Bursaspor vs Fenerbahce Football Predictions 21 Jan 2019

Bursaspor vs Fenerbahce Football Prediction

The new year should be very different, but far from it. In the cup, it hailed a defeat against a second division and already the optimism, in the new calendar year to find the old strength, there. To start the second leg, it goes for Fenerbahce to Bursa. To meet in the first game of the second half of the home team from Bursa, the traditional club from Istanbul would have rather avoided. Ersun Yanal is still ambitious to lead his team to success despite the defeat by Cup in the first leg against Ümraniyespor. But his resources in the squad but limited. With a threesome on this day Fenerbahce could leave the relegation zone right at the back of the season. Whether at Bursaspor against
Fenerbahce a tip on passable odds on the guests will play?

Football Prediction for Today Bursaspor vs Fenerbahce

The “canaries” are certainly not in the best shape, but at Bursaspor Vs. Fenerbahce favors the guests according to our prediction. Ersun Yanal and Fenerbahce need the points in the current situation. A threesome would be like a blessing for the Istanbul club. For the 100th time Bursaspor and Fenerbahce will face each other in the Süper Lig. Since 2009, the “canaries” in Bursa have not lost. Will the trend continue this time? On Monday evening, the two clubs meet at 18:00 in Bursa!

Bursaspor – Statistics & Current Form

In the current season Bursaspor is not really doing well. Due to the upheaval at the beginning of the season that was partly already foreseeable. With Samet Aybaba the “Timsahlar” are to find the old strength and are still at the beginning of a long way. The score of 4-9-4 does not mean anything at the end of the first leg when we look at Bursa’s recent seasons. Again and again there was a very strong first round, which was overshadowed by a catastrophic second half. Whether with Aybaba the “curse” is completed and this season a relegation battle can be avoided, will show itself in the course of the season. The Bursa coach is realistic and estimates the current situation extremely critical. Bursaspor was able to make use of a strong defensive this season and is the strongest defender of the Süper Lig behind Basaksehir, with only 17 goals against them. The Aybaba team scored the most points on home soil. Top clubs like Besiktas and Basaksehir bit their teeth on Bursa’s strong defensive line and had to return home with a measly point. If Bursa’s defensive bulwark holds up again, Bursaspor’s win against Fenerbahce could well be a prediction for a draw.

After numerous departures Bursaspor is always difficult to assess. With Aybaba, an experienced coach is on board, who has formed from the “pile of rubble” quite a strong team. That the offensive still suffers from the departure of the game maker Pablo Batalla, also show the statistics. Only 17 goals Bursaspor was able to achieve throughout the first round. In the 4-2-3-1 of Aybaba, there will be no major changes in the new year. Despite two departures, there was no activity on the transfer market from Bursa and this is likely to continue. After the premature end in the Turkish Cup, the focus is entirely on the Süper Lig. There were two draws at the end of the year – there is now the third in series, waving at Bursaspor against Fenerbahce odds of 3.40.

Expected formation of Bursaspor:

Sengezer; Meras, Chedjou, Vergini, Yardimci; Kara, Badji; Latolevici, Saivet, Torun; Nayir

  • Last matches of Bursaspor:
    11.01.2019 – Bursaspor Vs. Malatyaspor 0: 4 (Friendly Match)
    08.01.2019 – Bursaspor Vs. Kastamonuspor 1966 2: 1 (Friendly Match)
    06.01.2019 – Bursaspor Vs. MVV Maastricht 1: 2 (Friendly Match)
    23.12.2018 – Bursaspor Vs. Malatyaspor 1: 1 (Süper Lig)
    14.12.2018 – Göztepe Vs. Bursaspor 0: 0 (Süper Lig)

