101.00
Betting Tips: Olympique Lyon
Odds: 101.00
Betting Tips; Chelsea FC
Odds: 501.00

The best betting odds for the Champions League Tournament 2020 include the betting odds comparison.

Champions League tournament 2020 betting – who will win the final tournament?

At the current status, bets on a total of twelve clubs can be placed for the Champions League Tournament 2020 After all, only four teams are currently certain for the quarter-finals, while the other eight teams still have to play the remaining four places. Nothing is really decided yet. Only FC Bayern should have excellent cards for the round of the best eight teams after the 3-0 away win at Stamford Bridge.

It is all the more surprising that teams such as Manchester City (overall winner rate: 4.25) Barcelona (8.00) and Juventus (15.00) can bet on overall victory at such comparatively low betting odds, although all of these teams still face difficult second leg matches in the round of 16.

In our eyes, it is therefore all the more sustainable to bet on a team that is already in the quarter-finals. In addition, the transfer policy should be kept in mind. Anyone who surrenders any top performers in the summer will eventually go to the final tournament in Lisbon, potentially weakened. A team like RB Leipzig loses a lot of quality when Timo Werner leaves.

Key facts – Champions League tournament 2020 bets

💫 For the first time, the Henkelpott will be played as a knockout tournament at a neutral location
💫 Defending champion Liverpool already failed in the round of 16
💫 Leipzig and Bergamo are in the quarter-finals of the premier class for the first time ever

Another factor should be the timing of the tournament. While the national re-start came in Germany in mid-May and the season was already over at the end of June, other nations will be significantly better in the game flow at the time of the Champions League tournament. For example, Serie A does not end until August 2, 2020.

In our eyes, it makes sense to place bets on the overall victory of Paris Saint-Germain at the Champions League tournament 2020. After all, “Les Rouge et Bleu” not only have an incredibly powerful squad, but Thomas Tuchel’s team also benefits from having won the 2020 championship at the green table. Accordingly, PSG can start early and rested to fully prepare for this final tournament.

For Champions League final tournament bets on the Parisiens betting odds of up to 7.00 are available. Of course, there are always up-to-date form checks and analyzes for the individual match schedules and encounters in the Champions League betting tips section.