Bundesliga Home Challenge: Does the referee team surprise with Deniz Aytekin?

Bundesliga Home Challenge: Does the referee team surprise with Deniz Aytekin?

Bundesliga Home Challenge: Does the referee team surprise with Deniz Aytekin?

A lot of value at the FIFA20 Challenge of the Bundesliga teams

The 1st and 2nd Bundesliga will at least be paused until April 30th. The official announcement by the DFL causes long faces among football fans. Well, at least there is still the Bundesliga Home Challenge, where the 2nd matchday will be played this weekend. The field of participants was increased with four other teams.

In addition to Bochum, Wolfsburg and Borussia Mönchengladbach, a referee duo also takes part in the DFL’s eSports event. Deniz Aytekin and Daniel Schlager start as “referee team” and compete with the Gladbach team right at the start. If the Bundesliga Home Challenge is based on bookmakers’ odds on matchday 2, Gladbach is the clear favorite against the referee team.

We would share this assessment. With Jonas Hofmann and Yanikk “Jeffry 95” Reiners the Gladbachers shouldn’t have too big problems against the referee duo. With the further betting odds from match day 2 it is important to keep your eyes open. On the first day of the game there were some big surprises.

With a little risk, numerous betting fans cleared the FIFA20 tournament properly. At the FIFA 20 Home Challenge of the Bundesliga teams, there will certainly be some value bets again. For the Bundesliga Home Challenge, match day 2, the betting base presents information, betting odds and a prediction.

TV & Livestream – When & where is the Bundesliga Home Challenge coming on April 4th & 5th?

Date: Matchday 2:
Saturday 04/04/2020
Sunday, April 5th, 2020
TV / livestream: YouTube (official channel: Virtual Bundesliga), Twitch, RAN, SkySport, eSports

Like the first matchday, the second matchday of the Bundesliga Home Challenge can be followed live on some channels. In addition to the official YouTube channel of the “Virtual Bundesliga”, the DFL’s eSport event can be seen on various platforms, including Twitch, RAN and SkySport. The kickoff from the second day of the FIFA20 Home Challenge will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Bundesliga Home Challenge Matchday 2 – Teams & Players

Participating teams & players:

⚽ 1.Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund (Achraf Hakimi / Erné Embeli)

⚽ Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Wendell / Kai Wollin)

⚽ Eintracht Frankfurt (Nils Stendera / Andreas Gube)

⚽ FC Schalke 04 (Nassim Boujellab / Tim “Tim_Latka” Schwartmann)

⚽ FC Augsburg (Marco Richter / Yannic Bederke)

⚽ 1.FSV Mainz 05 (Florian Müller / Julian Greis)

⚽ 1. FC Cologne (Rafael Czichos / Tim “The Strxnger” Katnawatos)

⚽ Hertha BSC (Maximilian Mittelstädt / Elias Nerlich)

⚽ RB Leipzig (Nordi Mukiele / Moritz Mäde)

⚽ SC Freiburg (Mark Flekken / Nico Schlotterbeck)

⚽ SC Paderborn (Rifet Kapic / Lucas Fiedler)

⚽ SV Werder Bremen (Davie Selke / Erhan “Dr. Erhano” Kayman)

⚽ TSG Hoffenheim (Munas Dabbur / Marcel Schwarz)

⚽ 1.FC Union Berlin (Keven Schlotterbeck / Julius Kade)

⚽ Borussia Mönchengladbach (Jonas Hofmann / Yannik “Jeffry 95” Reiners)

⚽ VfL Wolfsburg (Lino Kasten / Benedikt “Salz0r” Saltzer)

⚽ 2.Bundesliga 1.FC Nuremberg (Tim Handwerker / Felix Schimmel)

⚽ Arminia Bielefeld (Andreas Voglsammer / Marcel Hartel)

⚽ Dynamo Dresden (Justin Löwe / Marcel Gramann)

⚽ FC St. Pauli (Luca Zander / Tom “FCSP Tom” Köst)

⚽ Hamburger SV (Sonny Kittel / Leon Krasniqi)

⚽ Hannover 96 (Julian Korb / Marcel Deutscher)

⚽ VfB Stuttgart (Atakan Karazor / Burak May)

⚽ Holstein Kiel (Dominik Schmidt / Cihat Korkmaz)

⚽ SpVgg Greuther Fürth (Timothy Tillman / Fabio Sabbagh)

⚽ SSV Jahn Regensburg (Tom Baack / Federico Palacios)

⚽ SV Darmstadt 98 (Felix Platte / Yannick de Groot)

⚽ SV Wehen Wiesbaden (Sascha “M_0cki” Mockenhaupt / Nico “Juice” Dernek)

⚽ VfL Bochum (Vitaly Janelt / Jan-Luca “Bassinho” bass)

⚽ Referee team (Deniz Aytekin / Daniel Schlager)

Last week there were 26 teams; there are now 30 teams. Compared to the last match day, numerous teams will change the team grid. For example, Werder Bremen will start without FIFA individual champion Michael Bittner. Bremen is now relying on the duo Davie Selke and Erhan “Dr. Erhano “Kayman.

