Astralis vs Vitality Betting Tips and odds

Astralis vs Vitality Betting Tips and odds

Astralis vs Vitality Betting Tips and odds ESL Pro League Europe – Esports.

The ESL Pro League season continues to pick up speed! In addition to Astralis and Vitality, NiP, Spirit, ENCE and Godsent are in this season.

Best team vs Best player Betting Tips and Odds

On Tuesday the current number 2 will meet the French, who are in tenth place in the world rankings.

Astralis, clearly the team of the year 2019, meets ZywOo, who was awarded as the best player. A real top game?

In the duel Astralis against Vitality only betting odds of 1.25 are available for betting on the favorites from Denmark.

Current table situation group A

In Group A, the first few days of the game had some surprises in store. NiP won 2: 0 against Astralis at the beginning. Outsider Spirit has already secured six points with victories against Vitality and ENCE and is in second place after three matchdays. Godsent performed surprisingly badly and did not win any of their own six matches on the first few days of the game. With a lap difference of -44, they started last day in the fourth day of the tournament. So far, NiP has been convincing, but also Spirit and Astralis. Vitality also secured six points.

On the fourth game day there was a duel between the last places, which Godsent won 2-1. ENCE is still without a point win at the end of the table. Astralis defeated Spirit 2-0 in the second Bo3 of the day. The maps Dust2 and Nuke were played, both results were single-digit. Device in particular, with a 1.7 rating and a difference of +24, convinced. In the last game of the evening, Vitality and NiP were two contenders for group victory. Vitality won this duel surprisingly clearly with 2: 0. After a 10: 5 break on Vertigo, NiP lost the buffer and lost 16:14. The second Map Nuke clearly went to Vitality with 16: 9.

Astralis vs Vitality Betting Tips and odds

Astralis – Statistics & current form

After a clear loss to NiP on matchday one, further doubts arose about the current form of Astralis. The last game of the Danish team before the ESL Pro League was a very clear loss against NAVI, in Poland at the IEM Katowice. Astralis was able to silence the critics with a strong performance against Godsent and also prevailed against ENCE. Nevertheless, Astralis’ strength lies in LAN events.

On the fourth day of the ESL Pro League, they had to win against Spirit in order not to lose the connection to the group leaders. This was done without any problems and is currently in second place behind NiP. In the duel against Vitality, the preliminary decision is made as to which team still has chances of winning the group, so that there is also a mental challenge and at Astralis vs. Vitality’s low betting odds of around 1.27 don’t necessarily generate enthusiasm.

Astralis vs Vitality Betting Tips and odds

Vitality – Statistics & current form

Vitality celebrated a clear 2-0 win against Godsent at the start of the tournament. They performed well on Vertigo and Nuke. An experienced RpK in particular stood out with an incredible B-Hold on Vertigo. In the duel against ENCE, they showed a strong game on Mirage, while they had no chance on Inferno. They were able to narrowly win the Dust2 decision map with 16:14. In this duel, apEX was particularly able to demonstrate.

On matchday three the unbeaten vitality met the strong spirit from Russia. After a one-digit victory on Inferno, they were able to compensate for the poor performance of the last game and gain a little self-confidence on this map. On Dust2 it was a 16: 5 for Spirit and a total failure on the part of Vitality. Matchday four was very convincing and ended with a clear 2-0 win.

Vitality managed to establish itself in second place in the world rankings in mid-2019, but fell back to tenth place. At the beginning of the year IGL left ALEX, probably the best functioning vitality ever. Shortly thereafter, a new fifth man was found in misutaaa and apEX took over the role of the announcer. Outsider Vitality wins 4.33.

Astralis vs Vitality Betting Tips and odds

Astralis vs Vitality Direct Comparison

The duel between the two top teams took place in the form of three Bo3s last year. Astralis was able to decide two of these three duels with 2-0 victories. Only at ESL One Cologne did Vitality fight a third map, which they also won. The duels at the DreamHack Masters in Malmö and at the IEM Katowice 2020 were clearly won by Astralis. The maps Vertigo, Overpass and Dust2 were played.

Astralis vs Vitality Betting Odds Comparison

🎮 Betting Tips: Astralis
👾 Odds: 1.22
🎮 Betting Tips: Vitality
👾 Odds: 4.00

Which maps are in focus?

Astralis is the first to banish Mirage. The most used maps are Overpass and Vertigo. With a success rate of 80%, they are currently the most successful on Overpass. Nuke and Inferno don’t work as well with 33% win rate on 3 games each. Nevertheless, Astralis picked the last two games inferno.

Vitality decided against Train when choosing the map pool and is the first to ban this map. The picks are very different. From Dust2 to Inferno and Nuke, everything was there in the last few games. The maps with the highest win rates are: Mirage, Nuke and Vertigo.

Astralis vs Vitality betting tips & odds

In the game Astralis against Vitality we place our tip with a odds of 3.08 on a 2-1 of the Danes. Astralis regained the dominance of earlier days on the last match days. Due to the good form of Vitality, we assume that you will get your map pick.

Astralis vs Vitality Best Odds – ESL Pro League Season

🎮 Betting Tips: Astralis
👾 Odds: 1.27
🎮 Betting Tips: Vitality
👾 Odds: 4.00

Astralis vs Vitality tips

🎮 Race for group victory.
🎮 Device and ZywOo both in good shape.
🎮 Astralis won the last two duels.

With Astralis vs Vitality, on the other hand, is less interesting in predicting the favorite’s simple win at odds of 1.27.