Bundesliga betting tips Matchday 28

Bundesliga betting tips Matchday 28

Bundesliga betting tips Matchday 28: (Pre) decision in the title fight?

Giant duel: BVB welcomes Bayern!

The hard-boiled soccer fans had to remedy the situation long enough with games from Nicaragua or Belarus. Fortunately, this time is a thing of the past and with the German Bundesliga there is again top football to be seen live.

Due to the long break, there was great time pressure and, unlike other top leagues, the German Bundesliga wants to have finished the championship by June 30. This week the first English week in the form of the 28th Bundesliga match day is on the program and top football is guaranteed.

The English week opens with a treat, the giant duel of the two strongest clubs in recent years. The match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich could bring the (pre) decision in the title fight.

After the first two Saturday afternoon conferences were still freely available, this will no longer be the case during the week. You have to pay again for live football. However, there is no doubt that a few euros are justified for the top game between BVB and Bayern. Both teams have been in top shape so far – tension is guaranteed accordingly.

Reducing the 28th Bundesliga matchday to this game would not be fair. The special reunion of David Abraham (Frankfurt) and Christian Streich (Freiburg) after the first leg scandal also promises headlines. There are also many unanswered questions: is S04 still slipping into the crisis? Can Bremen really dream of staying in the class again? Does Leverkusen underpin Champions League ambitions? Is Bruno Labbadia still swimming on the wave of success with Hertha?

Below we deal with the nine matches of the 28th matchday in the Bundesliga and present tips and odds for the next matchday as well as interesting bets for the first English week after the great crisis.

Interesting Bundesliga tips (Matchday 28)

May 26, Dortmund vs Bayern
Betting Tips: 1X
Odds: 2.02

May 26, Bayer Leverkusen vs Wolfsburg
Betting Tips: Over 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.30

May 26, Frankfurt vs Freiburg
Betting Tips: Frankfurt
Odds: 2.00

May 26, Bremen vs Borussia Mönchengladbach
Betting Tips: victory Gladbach
Odds: 3.10

May 27, Leipzig vs Hertha
Betting Tips: Over 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.03

May 27, Union Berlin vs. Mainz
Betting Tips: win Union Berlin
Odds: 2.30

May 27, Augsburg vs. Paderborn
Betting Tips: win Augsburg
Odds: 1.97

May 27, Düsseldorf vs. Schalke
Betting Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.67

May 27, Hoffenheim vs. Koln
Betting Tips: DNB Koln
Odds: 2.05

Source: https://motsonstips.co.uk/germany-bundesliga-i-accumulator-betting-tips/

Dortmund vs Bayern Free Betting Tips

Dortmund vs Bayern Free Betting Tips May 26th.

The two big title contenders underpinned their top form in the first two games after the Bundesliga restart and caused a sensation with convincing performances. In a direct duel, not only German football fans can look forward to a real treat, but worldwide this game will attract a lot of interest on Tuesday evening.

Before the direct duel, Bayern are four points ahead of the black and yellow. If the flick protected win away, one should definitely speak of a (preliminary) decision in the championship fight.

27 vs. 28 points in the second half of the season

The outstanding form of both teams is underpinned by a look at the second half of the table. Both teams celebrated nine out of ten possible wins and excelled especially on the offensive (33 goals BVB, 34 goals Bayern). A hit top game is extremely likely.

Although two important players at BVB, Marco Reus and Axel Witsel, are out, the Favre kickers have shown that the team is outstandingly wide. At Bayern Robert Lewandwoski did not receive a fifth yellow card and is therefore eligible to play against his former club. Usually, betting on a Lewandowski goal against his ex-club is a good option.

The betting base recommends a tip on the double chance 1X in the top game of the 28th Bundesliga matchday. In our opinion, bookmakers consider BVB to be a clear outsider. For the double chance there is more than just the double bet.

Betting Tips: Double chance 1X
Odds: 2.02

Leverkusen vs Wolfsburg Free Betting Tips

Leverkusen vs Wolfsburg Free Betting Tips May 26

The Bosz protected underscored their ambitions to qualify for the UEFA Champions League with a derby victory. The 3-1 win against local rivals Borussia Mönchengladbach pushed the Bayer team past the foals to fourth place. The guests from the VW city had to give up BVB 0-2 despite good performance. Due to the defeats of the direct competitors Freiburg and Schalke as well as the point wins from Hoffenheim and Koln, the Glasner-Elf still holds sixth place.

Best second half of the club’s history

The best bookmakers on the market see the duel between fourth and sixth table quite clearly and assume a clear favorite role of the works team of Peter Bosz. This is underpinned by eight victories in the ten previous second half games – this is the best second half of the club’s history for Bayer 04.

The 20-year-old Kai Havertz, who was both successful with a double pack, came particularly strong from the Corona break – for the first time in his young career he scored twice in a row. Leverkusen is always looking for the way forward, Wolfsburg also presented itself favorably against BVB. Many goals would not come as a surprise in this game and that’s why the betting base recommendation on matchday 28 of the Bundesliga is the tip for over 3.5 goals between Leverkusen and Wolfsburg.

