Bundesliga betting tips Matchday 27: Next BVB gala?

Bundesliga betting tips Matchday 27: Next BVB gala?

Bundesliga betting tips Matchday 27: Next BVB gala?

Matchday 27 starts with the Berlin Derby

The whole football world looked to Germany last weekend. The English tabloid Sun even printed an over ten-page special for the Bundesliga restart.

Bundesliga betting tips Matchday 27: Next BVB gala?

This weekend, too, all football fans can once again enjoy the traditional Saturday conference. Matchday 27 is held from Friday to Sunday. In this article, the betting base presents the Bundesliga tips for matchday 27.

The game day will open on Friday evening with a prestigious duel in the capital – the Berlin Derby is on the program. The main focus will be on Hertha, as a mature goal celebration will turn out this weekend. The Labbadia team was criticized in many places for the cheering scenes after the three goals at TSG Hoffenheim.

Critics saw themselves again confirmed that the players do not take the elaborated concept very seriously. However, it should also be mentioned that, for example, in a corner kick, the players stand much closer together than in celebrating the goal. Football lives from emotions and, despite all safety concerns, they cannot be completely stopped.

Below we deal with the nine matches of the 27th matchday in the Bundesliga and present tips and odds for the next matchday as well as interesting bets for the Saturday conference.

Interesting Bundesliga tips (Matchday 27)

May 22, 2020 Hertha vs Union Berlin
Betting Tips: win Hertha
Odds: 2.20

May 23, Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen
Betting Tips: Over 3.5 Goals
Odds: 2.25

May 23, 2020 Freiburg vs Werder Bremen
Betting Tips: win Freiburg
Odds: 2.40

May 23, 2020 Paderborn vs Hoffenheim
Betting Tips: win Hoffenheim
Odds: 2.10

May 23, 2020 Wolfsburg vs Dortmund
Betting Tips: BVB -1.5 AH
Odds: 2.90

May 23, 2020 Bayern vs Frankfurt
Betting Tips: Under 3.5 Goals
Odds: 2.15

May 24, 2020 Schalke vs Augsburg
Betting Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.70

May 24,2020 Mainz vs. Leipzig
Betting Tips: Over 3.5 Goals
Odds: 2.22

May 24, 2020. Koln vs Dusseldorf
Betting Tips: victory Koln
Odds: 1.81


Hertha vs Union Berlin

Hertha vs Union Berlin Free Betting Tips May 22nd

In the football-free Corona period, the old lady from Berlin never got bored. Hertha made the headlines with the Labbadia commitment, Lehmann’s involvement in the supervisory board and the Kalou scandal. But Hertha also provided football in the past weekend in Sinsheim.

Once again Bruno Labbadia demonstrated his skills as a “fireman”. Hertha played like a substitute and delivered a very strong performance with a clear 3-0 win. The central question will be how long Labbadia will be able to motivate the players properly this time. In the short term, almost every Bruno club is successful.

Fought bravely, but two standards decide

The newcomer from Berlin had the most difficult possible opening program after the long break and pulled out of the affair with 0: 2 against Bayern. If you want to put the term in your mouth, you have to call this a good false start. Fight and passion – two important basic virtues of the underdog were clearly visible, but twice a standard made it a goal.

Eisern Union now hopes for a Deja-Vu, in the preliminary round the club pulled out of the affair against Bayern as well and was able to win four games en suite. We do not believe that these events will be repeated. On the 27th Bundesliga matchday, we see betting on Hertha as extremely lucrative after the top performance and the higher squad quality.

Betting Tips: Victory Hertha BSC Berlin
Odds: 2.20

Gladbach vs Leverkusen

Gladbach vs Leverkusen Free Betting Tips May 23

Bayern, BVB or Leipzig – the possible answers to the question about the 2019/20 champions are limited to these three answer options in many places. However, a look at the betting base table comparison shows that two other teams are within striking distance – Gladbach and Leverkusen. In a direct duel, only the winner can still dream quietly of the very big coup.

Both teams set their sights well

Last weekend, the long break was not apparent to either team. Marco Rose’s foal team started like the fire brigade and was able to cheer for the first time in just a few seconds. The clear success at Eintracht Frankfurt was not to be expected in this form. Leverkusen shot Bremen deeper into the crisis and delivered a strong performance in the 4-1 win.

