Australia - Peru World Cup Prediction

Australia – Peru World Cup Prediction 26/06

Australia – Peru World Cup Prediction

Call it if you want, bad luck. Or perhaps it would be better to call it inexperience. The fact is that despite two good performances, Peru is ready to pack up to go home. Australia, on the other hand, still grows some timid hope, but to fuel the dream of going ahead in the competition must win the challenge against the South Americans and hope that France will do their own against Denmark. However, a draw would have been enough for the French riders, given the two victories (without shining) against Australia and Peru in the first two matches of these Russian World Cups. Returning to the challenge between Australia and Peru, the two teams will hardly find out, because a mistake could be fatal …

The key points of the prediction Australia – Peru

Australia scored both debut against France (but on penalty), and in the second match against Denmark (again from the spot), but never more than one goal per game.

Peru has managed to do even worse, losing without scoring any network debut against Denmark (despite having wasted a lot) and remained dry in the second against France.

At the same time, however, the Kangaroos have held up more than once the impact of the French attack and Denmark have conceded only one goal.

Peru did better than their next opponents: a single goal against France and another against Denmark on debut.

Three of the four games of Group C ended in Under 2.5 (the only exception is the 2-1 between France and Australia in the first round).

Prediction Australia – Peru

The third competition of a group stage with four participating teams, in which only the first two qualify, is by definition decisive. This is why the game will be decidedly intense, above all in terms of attention and concentration. We choose the Under 2.5 goals.

Prediction Today: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.72

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