Betting Tips: Victory over 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.30

Frankfurt vs Freiburg Free Betting Tips

Frankfurt vs Freiburg Free Betting Tips May 26

In this duel, two teams face each other, whose re-start must be classified in the “particularly bitter” category. At Eintracht from Frankfurt, there are zero points after two games. Instead of dreaming about Europe, the Hütter-Elf has to look down. The lead on the relegation place is only four points.

Freiburg struggled in both games with minimal offside decisions – at first the late winning goal against RB Leipzig was revoked before the equalizing goal against Werder Bremen also did not count. The situation in Breisgau is still outstanding with 37 points – in Frankfurt the sports club now has the next chance to celebrate the 500th point win in the German Bundesliga.

Abraham and prank – a special reunion

The duel is primarily characterized by the reunion of veteran David Abraham and SC trainer Christian Streich. In the first leg, Abraham attacked the opposing coach with a body check and was then suspended for six games. On Tuesday, the Argentine will have to pass due to back problems.

His involvement would be of great importance after Frankfurt had bad defensive problems. But not only the offensive remains below expectations, the heirs of Jovic & Co. central defender Martin Hinteregger is the best scorer after his Bayern double pack – he is the first Bundesliga player to score eight goals after a corner kick.

The 2-5 defeat at Bayern looks violent, but Frankfurt never gave up and played quite well. There are no mentality problems. Freiburg acted against Bremen without much punch. After the two VAR setbacks, the Streich-Elf will probably have to wait for the 500th point. On the 28th Bundesliga matchday, the betting odds for the Frankfurt victory are recommended.

Betting Tips: Frankfurt
Odds: 2.00

Werder Bremen vs Gladbach Free Betting Tips

Werder Bremen vs Gladbach Free Betting Tips May 26

Signs of life from the Weser Club! 126 days after the fourth Bundesliga victory, it was finally possible to cheer again. A hard-won 1-0 win in Breisgau was vital for the Kohlfelt protégés. With 21 points, Bremen is still in relegation rank 17, but is only three points behind the relegation place or six points on the saving bank.

The game in Freiburg brought two problems to light, especially in the final stages. The uncertainty is huge at Bremen and the last few minutes were literally trembling across the finish line. At least Bremen was lucky with ex-Bremen striker Nils Petersen’s minimal offside position.

The second finding was the lack of strength in the final phase. After an intense game, the tank of the green and whites was empty. With Kevin Vogt and Marco Friedl (both injured, replaced) and Philipp Bargfrede (yellow-red), Kohlfeldt has to rebuild after the positive experience.

8. Home defeat in series for Bremen?

The home advantage for Bremen is de facto not available this season given only five points. The Kohlfeldt team have all lost the last seven home games. For Gladbach, only a complete success counts in the fight for the Champions League. After the first derby defeat for Marco Rose (after five wins recently), reparation is the order of the day.

In addition to the catastrophic Bremen home record, the performance of the foal team also speaks a clear language in the direction of the away win. Despite the defeat against Leverkusen, Gladbach was pleasant. In addition, Marco Rose has many more options for rotation without loss of quality. On the 28th Bundesliga matchday, bets on a clear victory for Borussia Mönchengladbach are a lucrative option. After all, more than three times the effort is waiting in the event of success.

Betting Tips: victory Gladbach -1.5 goals
Odds: 3.10

RB Leipzig vs Hertha Free Betting Tips

RB Leipzig vs Hertha Free Betting Tips May 27th

After the disappointing 1-1 draw at home against the Freiburg sports club, the Nagelsmann eleven showed themselves in impressive form against their favorite opponents FSV Mainz 05. As in the first leg, the Bulls had no mercy and celebrated a clear 5-0 win. Together with the first leg, this gives a total score of 13: 0. Timo Werner also impressively returned with a three-pack after poor performance.

Leipzig – now seven points behind Bayern – could possibly be the big winner of the top game. A point win for BVB is certainly welcome at Leipzig, so that the mini championship chance remains.
Labbadia breathes new life into the old lady

With the capital club, however, a team is waiting for the bulls, which can so far be described as the big surprise. Bruno Labbadia, known in many places as a perfect firefighter, breathed new life into the old lady. Two games, two victories, 7-0 goals and for the first time in club history four goals in the derby against the iron team of Union Berlin.

Hertha is finally writing sporty headlines again. In the game forward, the joy of playing is clearly noticeable and many goals are the logical consequence. Leipzig has set the sights well again, Ibisevic, Cunha & Co on the part of the Berliners are also acting accurately. The logical choice on the 28th Bundesliga matchday is therefore tips on over 3.5.