Fenerbahce – Statistics & Current Form

The new year should have started better. Ersun Yanal sparked optimism and stressed the importance of putting another Fenerbahce on the pitch than last year. However, what was presented in the cup was not promising. Again, there was a lack of opportunity exploitation, which was punished after the dismissal of Elmas with a goal. Second division Ümraniye is thus advantageous in the Cup second leg and could put the “canaries” a bitter setback. The Cup competition could namely be the only chance for Fenerbahce, to secure the el-start right in a finals appearance or the cup title. But now it’s back to the league competition, where Fenerbahce is lagging behind expectations anyway. It would have been unthinkable years ago that Fenerbahce would have to hibernate on a relegation rank. For the second half of the season, however, the “canaries” have themselves in their hands to leave them as soon as possible. Even a victory at Bursaspor would bring Fenerbahce to the saving shore. With a score of 3-7-7, there was not much to celebrate. Above all, the weak offensive (third worst of the Süper Lig) made the traditional club to create.
Chancentod Islam Slimani is at the forefront of ranking alongside the other transfer flops in Fenerbahce’s club history. The 30-year-old leaves again and again one hundred percent chance and is instrumental in the lousy Torausbeute Fenerbahce fault. His alternatives Frey and Soldado will soon be getting more minutes of use, especially as Slimani has to be out of action anyway. Yanal is known for his offensive style of play. From the beginning, the Fener coach wants to destroy the concept of the opponent with a powerful game and take the lead. Although his handwriting could be read in the last games, Fenerbahce did not really succeed with it. The failed transfer policy for the start of the season could cost the “canaries” in this season expensive. Still, at Bursaspor, against Fenerbahce, is there a hint on the score?

Expected formation of Fenerbahce:
Demirel; Kaldirim, Ciftpinar, Skrtel, Ozbayrakli; Jailson, Topal; Valbuena, Benzia, Ayew; Frey

  • Last matches from Fenerbahce:17.01.2019 – Ümraniyespor Vs. Fenerbahce 1: 0 (Cup)
    11.01.2019 – Fenerbahce vs. AZ Alkmaar 3: 2 (Club Friendlies)
    24.12.2018 – Antalyaspor Vs. Fenerbahce 0: 0 (Süper Lig)
    20.12.2018 – Giresunspor Vs. Fenerbahce 2: 5 (Cup)
    17.12.2018 – Fenerbahce vs. BB Erzurum 2: 2 (Süper Lig)

Bursaspor Vs. Fenerbahce Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

For the 100th time Bursaspor and Fenerbahce will meet in the Süper Lig history. Fenerbahce leads the direct comparison against Bursaspor and was able to gain the upper hand, especially in the recent past. Fenerbahce lost to Bursaspor in only one of their 17 previous meetings, with ten wins and six draws for Fenerbahce. Since March 2009, Fenerbahce has not lost a single away game in Bursa and was able to build up a balance of 4-5-0. In the last season, in addition to a 2-1 home win over Bursaspor, there was a 1-0 away win for Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce won the semifinal match in Istanbul 2-1 this season.

Bursaspor vs Fenerbahce Our Tips & Prediction

Fenerbahce is in dire need of points in the current constitution. The defensive strong team of Aybaba comes to the “canaries” from Istanbul but not exactly convenient. During the week, with a bitter defeat in the cup, it is now out in the league to hide and look forward. With an away win Fenerbahce could leave the relegation rank equal to the back round start. But Bursaspor will have a say, especially since Aybaba’s team have been able to score points at home to teams like Basaksehir and Besiktas.

Key Facts – Bursaspor Vs. Fenerbahce tips

Fenerbahce lost to Ümraniyespor in the Cup first leg under the title.
With a win Fenerbahce could leave immediately in the first round of the round a relegation rank.
Behind Basaksehir Bursaspor represents the strongest defense of the Süper Lig.

Qualitatively, Bursaspor took some heavy losses last summer. The change made itself felt clearly in the game of the Aybaba team, which put the focus on a stable defense early. At 21 points, that does not mean that Bursaspor is doing well. Fenerbahce will struggle hard in Bursa and reach their limits. Leaving the relegation rank in the first round of the game with three points should be sufficient motivation to put the best performance on the pitch. In a tight game, we would recommend to Bursaspor against Fenerbahce a tip on the guests, in which we would choose only a use of three units. If Bursaspor Vs. Fenerbahce proves the prediction, could have 2.40 in case of success.

Bet Tips: victory Bursaspor
Odds: 3:10
Prediction of the Day: draw
Odds: 3.40
Betting Prediction: victory Fenerbahce
Odds: 2.40