There were a few surprises on matchday one, which were mainly due to the poor performance of the professional players. While the eSports players were expected to win, the advantage was wasted due to the grotto-poor performance of some professional players from the football team. In the overall result, there were some surprises in the last week after two individual games.

It is quite possible that this trend will continue this week.

Game mode & rules of the Fifa20 Challenge of the Bundesliga clubs

Nothing has changed in the rules from matchday one. Two individual games of 25 minutes each will be played again. Each team must provide at least one professional soccer player. In order to give every team the same chances of victory, regardless of the league affiliation and team strength at FIFA20, the 85er mode is activated in online mode. All players have the strength “85”.

Bundesliga Home Challenge Matchday 2 – key facts

Equal opportunity with 85er mode at FIFA20
Each encounter has two individual games of 25 minutes each – total result after two individual games.
Each team must have at least one professional soccer player

Home Challenge Matchday 2 betting odds

Hanover vs Darmstadt
1: 2.45 Draw: 3.90 2: 2.15
Hertha vs Freiburg
1: 1.60 Draw: 5.50 2: 3.10
Cologne vs Fuerth
1: 3.40 Draw: 4.50 2: 1.65
Dortmund vs Kiel
1: 1.40 Draw: 5.50 2: 4.40
Hoffenheim vs Mainz
1: 1.60 Draw: 3.90 2: 4.20
Paderborn vs Wiesbaden
1: 4.50 Draw: 5.50 2: 1.40
RB Leipzig vs Werder Bremen
1: 3.90 Draw: 5.00 2: 1.50
Gladbach vs Referee
1: 1.08 Draw: 9.00 2: 12.00
Nuremberg vs St. Pauli
1: 2.70 Draw: 5.00 2: 1.85
Frankfurt vs Bielefeld
1: 1.05 Draw: 11.00 2: 15.00
Regensburg vs Stuttgart
1: 7.00 Draw: 7.00 2: 1.20
Leverkusen vs Dresden
1: 1.45 Draw: 5.50 2: 4.00
Wolfsburg vs Schalke
1: 3.10 Draw: 3.75 2: 1.85
Bochum vs Union Berlin
1: 1.25 Draw: 6.50 2: 6.00

Virtual FIFA20 Bundesliga Home Challenge Day 2 – Betting Tips and Odds

Bookmakers find it extremely difficult to set betting odds. Already on the first day of the game – measured by the probability of the odds occurring – there were some big surprises. Werder Bremen lost to 1. FC Nürnberg on matchday one – even though Michael Bittner had presented for Bremen.

In the second single game Maximilian Eggestein was literally demonstrated by his opponent Tim Handwerker. At the very last minute, Handwerker scored the 4: 1 and thus ensured the overall victory from Nuremberg to Werder Bremen. Such scenarios should not be excluded on the second day of the Bundesliga Home Challenge.

Germany Bundesliga Home Challenge Matchday 2 – Top 3 bets

The 3 best betting tips

Betting Tips: Darmstadt wins against Hannover
Odds: 2.15

Betting Tips: Wiesbaden wins against Paderborn
Odds: 1.40

Betting Tips: Hoffenheim wins against Mainz
Odds: 1.60

In the FIFA20 Home Challenge on matchday two, a tip on Darmstadt is certainly not a bad choice. Felix Platte and Yannick de Groot showed strong performances in the individual games against Bayer Leverkusen and rewarded themselves with a surprising outsider win on the previous day. On this matchday, the lilies are even the favorites. Odds of 2.15 are offered for an overall win (after two individual games).

A bet on contractions in Wiesbaden is also recommended. The second division side met Freiburg on the previous day and surprisingly played draws in both individual games. This time we expect a confident performance from the Wiesbaden duo and place our tip on the second matchday for a win from Wehen Wiesbaden over SC Paderborn.

As a third and final tip, we decide to win TSG Hoffenheim against 1. FSV Mainz 05. For these bets on match day 2, a total odds of 4.81.

Bundesliga Home Challenge – Matchday 2 overview

⚽ 04.04.2020 – Hanover – Darmstadt 2.
⚽ 04.04.2020 – Hertha – Freiburg 2.
⚽ 04.04.2020 – Cologne – Fürth 2.
⚽ 04.04.2020 – Dortmund – Kiel 2.
⚽ 04.04.2020 – Hoffenheim – Mainz 2.
⚽ 04.04.2020 – Paderborn – Wiesbaden 2.
⚽ 04.04.2020 – RB Leipzig – Werder Bremen 2.
⚽ 04.04.2020 – Gladbach – Referee 2.
⚽ 05.04.2020 – Nuremberg – St. Pauli 2.
⚽ 04/05/2020 – Frankfurt – Bielefeld 2.
⚽ 05.04.2020 – Regensburg – Stuttgart 2.
⚽ 05.04.2020 – Leverkusen – Dresden 2.
⚽ 05.04.2020 – Wolfsburg – Schalke 2.
⚽ 05.04.2020 – HSV – Augsburg 2.
⚽ 05.04.2020 – Bochum – Union Berlin 2.