Amusing Bundesliga Tips for matchday 34

Amusing Bundesliga Tips for matchday 34

Amusing Bundesliga Tips for matchday 34

Clemens Tönnies, the Lockdown and the Gym Buer …

In this article there is a Bundesliga preview of all games of the current match day – seasoned with a large dose of humor.

Clemens Tönnies, the Lockdown and the Gym Buer – it has a lot to do with football

Nobody wants to be in the skin of the meat baron from Rheda-Wiedenbrück at the moment. Months after his racist attacks against Africans, the authorities shut down his business, closed the district and locked him between home and office. This will not be entirely wrong to him – so at least he will be spared the protests of the supporters of the association that he has headed for many years.

Because the season was also an oath of disclosure in football terms in the northern Ruhr area. Only a passable preliminary round prevents the miners from having to deal with relegation on the last matchday. The question at the Berger Feld is rather exciting: Who will be the trainer next year – and who will take over the chairmanship of the supervisory board. There is a lot to be said for a personnel rally. And that is almost as exciting as the question of whether Bremen or Düsseldorf have to relocate directly. The 34th matchday.

Amusing Bundesliga prediction for match day 34

Dortmund vs Hoffenheim Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

In some stadiums, Saturday is all about the golden pineapple. A minor exception is the secondary ground of the Rote Erde stadium, because TSG Hoffenheim is playing around with the question of whether they can directly qualify for the Europa League or go into the qualifying matches. In view of the somewhat surprising dismissal of Alfred Schreuder a few weeks ago, this starting point alone is a success on the last match day; Coach layoffs are always a sign of a certain unrest.

TSG are not in the cup final; the team left the Champions League before the lockdown. It is not yet clear what the team will look like next year and who will train them – but Hoffenheim is not particularly popular at Borsigplatz; and Lucien Favre is ambitious. The signs point to home victory.

Betting Tips: Dortmund
Odds: 1.80
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.25
Betting Tips: Freiburg
Odds: 3.80

Leverkusen vs Mainz Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

Champions or Europa League? Veal schnitzel or vegatarian food? The starting position for the Werkself is about the last day of the game. After the 0: 2 in Berlin, Peter Bosz’s team no longer has it in their own hands. Even if they win against Mainz, the team depends on the result that Borussia Mönchengladbach will achieve against Hertha in Berlin.

Mainz, on the other hand, can relax in the final day of this unforgettable season. Since last Saturday they have known for sure that they will compete in the upper house again next year. They celebrated this fact with a T-shirt in which they compared the eleventh league season in a row with the eight championships ensuite of FC Bayern. That won’t change much that they will experience a rather unpleasant afternoon on Saturday.

Betting Tips: Leverkusen
Odds: 1.25
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 6.50
Betting Tips: Mainz
Odds: 9.50

Gladbach vs Hertha Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

Hertha BSC intervened in the fight for the Champions League qualification last week. Although the Berliners are no longer concerned, they beat Bayer 04 2-0 and thus helped Borussia Mönchengladbach jump to fourth place. The five-time German champion won 3-1 in Paderborn and is now two points ahead of Leverkusen. In addition, the goal difference speaks clearly for the foals. Marco Rose’s team should not feel too safe – Berlin’s Hertha has character.

That is more than you could say about large parts of the season from the Berliners. Ante Covic and the Californian genius of philosophy were not able to get what was obviously in them from the team. After the league restart, Bruno Labbadia showed that Berlin has a strong team. It is unlikely that she will also cause Borussia Mönchengladbach to stumble.

Betting Tips: Gladbach
Odds: 1.30
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 5.60
Betting Tips: Hertha
Odds: 7.25

Wolfsburg vs Bayern Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

There will be a strange event after the game in Wolfsburg: FC Bayern will receive the bowl. Now the bowl as such has become a matter of course in the hands of Bavaria. But there will be no GoPro-filled wheat beer glasses and no cheering fans, which once again questions the meaning of the league without fans. Nevertheless, Bayern are champions again before matchday 34 and can tackle the last game without pressure.

As a rule, the team is not itchy and wins if there is nothing left. VfL, for its part, would like to keep sixth to avoid qualifying for the Europa League. That is why you will occasionally spit from the Mittelland Canal to the eastern Ruhr area, where the direct competition from Hoffenheim plays. This look will make sense, because there shouldn’t be much against Bayern.