On the 27th Bundesliga matchday, the top game in the current table is absolutely obvious on many goals. Both teams are very offensive and are always looking for the way forward. Over 3.5 Goals is a good possibility, the betting odds of 2.25 are fair.

Betting Tips: Over 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.25

Freiburg vs Bremen

Freiburg vs Bremen Free Betting Tips May 23

A last minute hit to the sensational victory was denied to the Breisgauer due to a minimal offside position. Normally, the emotions would have boiled over in such a moment, but when the Bundesliga was restarted, the bitter decision was noted without much ado. The point gain from Freiburg in Leipzig – for the first time in the club’s history – could still be described as a success.

This point win was anything but happy for the Streich-Elf. Leipzig was of course visually superior and had more goals, but Freiburg presented itself on an equal footing. A very convincing performance after the long break.

Bremen ever deeper in the descent vortex

Dusseldorf and Paderborn shared the points on Saturday and provided the Kohlfeld team with the perfect template for the Monday game. However, the eleven from northern Germany suffered the next setback and suffered the next bitter home defeat in the 1-4 against Leverkusen. 59 goals are the best proof of Bremen’s horror season.

Time is running and Bremen fans have to hope for a successful tip on the win on the 27th Bundesliga matchday, otherwise the lights will go out slowly but surely. The odds offered are quite surprising, however, the value is clearly to be found in Freiburg.

Betting Tips: Freiburg
Odds: 2.40

Paderborn vs Hoffenheim

Paderborn vs Hoffenheim Free Betting Tips May 23

It is not known whether Christopher Antwi-Adjei had a quiet weekend, but it is hard to imagine. In his last action, the attacker had a huge chance of winning in the basement duel against Fortuna Düsseldorf. However, he left it miserably and was replaced immediately afterwards.

It would have been the most important goal for Paderborn in a long time. Due to the draw, the relegation place is still six meters away. This means that the newcomer has been without a win for seven Bundesliga games and looks at a very difficult remaining program.

Hoffenheim under pressure

Alfred Schreuder’s TSG was certainly one of the major disappointments when the Bundesliga was restarted. Against Hertha, TSG gave a matte performance and underlined the poor home performance. The 0: 3 was already the eighth home defeat for Hoffenheim. With 34 home goals, Baumann & Co are the weakest defensive.

Fortunately, the Europa League aspirant can compete abroad this weekend. The 5-4-3 record abroad and just twelve goals conceded are the best proof that TSG is much more stable in a foreign place. During the Bundesliga conference, a tip on the TSG victory should be considered. The negative series (six games without a win) must be shaken off in order not to lose sight of international business.

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Free Betting Tips May 23

The Glasner-Elf started the calendar year 2020 with two defeats, but since then it has been running as desired for the wolves from the VW city. The VFL has been without defeat for no less than seven Bundesliga games. A last-minute goal from Daniel Ginczek caused a lot of cheers last weekend. The 2-1 away win in Augsburg puts Wolfsburg on the Europa League starting place. The criticism of Glasner that has already existed has now subsided.

BVB with gala performance in the pot derby

With his tweet, Axel Witsel made sure that Schalke already included the derby final score in the club name, for many laughs. Witsel was one of the many absenteeists in the BVB victory and yet the Favre team convinced in full. Without Reus, Witsel, Can and the stricken Sancho, the black and yellow dismantled the arch rival.

A demonstration of power that underscores master dreams. With the formidable wolves, there is now a compulsory task before the duel with Bavaria awaits on Tuesday. BVB has shown that the team is outstandingly broad and that this intensive program is not a disadvantage without much regeneration. With the existing enthusiasm for playing, betting on a handicap success of the black and yellow at weekends is worth considering despite the strong Wolfsburg form.

Betting Tips: BVB -1.5 AH
Odds: 2.90

Bayern vs Frankfurt

Bayern vs Frankfurt Free Betting Tips May 23

In the Saturday evening game of the 27th Bundesliga match day, an absolute treat awaits the friends of the round leather. Bayern did not shine at the first appearance after the long break, but thanks to two standard goals they prevailed 2-0 with the Iron. The four point lead over BVB was thus maintained.

