Champions League draw & schedule final tournament

Champions League draw & schedule final tournament

Champions League draw & schedule final tournament

Is the Bayern triple dream repeating itself?

The 2020 Champions League draw was not a draw like any other. The reasons are well known. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the premier class will be decided in August with a mini-tournament in Lisbon. Previously, the second leg must be played in half of the round of 16.

Champions League draw & schedule final tournament

The complete Champions League game schedule is now ready and the clubs can prepare themselves properly. From a German perspective, after the departure of Borussia Dortmund with RB Leipzig and the German champions Bayern Munich, two hot irons are still in the fire.

The Saxons face Atletico Madrid in the first quarter-finals, while the Bavarians have yet to survive their round of 16 against Chelsea London.

The outstanding condition of Hansi Flick’s team ensured that, after the draw for the FCB betting odds, the Champions League was at the forefront of the big favorites for the handle pot. Since the round of the last eight is played in knockout mode, a lot seems to be possible.

In any case, fans may not look forward to many exciting and high-class encounters in front of the screens in the stadium. On the betting basis, there are analyzes of all individual matches and an overview of the entire Champions League schedule for 2020. Champions League tips are then available as usual in good time before the games start.


Manchester City vs Real Madrid Free Betting Tips

Despite the comfortable starting position after the away win at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Manchester City will be warned. Real Madrid started very strongly from the forced break and travels to Manchester with a lot of confidence. However, since the team around Pep Guardiola is also in good shape, the bottom line is that the Citizens can progress.

Betting Tips: City victory
Odds: 1.75
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.20
Betting Tips: Real Madrid win
Odds: 4.50

Juventus vs Lyon Free Betting Tips

Juventus vs Lyon Free Betting Tips

Juventus could turn a 0-2 from the first leg at home in the last 16 of the last 16 Champions League season. The close gap against Olympique Lyon is still to be turned for the old lady.

Since the game operations in France were completely stopped, the form of the French teams in particular is a great unknown. Despite the good starting position, after the Champions League draw we would count on Juve to advance to the last eight teams.

Betting Tips: Victory Juve
Odds: 1.47
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.40
Betting Tips: Lyon win
Odds: 7.50

Barcelona vs. Napoli Free Betting Tips
Barcelona vs. Napoli Free Betting Tips

With the victory in Coppa Italia, Napoli has already celebrated its first title in the current season. The Italians can face FC Barcelona as outsiders without pressure. The Catalans naturally rely on their superstar Lionel Messi. The individual quality of the multiple world footballer and his teammates should be enough for Barca to reach the quarter-finals.

Betting Tips: Barca win
Odds: 1.63
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.40
Betting Tips: Napoli win
Odds: 5.75

Bayern vs Chelsea Free Betting Tips

Bayern vs Chelsea Free Betting Tips

In the Champions League Schedule 2020, FC Bayern can already be marked in the quarter-finals. The Munich team won 3-0 in the first leg at Stamford Bridge near Chelsea and progress should only be a matter of form in the Allianz Arena at home. After the outstanding end-of-season appearances in the Bundesliga, a second win against the Blues is very likely.

Betting Tips: Victory Bayern
Odds: 1.50
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.80
Betting Tips: Chelsea win
Odds: 6.50

Champions League 2020, quarter-finals – best odds

Atletico Madrid vs Leipzig Free Betting Tips
Atletico Madrid vs Leipzig Free Betting Tips

The young tactical fox Julian Nagelsmann challenges the old hand Diego Simeone. In this highly interesting duel, the bulls are rightly traded as an underdog, but are by no means without chance. The decisive factor will be how quickly Leipzig can find the rhythm after the long break.

Against an internationally experienced group like the one from the Spanish capital, the semi-finals is a difficult undertaking and an assignment should rather be made in this game towards the Rojiblancos.

Betting Tips: Victory Atletico
Odds: 2.35
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.30
Betting Tips: Victory Leipzig
Odds: 3.25

Atalanta Bergamo vs PSG Free Betting Tips

Atalanta Bergamo vs PSG Free Betting Tips

After the Champions League draw, quite a few spoke of a PSG lottery in the quarter-finals. Even if Atalanta Bergamo does not have the biggest name in Europe, the Bergamasca around the German Robin Gosens should not be underestimated.

