Bolivia vs Venezuela Free Betting Tips 22/06/2019

Bolivia vs Venezuela Betting Tips


Competition: Copa America 2019
Date: 22.06.2019
Betting Tips: Venezuela victory
Odds: 2.10
Stake: 6/10 units
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Is Venezuela going the way of the Portuguese at Euro 2016? With another draw, “La Vinotinto” could qualify for the quarterfinals of the Copa America 2019 with three draws from the group stage. Despite solid performances against Brazil and Peru, the Venezuelan squad has not managed to get the ticket to the Copa quarter-final and may fall behind in the event of a possible defeat by Bolivia. Bolivia against Venezuela will pay a tip for a success of “La Vinotinto”, so will be paid for this odds of 1.53.

Football Betting Tips Bolivia vs Venezuela

Due to the CONMEBOL regulation, Bolivia still has the chance to reach the quarter-finals as a group bottom with zero points on the account. For Bolivia must only win the last group match against Venezuela and hope for help from the other groups. However, after the weak performances against Peru and Brazil, it does not look very good for the Bolivian selection, which is why a Bolivia against Venezuela’s prediction seems rather unrealistic on the last group. On Saturday night, however, the group last can teach us a lesson and silence the critics with a victory over Venezuela.

Bolivia – Statistics & Current Form

Even before the start of the Copa America 2019, it was clear that the Bolivians would not have much chance at the Cup. At the group start against the hosts from Brazil the starting position for Bolivia was very bad. Despite the huge qualitative difference between Brazil and Bolivia, the guests have presented themselves well and conceded all goals only in the course of the second half. The performance from the first half of the group opening “La Verde” but could hardly tie up and therefore went down against Peru.

With a win on the final day Bolivia still wants to preserve the chance to reach the quarter-finals. But Bolivia does not have a lot of optimism for that because the last five internationals were lost at the same time. Only one hit scored “La Verde” here. The last and only victory since the missed World Cup qualification in 2017 was in the match against Myanmar. Even the start of the new calendar year was not easy with the 2-2 draw against Nicaragua. The Bolivians lag behind their form and are currently not competitive enough to keep up with the other South American teams.

The catastrophic Torausbeute of “La Verde” is not surprising when looking at the squad. Only Marcelo Martins is the glimmer of hope in the lousy offensive of the Bolivians. Martins scored the only goal so far in the Copa for Bolivia. With the strong defensive of the Venezuelans it becomes a real Herculean task for Bolivia, the defensive bastion of the opponent even to be almost dangerous. Coach Eduardo Villegas will have to play for victory in the final group match against Venezuela and change his tactical direction accordingly. Since taking office, there has been a draw and five defeats – is the negative trend continuing?

Expected formation of Bolivia:
↪ Lampe – Bejarano, Haquin, Jusino, Bejarano – Chumacero, Saucedo, Justiniano, Saavedra – Castro – Moreno

Last matches of Bolivia:

⚽️ 18.06.2019 – Bolivia Vs. Peru 1: 3 (Copa America)
⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Brazil vs. Bolivia 3: 0 (Copa America)
⚽️ 02.06.2019 – France vs. Bolivia 2: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 26.03.2019 – Japan vs Bolivia 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – South Korea vs. Bolivia 1: 0 (friendly)

Bolivia vs Venezuela Free Betting Tips

Venezuela – Statistics & Current Form

Venezuela defy Brazil but are still worried about qualifying for the quarter-finals. A defeat would prematurely end the Venezuelan Copa dream. In the final group match Venezuela may need a threesome to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Copa America. So far, “La Vinotinto” benefited above all from the strong defensive and played two times to zero. With two counters on the account Venezuela wants to go the Portuguese way (European Championship 2016) to the title success.

Although Venezuela is not one of the great Copa favorites, yet already shows the draw against Brazil that with “La Vinotinto” as a major underdog in the South American competition is quite likely. After the miserable World Cup qualification Venezuela has increased again last year and now looks to the quarter-finals at the Copa America 2019. Whether the Venezuelans but the co-phase of the Copa America really survive, is questionable, especially since only the defensive of “La Vinotinto” has been brilliant so far.

The lack of offensive sharpness will probably be decisive for the Copa-Aus. At the latest in the knockout phase Venezuela will arrive on the ground of the facts and say goodbye. However, to make it at least beyond the group stage to success, a point against Bolivia duty and possibly even a threesome is necessary. The most valuable player in the Venezuelan squad is Jose Salomon Rondon, who also leads the domestic scoring list with 25 goals in 75 international appearances. Only two players in the Venezuelan squad play in the domestic league. Eleven European legionnaires are represented in the squad. “La Vinotinto” profited in the recent games from the defense bulwark and was able to take countable against Brazil and Peru. If there is a win in the last group match, Bolivia will pay out 1.53 against Venezuela.

Expected formation of Venezuela:
↪ Farinez – Rosales, Villanueva, Osorio, Hernandez – Moreno – Machis, Rincon, Herrera, Murillo – Rondon

Last matches from Venezuela:

⚽️ 19.06.2019 – Brazil vs. Venezuela 0: 0 (Copa America)
⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Venezuela Vs. Peru 0: 0 (Copa America)
⚽️ 09.06.2019 – USA vs Venezuela 0: 3 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 06.06.2019 – Mexico vs. Venezuela 3: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 02.06.2019 – Venezuela Vs. Ecuador 1: 1 (friendly)

Bolivia vs Venezuela Direct comparison

For the 37th time the two South American selections meet in an international match. Bolivia leads the direct comparison against Venezuela with a score of 16-9-11 and a goal difference of 73:53. Bolivia prevailed 4-2 at home to Venezuela at the recent World Cup qualifiers for the South American teams. In the second half Bolivia conceded a bitter 0: 5-clap on foreign terrain. At home, however, Bolivia is already benefiting from the altitude, which makes it extremely difficult for the opposing teams to call up the desired performance. On foreign territory, Bolivia vs Venezuela last won in 2008 a victory over the Venezuelans.

Bolivia vs Venezuela Best Betting Tips Provided by Experts Tipsters

Venezuela is certainly not the measure of all things. The clear distribution of prices is due to the weak form of Bolivia. The Bolivians often benefited from their home-field advantage in World Cup qualifiers, but the results were always lacking on foreign territory. As a result, Bolivia will probably have to cut its mark prematurely at the Copa America 2019 in Brazil. The performances in this calendar year were too weak to really compete in the South American competition. In addition to the lack of offensive quality, the defensive was too vulnerable, which is why in the third group match between Bolivia vs. Venezuela is a prediction on the third defeat quite obvious.

Key Facts – Bolivia vs Venezuela tips

⭐️ Venezuela must not lose, may even need victory.
⭐️ Bolivia may qualify for the knockout phase with a win over Venezuela.
⭐️ Since 2008, Bolivia has not won against Venezuela on foreign territory.

Bolivia will have to play for victory and be tactically aligned. With an early lead Venezuela could make the game happen at will. We are expecting a one-sided game and recommend Venezuela as a winner of the first half in Bolivia vs Venezuela. If successful, Bolivia vs Venezuela betting odds of 2.10. We put six units on it.