Betting Tips: Wolfsburg
Odds: 3.80
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.60
Betting Tips: Bayern
Odds: 1.71

Frankfurt vs Paderborn Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

The golden pineapple has to be played out in Frankfurt. The host Eintracht lies in the no man’s land of the table, can neither plan for another European tour nor run the risk of relegation; and the guests from East Westphalia give their preliminary farewell performance in the upper house on Saturday. It comes as no surprise to the experts in German football and Patrick Wasserziehr that SC Paderborn has to go down again after a year; the team has rarely disappointed in football and fighting.

The Paderborners simply lacked the necessary quality. The team lacked eight points in 17th place before the last matchday and ten points in 16th place. Paderborn only left the course four times; in addition there are eight draws. Perhaps a ninth will follow on Saturday – the lack of support from the audience will hurt Eintracht more than the SCP.

Betting Tips: Frankfurt
Odds: 1.38
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 5.50
Betting Tips: Paderborn
Odds: 8.00

Werder Bremen vs Cologne Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

The 1: 3 in Mainz was a disaster for SV Werder Bremen. Since Fortuna Düsseldorf also scored one point against FC Augsburg, the Rhinelanders doubled their lead over the North Germans to two points. They are also four goals better. For Werder this means: You have to win against 1. FC Köln and hope for a defeat by the Fortunes. Then the relegation could prevent Bremen’s second relegation from the Bundesliga. Otherwise, second division derbies threaten HSV.

The season is already over for 1. FC Köln; after the change of coach from Achim Beierlorzer to Markus Gisdol, the newcomer got off to a good start and got to safety in good time. Since the billy goat has a free head on the chest, it should be possible for them to get a point on the Weserbogen – even if this would be a disaster for the hosts.

Betting Tips: Werder Bremen
Odds: 1.65
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.33
Betting Tips: Cologne
Odds: 4.99

Freiburg vs Schalke Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

Three crosses will make the fans of the Sportfreunde Königsflau when this season is over. Another sporty failure; the crisis revealed the precarious financial situation of the association and everything has been said about the situation around Clemens Tönnies. The club is once again at a crossroads; Even in the chronically hypernervous Gelsenkirchen, such conditions are unusual. The location is reminiscent of the Bundesliga scandal in the early 1970s. It’s a good thing that everything is over in terms of sport.

The same applies to SC Freiburg, which, unlike the miners, can be more than satisfied with the sporting course of the season. Christian Streich’s team never had to deal with relegation and even fought for a long time for a place in the Europa League. In the end you missed that, but nothing should stand in the way of a relaxed end of the season with home victory.

Betting Tips: Freiburg
Odds: 1.80
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.00
Betting Tips: Schalke
Odds: 3.85

Augsburg vs RB Leipzig Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

The fine shaft between Uli Hoeneß and Willi Lemke is legendary. The reluctance between the then managers from the eastern and northern Ruhr area, Michael Meier and Rudi Assauer, entered the league annals. But the denied appreciation that Messrs. Reuter from Augsburg and Mintzlaff from Leipzig regularly blow their heads at is nothing less. The makers of these different clubs like each other as much as fire and water.

The game on Saturday is irrelevant for sporting reasons – the Bavarian Swabians hold the class, Dosensport Fuschl, Leipzig section will move into third place in the Champions League. Timo Werner will give his farewell performance in the Bundesliga, spectators will not be in the stadium and big sport is rather unlikely.

Betting Tips: Augsburg
Odds: 8.00
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 5.00
Betting Tips: RB Leipzig
Odds: 1.40

Union Berlin vs Düsseldorf Amusing Betting Tips By CoreBet

There are no worries on Matchday 34 in Berlin-Köpenick. Eisern Union played a great season as a newcomer and will compete again in the top German class next year. The ghost games have also shown how important the public is to the Iron Age – without their support, the Alte Försterei would not have run particularly well. At the end of the day you will survive at the traditional club from the east – the class is held.

Fortuna Düsseldorf still has to fight against it. The Rhinelander are on the relegation site – and they want to keep it. The advantage over Werder Bremen is two points. In addition, the goal difference speaks for the team of Uwe Rößler. So if the team scores a point, they need the slide rule. If she wins, the matter is clear.

Betting Tips: Union Berlin
Odds: 4.00
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.70
Betting Tips: Düsseldorf
Odds: 1.95