With a brilliant series at the end of the season, the team has built up a lot of self-confidence and the offensive and courageous style of play has surprised many opponents. After the long break, Paris has to be careful that the premier-class adventure is not over after just one encounter. An outsider tip on the Italians is well worth considering in this duel.

Betting Tips: Win Atalanta
Odds: 3.50
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.20
Betting Tips: Victory PSG
Odds: 1.87

After the Champions League draw, the tournament tree shows that a German duel would only be possible in the final. While Paris St. Germain is favored in the upper half of the table and Thomas Tuchel has a great chance that the star ensemble of the Seine will finally lead to a European final, the lower tableau is very prominently occupied.

In addition to Bayern, some big names are represented with Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Juventus and in the KO duels the form of the day will decide who can fight their way into the final.

Champions League 2020 – the “German way” to the final

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recently warned against falling into too much euphoria. The performance of the Munich team was indeed very impressive after the restart, but everything can go very quickly at the mini-tournament in Lisbon. In the KO duels, Hansi Flick’s protected must be back at 100% immediately in order to realize the dream of a triple.

The first game against Chelsea is optimal for your own rhythm. With the 3-0 from the first leg in the back, the pressure is low and the FCB should easily move into the quarter-finals. The German record champion should not be afraid of a possible duel with Barcelona after the shown performances of the Catalans.

From the semifinals, Real Madrid, Manchester City or Juventus would only be able to take on big names as opponents. Anyone who wants to stretch the handle pot at the end of the tournament in the Lisbon night sky has to prevail against all opponents anyway. The big coup Hansi Flick and his team could be trusted. So far, FCB have not lost a competitive game in 2020.
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Betting Tips: Bayern wins the premier class
Odds: 4.25

RB Leipzig
RB Leipzig

In contrast to Bayern, RB Leipzig is already one step further and, after beating Tottenham Hotspurs, is in the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in club history. The Saxons Atletico Madrid were drawn as opponents.

The Rojiblancos have appeared twice in the premier class finals in recent club history and Diego Simeone’s protégés finally want to top the throne. The Madrilenians are known as a very uncomfortable opponent and the duel is a real test for the young Leipzig team.

Without Timo Werner it will be very difficult, but not impossible, to move into the semi-finals. Again, the bulls against Bergamo or Paris would be more of an outsider. The Nagelsmann protected have nothing to lose and the Saxons can travel to the Iberian Peninsula without pressure.

Betting Tips: Leipzig wins the premier class
Odds: 17.00

Champions League tournament 2020 – overall winner, betting odds comparison

Betting Tips: Bayern Munich
Odds: 4.25
Betting Tips: Manchester City
Odds: 4.25
Betting Tips: Paris Saint-Germain
Odds: 6.00
Betting Tips: FC Barcelona
Odds: 9.00
Betting Tips: Atletico Madrid
Odds: 10.00
Betting Tips: Juventus
Odds: 17.00
Betting Tips: RB Leipzig
Odds: 15.00
Betting Tips: Atalanta Bergamo
Odds: 14.00
Betting Tips: Real Madrid
Odds: 30.00
Betting Tips: SSC Napoli
Odds: 76.00
Betting Tips: Olympique Lyon
Odds: 101.00
Betting Tips: Chelsea FC
Odds: 251.00

It is no coincidence that Bayern Munich and Manchester City are classified as bookmakers’ big favorites. The two clubs could already meet in the semi-finals. The duel between Pep Guardiola and his former club would certainly be worthy of a Champions League semi-final and the winner would be the favorite in the final.

Both clubs were in excellent shape at the end of the season and they are traveling to Portugal with a lot of confidence. It will only be known in retrospect whether the somewhat longer break for the Munich team is an advantage over the other teams or even a disadvantage. This is precisely why Paris Saint-Germain is the big unknown in the competition.

Can Manchester City make the big coup?

After the end of the season in Ligue Une, Thomas Tuchel’s team has not played a competitive game for months. As an outsider tip, a bet on Atalanta Bergamo is recommended after the draw in the Champions League. The Italians have been getting into a frenzy in the past few weeks and are already in the quarter-finals.

If a success against PSG succeeds, then with the fast tournament mode with the knockout duels the very big throw for the Italians is possible. A value bet and small bet on the outsider is recommended. The bottom line is that we see Manchester City in pole position.

Can Pepe Guardiola finally end his Champions League trauma and get the handlebar pot with the Citizens? The answer to these and all other questions will be given in the weeks from August 7th to August 23rd.