Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor Free Betting Tips 20/05/2019

Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor Betting Tips

On Monday evening, the last matches of the 33rd game day will be played in the Turkish Super Lig. On penultimate match day, it remains exciting in the relegation battle. In the duel between Ankaragucu and Sivasspor the table situation is quite interesting for tendency tips: With a draw, both clubs manage a matchday before the end of the season to relegation. Accordingly, the Ankaragucu vs. Sivasspor odds on a draw. Does the capital club play a trick on the guests from Sivas or does the draw lead to relegation for both clubs?

Football Betting Tips Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor

Interesting in this case is certainly the goalless draw between the two clubs. Should this Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor prediction true, sensational odds can be forewarned. Ankaragucu has recently shown sovereign achievements in direct duels for relegation and has been able to maintain defensive stability. Also for the guests from Sivas were the defensive ideas promising, so was already Basaksehir scored with a goalless draw a point. In the duel between Ankaragucu and Sivasspor we would rather deviate from a tip on a winning team, especially since the starting position of the two clubs clearly speaks for a draw.

Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor Betting Tips

Ankaragucu – Statistics & Current Form

For the capital club Ankaragucu the season so far is not going according to plan. After a solid debut, the climber is in vain since the departure of Ismail Kartal looking for their own form. The services in the first third of the season were quite considerable. At the end of the season, Ankaragucu is in a relegation battle, where Mustafa Kaplan’s team will need a single point win to complete the league. As one of the most traditional Turkish clubs Ankaragucu had been working for years on the Super Lig. To say goodbye after only one season in the highest Turkish league would be fatal for Ankaragucu in the current financial crisis. In any case, the situation between supporters and board is strained at the club. Due to outstanding payments, Tiago Pinto had recently separated from Ankaragucu with immediate effect. The trailers are already hailing criticism, the premature departure of high achievers Pinto makes the situation worse at the club all the more. For coach Mustafa Kaplan, it is important to hide the recent incidents and to make the league perfect with a point win. Ankaragucu has lost just three times in their last 12 Super Lig games. However, last time there were no victories four times in succession. Also in the duel between Ankaragucu vs.. Sivasspor seems a tip to the home side, according to the current form not the best choice.

“No one should doubt the league of Ankaragucu. We will secure our league against Sivasspor. ” – Mustafa Kaplan

Hadi Sacko and Altay Bayindir are currently beaten and may not be available to the coach in the home game against Sivasspor. The departure of Pinto shortly before the end of the season will be difficult to cope with. In the last two games of the season he will probably be replaced by Mehmet Sak. Big changes in the starting eleven are not expected. With a solid defense, Mustafa Kaplan will probably focus on the minimum point win. Risky game against the strong team from Sivas is expected to avoid Ankaragucu. If the capital club with a small offensive strike but still record a victory, this will be paid at Ankaragucu against Sivasspor odds of 2.95. With a point from the game against Sivasspor Ankaragucu can at worst score equality with BB Erzurumspor, but would retain the upper hand by the positive direct comparison this season. Therefore, the low prices on the draw at the home game against Sivasspor are not exactly surprising.

Expected formation of Ankaragucu:
↪ Celikay – Sak, Pazdan, Kulusic, Kitsiou – Agcay, Canteros – Boyd, Moulin, Scarione – Orgill

Last Games by Ankaragucu:

⚽️ 12.05.2019 – Istanbul Basaksehir vs. Ankaragucu 2: 1 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 04.05.2019 – Ankaragucu Vs. Rizespor 2: 2 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 28.04.2019 – Besiktas Vs. Ankaragucu 4: 1 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 21.04.2019 – Ankaragucu vs. Konyaspor 0: 0 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 14.04.2019 – Kayserispor Vs. Ankaragucu 0: 2 (Super Lig)

Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor Betting Tips

Sivasspor – Statistics & Current Form

Also Sivasspor hopes in the game against Ankaragucu on the league. If the team of Hakan Keles namely the away game in Ankara should lose, in the last home game of the season against Galatasaray the league is considerably endangered. A single point would be enough for the team of Keles in the Turkish capital, which is why a defensive alignment on Monday night seems quite likely. Even in games against Basaksehir and Rizespor Sivasspor could take important points with a strong defensive bulkhead. In the recent away game against Göztepe Sivasspor could also have secured the league. In the end, Sivasspor failed to defend his lead three times and now face a potentially decisive duel against Ankaragucu. Away for Sivasspor this season is a record of 3-5-8. Three times in a row the Keles-Elf played last on foreign terrain. Hakan Keles has already stressed that he wants to do everything possible to take the important point in Ankara. In no press conference did the Sivas coach talk about a victory, so we have an Ankaragucu vs. Sivasspor prediction to be the most realistic on a draw. Since the direct comparison to BB Erzurumspor is negative, Sivasspor would pull in the worst scenario, so a point equality, with BB Erzurum, the short straw and descend.

“We want to reach our destination in Ankara and return with one point.” – Hakan Keles

The performance of Sivasspor has deteriorated significantly since the beginning of the season. The Anatolian club did not really get rolling and had to deal with a harsh departure, especially in the winter with the transfer of Robinho to Basaksehir. In the coming season, Sivasspor wants to start full again, but the team of Keles must survive the season final spurt in this season but once. Qualitatively, Sivasspor certainly has a solid squad, which is why the relegation battle at the end of the season is now surprising. In the game against Ankaragucu Hakan Keles will only have to give up Hugo Vieira. As in the games against Basaksehir and Rizespor, Keles will focus on the defensive game. With the minimal point win from Ankara Keles wants to lead his team to league – does it work?

Expected formation of Sivasspor:
↪ Acar – Ciftci, Bjärsmyr, Braz, Papp – N’Dinga, Arslan – Kilinc, Hurmaci, Douglas – Diabate

Last matches of Sivasspor:

⚽️ 11.05.2019 – Göztepe Vs. Sivasspor 3: 3 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 03.05.2019 – Sivasspor Vs. Istanbul Basaksehir 0: 0 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 27.04.2019 – Rizespor Vs. Sivasspor 0: 0 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 22.04.2019 – Sivasspor Vs. Besiktas 1: 2 (Super Lig)
⚽️ 13.04.2019 – Konyaspor Vs. Sivasspor 1: 1 (Super Lig)

Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Ankaragucu has never won a game against Suivasspor on Super Lig level. In 15 Super Lig duels between the two clubs, there were ten victories for Sivasspor and five draws. The last three clashes all went to Sivasspor’s account. Overall, Sivasspor scored nine goals in the three successes over Ankaragucu. The first Super Lig duel between Ankaragucu vs. Sivasspor ended with a goalless draw. Since then, Sivasspor has scored at least one goal in each of the 14 games against Ankaragucu. Sivasspor was able to win the home game in the first round of this season 4-0 against the capital club.

Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor Our Best Betting Tips Explained

For some bookmakers, the Ankaragucu Vs. Sivasspor betting odds taken out of the program. The likelihood of a draw in this match is very large, especially since both clubs would secure the league. Ankaragucu and also Sivasspor have proven their defensive qualities often enough this year and will hardly risk anything on Monday night. Sivasspor has awarded the first match to the league against Göztepe – fails the Keles-Eleven also in Ankara?

Key facts – Ankaragucu vs. Sivasspor tips

⭐️ Ankaragucu has never won a match against Sivasspor in the Super Lig.
⭐️ With a draw both teams create a matchday before the end of the season the league.
⭐️ Sivasspor have already scored a goalless draw in two of their last three Super Lig games.

The Sivasspor coach wants to take the point from Ankara and speaks hardly an away win of his team. A defensive battle between the two clubs seems to be most likely in the clash between the two table neighbors. We lean a little further out the window and recommend a goat-blind draw at Ankaragucu vs Sivasspor.

Bet Tip: Under 0.5 goals
Odds: 8.50