AZ Alkmaar - Kairat Almaty

AZ Alkmaar – Kairat Almaty Europa League 2/08/2018

AZ Alkmaar is the favorite in this fight, obviously being the stronger but even more experienced team, which also benefits from the support of their own fans. The Dutch group boasts the fact that it has a rich experience in continental competitions, considering that it played several times in the group stage, reaching several times in the elimination stages, most recently two seasons, when qualifying in the sixteen European League, being eliminated by Lyon. John van den Brom’s band wrestled in Kazakhstan, losing 2-0 on the Kairat Almaty field, so he needs a clear victory in this match, with a gap of at least three goals.

Kairat Almaty on the other side is a weaker team, no doubt, both in terms of value and experience, and is also disadvantaged by the fact that it will evolve away. The vice-champion of Kazakhstan has been looking for years to make his debut in the European League, the closest being in 2015, when he got to play-off, having a good chance this year, judging by the course so far. Carlos Ferrer’s band started his adventure in this first-round tournament, cheering with the small Engordany, which he defeated with 10-1 in general, followed by a success with AZ Alkmaar in the first round of the tour second, becoming the favorite to qualify.

Normally, we should witness the success of the Dutch, but still a better lot, but I expect the Kazakhstan group to score at least once, relying mainly on the good shape that passes, so I’m losing on the fact that we will have a spectacular duel with at least three successes.

Bet of the day :over 2,5 goals


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