Betting Tips: over 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.03

Union Berlin vs Mainz Free Betting Tips

Union Berlin vs Mainz Free Betting Tips May 27th

Ouch, that was sitting! The weekend ended with a bitter disappointment for both teams. At the start on Friday evening, promoted Union Berlin slid into a violent 0: 4 swatter against the city rivals. It was only for the third time this season that the Fischer team conceded a debacle and was unusually prone to errors in the second half.

Nonetheless, six points ahead of the relegation place for Union Berlin after 27 match days should be rated very positively. Not even the boldest optimists would have expected this before the start of the season. Union Mainz can take a big step towards relegation against the crisis in Mainz.

Mainz with the next debacle against Leipzig

Union seems to have a big advantage, at least mentally, because in contrast to Mainz, the promoted team had two days longer to cope with the heavy defeat. Mainz only lost significantly against Leipzig on Sunday and Mainz goalkeeper Florian Müller thanked the bulls for missing the final consequence in the offensive game.

Mainz surrendered to fate, a rearing up was not to be seen in its own stadium. After the morale against Koln (equalized 2-0 behind) was still highlighted positively, this appearance of the Beierlorzer-Elf was frightening. With now 60 goals, the table-15. about the weakest defense in the entire league. Union Berlin is of course not RB Leipzig, but we still recognize Value on the 28th Bundesliga matchday with the odds on the Union victory.

Betting Tips: Union Berlin
Odds: 2.30

Augsburg vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips

Augsburg vs Paderborn Free Betting Tips May 27th

With a little delay, Heiko Herrlich was allowed to take a seat on the Augsburg bench for the first time and saw a brilliant performance in his first game on the supervisor bench. A 3-0 win at Schalke was hardly to be expected. After six games without a win, this success can be seen as a clear sign of life. A nice side effect: Augsburg is now six points ahead of the relegation place and can take a big step towards remaining in the league against the bottom of Paderborn.

Fighted well and played well, but …

SC Paderborn has been a blatant outsider in the Bundesliga from the start. In this respect, the last place in the table is certainly not a big surprise, but the Baumgart team must struggle that much more would be possible. Phrases like “played well, but it was not enough” are not a flash in the pan. In the basement duel against Fortuna, Antwi-Adjej missed the 100% chance of scoring miserably.

In the game against TSG Hoffenheim, the promoted team could not be thrown off the track despite an early deficit and was the better team as the game continued. However, there is also a little lack of quality, because nuances are repeatedly missing in order to be able to make a game positive. Paderborn has been waiting for a sense of achievement for eight games.

It would not be surprising if the night view of the 28th Bundesliga matchday reads that Paderborn will have to make the final plans for the second division after a strong performance. Augsburg is considered a favorite after the exemption, so betting on the home side is definitely recommended.

Betting Tips: Augsburg
Odds: 1.97

Dusseldorf vs Schalke Free Betting Tips

Dusseldorf vs Schalke Free Betting Tips May 27th

Should Fortuna Düsseldorf have to start second-class at the end of the season, May 24 will be of particular importance in the season review. The Rösler team lost a 2-0 lead in the final phase in the derby against Koln. The final connection to the saving bank was built in a particularly bitter way.

These five horror minutes can mentally leave their mark. After all, the relegation candidate doesn’t have much time to worry. Another positive is the fact that Fortuna hasn’t lost in four games.

Schalke in free fall – nine games without a win

A look at the betting base odds comparison shows balanced betting odds in this game of the 28th Bundesliga match day. At first glance, bets on the guests from Gelsenkirchen seem interesting. On closer inspection, however, this bet should be avoided. For nine games now, the Wagner team has been waiting for a complete success and looks back on a catastrophic 2:22 goal difference.

Schalke is in free fall and must finally reverse the trend. The defensive is inferior after the restart, offensive is still lacking in punch. However, since Düsseldorf is also known for blatant mistakes, a tip on goals from both teams seems to be a good option.

Betting Tips: Both Teams to Score
Odds: 1.67

Hoffenheim vs Koln Free Betting Tips

Hoffenheim vs Koln Free Betting Tips – May 27th

Not only the chances of participating in the Europa League connect both teams, but also the fact that only a lean draw against a relegation candidate jumped out at the weekend. However, the course of the game was completely different. Hoffenheim started strong, but then pulled back and could not have complained about a defeat in the end.

1. FC Köln, on the other hand, showed great morale when, in the final phase of the derby against Fortuna Düsseldorf, the defeat at the last minute was averted with a double strike.

Seven games without a win at TSG

TSG’s last Bundesliga win was on February 1, and since then the Schreuder team have been without success seven times in a row and has been pushed back in the table. To ensure that the EL starting places are not permanently lost in sight, points are needed. But the role as a favorite is not really understandable.

The shape curve of Koln shows a completely contrary development and since Markus Gisdol has had the say, the Effzeh has been surprisingly strong. The derby draw was the fifth point in a row. On the three-way market on the 28th Bundesliga matchday, the prediction for the guests seems too risky, but in the draw-no-bet market the value can be found in bets on Koln.

Betting Tips: DNB Köln
Odds: 2.05