This is also the big goal on Saturday, before the direct duel is on the program on Tuesday. An increase in performance compared to the Sunday game is certainly necessary to survive against Eintracht. Betting on the 27th matchday on Bayern is not profitable with the current odds, rather alternatives have to be looked for in order to find lucrative betting odds.

Redress is the order of the day

Frankfurt coach Adi Hütter repeatedly emphasized how happy he is that things will go on again. After almost 30 seconds there was no sign of this joy. Eintracht completely slept through the restart and was already 0-2 behind Gladbach after a few minutes. After that there was a rearing up, but playfully, like Bayern, still has a lot of room for improvement.

Bayern lacked the consequence in the game forward, Frankfurt will stabilize the defensive according to the Gladbach findings. On the 27th Bundesliga matchday, bets on the under 3.5 goals with lucrative betting odds are recommended.

Betting Tips: Under 3.5 Goals
Odds: 2.15

Schalke vs Augsburg

Schalke vs Augsburg Free Betting Tips May 24th

Schalke has a goalie problem – those who have not yet confirmed this thesis have hardly had any counter arguments since last Saturday. The Nübel dilemma with change and degradation is well known, his replacement Markus Schubert failed twice in the prestigious Revierderby.

However, it is far too easy to determine the defeat only on the goalkeeper. Schalke presented itself without ideas and without a head over long distances. The Wagner elf failed to build up the usual tension and was punished for it. The pressure on Schalke, for whom the income from international business is extremely important, is huge.

Four points in the 2020 calendar year

Heiko Herrlich’s commitment to the FCA has so far not been as desired. He took over shortly before the break and had to wait a long time for his debut. But last weekend, he pulled himself out of the game because of a toothbrush. Due to the violation of the DFL Corona guidelines, he was not allowed to go to the bank.

From a box, after a negative test he was allowed to be there, he saw a bitter last minute defeat of his eleven. In 2020, the FCA only had a meager four points on nine sides in nine games.

The relegation place is only four meters away and points are needed. Gates are required for this. Since Schalke’s defensive likes to distribute gifts and the FCA is anything but saddle-proof, we find a liking to the “Both teams to score” liking this Bundesliga weekend.

Betting Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 2.05

Mainz vs RB Leipzig Free Betting Tips May 24th

In this duel on the 27th Bundesliga matchday, both teams drew last weekend, but the mood in both camps was probably not comparable. Mainz showed a lot of morale at the old place of work of Achim Beierlorzer and equalized the 0-2 deficit in Cologne. A point gain that can still be worth gold in the relegation battle.

Leipzig slips to fourth place

So far, the sports club from Freiburg has been a favorite opponent of the Red Bulls, but last weekend the Nageslmann team had to make do with a 1-1 draw. Thank the VAR that it wasn’t even a defeat. RB Leipzig developed some chances to score, but remained pitiful in the end.

The top striker Timo Werner was barely visible. Apparently all the rumors about him have not left him without a trace. The draw at SC Freiburg was a bitter setback in the championship fight, the Nagelsmann eleven must not allow themselves any more slips.

If the visor is adjusted better, betting on many goals (over 3.5) is a good option in this Bundesliga game.

Betting Tips: Over 3.5 Goals
Odds: 2.22

Koln vs Dusseldorf

Koln vs Dusseldorf Free Betting Tips May 24th

Markus Gisdol does not necessarily have the best reputation in Germany, but since the former Hoffenheim and HSV coach at “Effzeh” has the scepter in his hand, things have been going very well for Cologne. Relegation concerns are no longer an issue. The euphoric fans in the carnival city, on the other hand, dream quietly of Europe again.

With 33 points, Koln is now in tenth place and is only four points behind the table seventh SC Freiburg. However, the 2-2 draw against Mainz after a 2-0 lead felt like a small defeat. In addition, the fourth win in a row was just missed.

The Fortuna advances to the Remis King

Fortuna missed a big step in the basement duel against SC Paderborn. Due to the draw, the direct relegation ranks are still threateningly close, the gap to the saving bank is still four points for the Rösler-Elf.

It is striking that Fortuna has become a king of draws in the current calendar year. Five of the last seven games in the Bundesliga ended with a division of points. This point win (2-4-7 away balance sheet) is not to be expected against the formally strong promoters abroad.

Betting Tips: Koln
Odds: 1.81